Anonymous on the Hunt for Jessica Chamber’s Killer

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Jessica Chambers Anonymous

Individuals claiming association with the infamous “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, have thrown down the gauntlet to find the killer or killers who sadistically took the life of 19 year-old Jessica Chambers in Mississippi.

Anonymous is all too often associated with online pranksters, punks or simply the dark side of the net.

However, the group has engaged in acts that most Americans would praise . . . unless you’re the Church of Scientology, the KKK or the sympathetic of the Chinese Government.

Those three above have been victims of Anonymous’ massive reach.

In the case of Jessica Chambers who was burned alive in her small Mississippi town, the group has already presented the public and law enforcement with obvious leads that all point to unbridled gang activity.

Anonymous has focused in on the gas station where she was last seen.

The convenience store appears to be cozy, if not part of, rampant gang activity.

See for yourself in the pictures uncovered by Anonymous below. An individual who is reportedly an employee of the store, Ali Alsanai, is seen “throwing gang signs” with local hoodlums.

Jessica allegedly dated a member of the “Black Squad” which is a gang that is noted to “rule” the area at night where Jessica was last seen.

Whether or not the research by Anonymous leads to the capture of Jessica’s killer, they have already uncovered disturbing information that alleges the local Sheriff’s office open dealings and employment of at least one known drug dealer and gang member.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations recently announced its involvement in the case.

  • Jeff R

    These filthy gang members should be hunted down and eliminated, all of them.

    • plum82

      ASAP……a bullet hole in their worthless head ~~~~~~~~~~~

    • ort

      Along with the alleged law enforcement who may have aided and abetted.

    • 2egypt

      And they should be set on fire and burned alive…tired of turning the other cheek…

      • Jeff R

        There is no place in Scripture that says we should not pursue justice. The term “turn the other cheek” is a Bible parable that infers an insult, as slapping is a general term for an insult. These filthy law breaking terrorist gang members are just criminals. Christian Scripture insists on a law abiding society, when you let it fail, as is happening now, you have a sinful un-Godly society, a people in sin. These gang dogs should be hunted down and exterminated like the rabid filthy dogs they are. There is a difference between vengeance and pursuing justice. ” Vengeance is mine says the Lord,” but the Lord expects us to pursue justice to the fullest.

        • 2egypt

          Jeff, I am just tired of the blacks killing the whites….and that devil in the WH is doing nothing about it. Then there are the stupid whites that tell me that we did this to them, how does it feel to get it back. Wish those whites would get slaughtered first so then they can wake up to it all. Remember that young white couple in Tennessee that were kidnapped and died a slow and horrible death. All they got was a short prison sentence…they should have been put to death..take them off this earth.

          • Jeff R

            I’m don’t disagree.

  • J.B. Young

    Why are gangs allowed to exist in this country?! Where is Holder? Instead of going after our police, he needs to be going after gangs in this country!!!

    • Gold Stars

      Gangs, as all organized crime, is a way for those “protecting us” to make huge sums of money!
      By not eliminating gangs “law enforcement”, is able to appropriate ever growing sums of money to support their increases in power.
      Gangs could be eliminated tomorrow if “law enforcement” and politicians actually wanted to make them go away! But the courts love gangs, as they are an easy target when they want extra money or power over the populace!

    • truthseeker53

      Because they’re great for lawyers and the prison industry.

      • NukeWaste

        The prison industry is far greater then one would think.

        • Jerry

          That is true. More and more prisons are being privately run by corporations every year.

    • Ibcamn

      the gov’t run drugs need to be distributed across the country so the cops can catch you with them so they can make more money off of you than just you buying the gov’t drugs from the gang members that the gov’t allows to exsist so they can sell you the drugs they ship in so they make more money off of you from the courts they have you in and the jails they run that they put you in,…and start the process all over again!gangs are a vital part of the gov’ts way to keep us slaves and make them billions in the process!!,that’s why the “war on drugs” was started in the first place,to take tax money(more of your money)to keep tabs on gang members and use that info to manipulate them into flipping or snitching out other gang members who are getting too rich,they bust them so the lower level dealers have insentive to sell more and move up the ladder,when they do,they get busted and it gives insentive to lower…see how that works??
      that’s why the regime uses the analogy of a vicious circle,because it’s what they use!!they(the regime)already have the monopoly on legal drugs,so they want the monopoly on the illegal drugs,they use tax money to do it,all the rest is profit they split up and it goes into their pockets!just like the 22 billion a year scam on global warming!it’s all done the same way!just follow the money!

      • Especially the “0” tolerance drug policies, where they can confiscate you’re properties, like House, car and other large ticket dollar items. A moderate part of Obama’s transference of wealth plan.
        All wealth transferred goes to the largest 1%’ers in the Socialist Dem Party elite, it’s the illegal and unconstitutional laws they now pass, that makes them more rich. Plus, much of the immigration laws they don’t enforce so, that the cartel can sell more here, with (D)official kick backs.

        • Ibcamn

          it all works together hand n hand so the liberal people can maximise profits!!

    • plum82

      why do you think? he’s just another worthless piece of shit just like his boss ~~~~~~~

    • JohnB

      How do we know he isn’t the grand dragon delivering the marching orders?

    • anaedra

      Holder supports the gangs, didn’t you know that? Along with Jackson, Un-Sharpton, King “O”, and few others, just watch the news, oh I forgot the media is part of the gangs as well.

    • Dolores Adams

      Don’t you know you can’t trust Holder. He is one of them.

    • U.S. based gangs support Socialism, Obama and Holder are their Icons, they’re heroes!..

    • Ludlow Porch

      The gangs are Holders pride and joy.

  • Donna Willey

    It is also my opinion this is a black on white crime in the wake of the Ferguson idiocy… and for many, many reasons needs to be made public. No matter who the perp was, it was a very primitive, sadistic and immoral murder. The Nazi’s were heinous killers but at least they killed (gassed) the Jews and others before they threw them in the furnace, these sick inhuman monsters burned this girl alive. They must be made to pay for their crimes!

    • Ibcamn

      they want this buried in the back of the paper or not at all seen by people,kinda like the old white man beaten half to death with his own oxygen tank in ferguson the night of riots by a group of black kids,or the black guys protecting stores owned by white people,and vise versa!and definately don’t want the public to find out the feds sent teams of snipers into ferguson to,”watch the militia members”protecting the businesses they were hired to protect and that the local LEO’s assisted the 3 man sniper teams by pointing out where the malitia members were stationed at!!all kinds of corruption going on in law enforcement!awake people need to assist the sleeping and tell them the information they know,let them go down the rabbi hole for themselves and see for themselves what is really happening in this country!!

  • 63Marine

    All of this gang crap starts at the top. You don’t see any white gangs doing this schette…Police need to round up ALL of those basterds and ship them back to Africa….

    • plum82

      HA ! in your dreams…..that is NOT ever going to happen……NO LUCK ~~~

  • Anne0135

    This article, as written, is totally incoherent. Either the author really knows nothing or is too cowed by PC or his/her editors to make any sense or pull this story together, This crime is horrifying and has barely been covered. Why? Because the perps may be thugs and it would expose the utterly heinous nature of their crimes against people? They almost make ISIS look humane.

    • Ibcamn

      or it might be a tool to get the person[s] to make a mistake!!…who knows!!

  • cactus joe

    Black lives matter!!! But white lives do not????????????

  • Steven Lewis

    Jessica Chambers uttered “Eric or Derrick” to first responder
    Notes: All picture at the right are from the public Facebook page of Jerrick “Mac-Knowledge” Todd. We are not claiming he is a suspect. We are just using the pictures to provide a back story for the case. Jerrick is alleging on Facebook that Ben Chambers is the real killer.

    It is now revealed that Jessica Chambers uttered a word that sounded like “Eric or Derrick” to the first responder. Police have questioned at least two black males with those names. (See videos below)

    Police have held at least two people in custody at the county jail, while they were questioned. One is Derrick Turner, who was probably taken into custody primarily because of his name. He was taken into custody on Monday and released on Wednesday.

    The other is Charlotte Wilkerson, AKA “Sha-Sha,” who is supposed to be a friend of Jessica Chambers. Public records show she was released from custody on 12/9. It is presumed she was taken into custody on 12/7. She told media that she was only being questioned, but police took a mug shot and held her in jail. She claims that Jessica Chambers attended a party right before her death. None of Jessica’s other friends say she went to a party. Jessica was wearing “pajama pants” at the time of her murder. Friends say she would have been dressed differently if she

    planned to go to a party.

    There is a Jerrick “Mac-Knowledge” Todd in Jessica’s circle of friends on Facebook.

    Jerrick launched a profanity laced tirade against Ben Chambers on Facebook earlier today. Jerrick claimed that Ben Chambers, father of Jessica Chambers, is the real killer.

    Jerrick deleted his Facebook profile literally as this webmaster was looking at it.

    In some of the pictures, Jerrick appears to be doing gang signs. Jerrick also has a picture on his Facebook page that appears to be making a joke about a white female being sexually attacked by a black male.

    One day before the murder of Jessica Chamber, Jerrick Chambers posted about beating “Karma,” which he personifies as a woman.

    We are not alleging that Jerrick is a suspect.

  • Ibcamn

    yep,corrupt cops always seem to be rampant where drug dealings are!they take drugs from the dealers and sell/give to each other!or outright buy from drug dealers!so who are the two gay gang members out front of the store?they the owners?or just dealers?whatever,if they are all involved with the corrupt cops why not start an investigation,oh wait,more than likely the report will say”no connection was found in the department(officers) with these fine young upstanding business owners”!,let me guess,the cops also say they are a pillar of the comunity!or they donate to thye policemans balls,or they are/were never arrested in connection with any drugs,blah blah blah,,,reports from these guys always say that!!just follow the money and you will find the answers,it’s always about $$$………………….just saying

  • SonofLiberty7

    The sheriff’s office needs to be thoroughly investigated by the Mississippi state D.A.’s office, and/or by MBI.
    Find the gang’s hangout. Go G-Men on them.

    • Ibcamn

      ahahaha,haven’t heard that term in,like,forever!!funny!

    • Not Holder or henchmen buddies in the FBI, if that is what you’re implying. They never will, but for black homicides, they do, as we all know already.

  • petemoBTV

    OK, White America. Time to go get them! We should have never let them loose in the first place! These creatures are truly savages and do not deserve freedom. Big mistake, Abe.

  • alpambuena

    the gang industry brings in trillions of dollars annually. they have millions of guns among them..that they use to kill their opponents and rivals…and to protect their turfs. established America are in essence like the gangs…they have their hiarchy and their interest….and they want to protect their turfs. the established America is at war with other established americans…the war on christains, gun control that only effects those that obey the law, racial wars, economic wars….ya see..the gangs don’t care about this crap…an the established americans are just clueless as to what the gangs are doing. established America are sensitive….the gangs are ruthless and will kill easily…..the established americans are worrying about taxes and education cost…the gangs are worried about shipments of drugs from the open borders and contact with terrorists to help fund their operations……it is two different worlds and one never seems to touch the other.

    • Juan TwoTree

      So what……there are enough American citizens, militia who also have lots of guns…..not a problem to start looking for gangs and taking them out….start with one, then two and so on, which might wake these friggin idiots up and they stay in their apartments/section 8 housing rather than get hit by a stray one!

  • Paladin

    What it takes is a curfew with violators being shot on sight… like the curfew in Memphis in the 30’s…

  • Juan TwoTree

    Here is a videoshowcasing the felony assault and battery and robbery of
    an old man. Brown was scheduled to appear in court on assault/battery/robbery
    charges stemming from this incident. In truth, while Michael Brown is the
    primary assailant, there is a second young man who also cold-cocks the victim
    who eventually staggers off, bumping into a building. Remember this if, as
    rumored, Michael Brown’s mother and Live-in boyfriend are brought to the State
    of the Union as honored guests as the Black Caucus is urging…. Pass this
    video to everyone you know, especially anybody who is supporting action against
    the ex-policeman from Ferguson, MO. This is what becomes of the Great Society
    created by Lyndon Johnson; Section 8 housing at its finest.

    • NukeWaste

      By that comment, I assume that you are referring to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      • Juan TwoTree

        Well, both…1). Showing that Michael Brown was not just an innocent kid and his 1st time being or trying to be questioned by a police officer and 2). Yes, 1600 Pennsylvania sticking HIS nose into a situation he should have kept his pie hole shut on, along with Holder of the DOJ. You agree or disagree?

  • keepyourpower

    The guy in the plaid shirt..look how low his pants are..the belt is around his KNEES!
    I wonder if they are aware of what that REALLY means in Prison!? Maybe Bubba will show them, when they end up there!

  • These worthless excuses for human beings, are what will help generate the race wars with Obama and Holder at the White House helm. Obama still has time, to achieve Ferguson on a much larger and more grand national scale. All Obama and Holder have is time. Al Sharpton will accommodate them with the ‘hate on my black lawless community” and black racist sermons!..

    Don’t let you’re kids run around with known rejected gang trash! It could cost them their lives.

  • jcbjr

    seriously bad situation, and I agree with eliminating the scum, along with complicit police. However, apologies to Willie and Waylon, “Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be sluts for black (choose your favorite color) thug gang members”. Associate with scum, you’re gonna get some on ya, maybe a lethal dose.

  • Southern Girl

    Go get ’em!!

  • D.C.J.

    Something was strange about this from jump. Events just didn’t match the scenario. Gash on top forehead area, incinerate in nose/mouth area, lit on fire, & walking down a road. It’s as if it was a ritual killing to make her an example for/of something. If it’s true through investigations that the Sheriff’s Office was involved in any way the Office should be cleansed 100% with those directly responsible charged.

  • D.C.J.

    Don’t agree with Anonymous on several issues, but on this I say, Thank You “ANONYMOUS.” Keep on top of this & help get these barbarians.

  • markypolo

    Just another “Black on White” crime. Nothing to see or report here.

  • Mr. Justice

    This is not about color or race but about a crime that needs to be concluded. Obviously there needs to be an outside source brought into the investigation and have the power to investigate and arrest without approval.
    When caught the death penalty is the only option. Justice must prevail – one way or another.
    I do at times involve, “another.”

  • Joe Mertens

    End the war on drugs and these gangs would dry up and blow away but the government loves the power it gives them and will never do it.

  • Ludlow Porch

    Some one needs to put a little pressure in the right places, to get to the bottom of this. To much time has expired for no suspects to be in custody.

  • frankenbiker

    Gee, if only the USA had a department that dealt with crimes of this nature. You know, one that investigated, “UNBIASEDLY” hate crimes like this. One that was lead by an attorney general, that put the safety of the AMERICAN citizen first. One that came down on gangs, gun running, extortion, rioting, drug running. But I guess that’s just wishful thinking.

  • Kevin Lawson

    I don’t have a check left to turn! I’m sick and Tired= SICKED AND TIRED, of these want to be somebody, worthless, good for nothing pieces of Shi* . I hope that you feel like a “Real Man” now? How many of you p**** did it take to hold her down as she fought for her life, Now that the life that you took seemed to be so cool…I pray is replaced by all of your untimely and horrendous deaths that are sure to come.. WE WILL SEE TO THAT! If you have to be in a gang to feel tough or loved, then you a piece of SHI* anyway! No excuses about the tough life you had to live growing up and all that other BS they try to sell the public. You lived it cause you wanted it that way, now it’s time to pay the Piper boys… and I do mean boys!!

  • Bob Phalen

    A little update on the Gentle Giant helping a 70+ year old man out.

  • NukeWaste

    The police in all major cities know who the gang members are. They are not allowed to do anything about them. On the other hand, the techniques that they have to use are very questionable. “Stop and Frisk” was very successful. Not because it uncovered drugs or weapons but because it stopped many low lifers from carrying and that puts a crimp in the Thug Life. If they don’t like you, these same techniques could put you in jail, even if you are innocent.

  • lil-echoes

    and to think the blacks fight for their ‘rights’ – right to dress like coons, right to murder at will, right to blast whitie into orbit when all doesn’t go to your satisfaction, right to be murderers and get by with it.

  • Ohio Land Man

    anonymous, friend me if help is needed.