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Man, I wish I would have been there - I'll be sure to be at his 2020 Inauguration!

In 1789, Thomas Jefferson wrote that, “Wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government.”

Abused by the media nearly as much as President Trump himself, Trump’s supporters have withstood constant attacks on their character, patriotism, intelligence, and more. The message from the media elite is clear, “If you don’t think and vote the exact way we demand, you are not informed.” However, what does informed mean here in this context? And does informed mean the same as Thomas Jefferson meant it in 1789?

The  difference between Jefferson’s use of the word informed and the media’s is the difference between fact and opinion. Regardless of how popular certain political opinions are in Hollywood,  knowledge of how our democratic republic works to deliver self-government is the most important foundation of being civically informed. Certainly, there are degrees to which political ideas can be right or wrong, but these are fiercely debated, and very rarely concrete or clear.

For example, while the medial elite can (and do) argue that socialism is working for Venezuela, or that tax-and-spend policies are working for Zimbabwe, knowledge of the specific structure of our U.S. government is unambiguous and clear. Voters that know how government works are informed in the most important and foundational way that citizens must be. For example – a fact: On November 8th, Americans didn’t just vote for President, they also voted to elect a Representative – their elected official in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. This is done every two years.

Survey Findings

A recent poll by Haven Insights shows that Trump voters have a distinct and consistent edge in civic knowledge over their Hillary supporting and 3rd party supporting counterparts. In stark contrast to the media narrative, Trump supporters are not only more informed than the general public, but also more than their political rivals.

  • Trump voters were more likely to know the name of their U.S. Representative than Hillary supporters (45% to 38%).
  • While 66% of the public know that their U.S. Representative is up for election 2 years, slightly more (68%) of Trump voters knew this simple fact. However, as embarrassing as it is, Hillary supporters performed the worst in this simple question (65%)!
  • A shocking 23% of the public voted for their U.S. representative without even knowing their Representative’s name. However, Trump voters – educated and civically responsible –were the most likely to walk into the voting booth informed and knowing the name of their elected representatives. Hillary supporters performed the worst.
  • Embarrassingly, nearly a third of liberals (30%) went to the voting booth having no clue who their U.S. Representative was – while only 21% of conservatives had a similar struggle in the voting booth.

Trump voters consistently had the edge over both the general population, and their political opponents in basic civic knowledge – who their Representative was, what party they belonged to, and if they were even on the ballot.

The Trump Edge

It isn’t enough to just go out and go through the motions of voting – voters have to have a baseline understanding of who and what exactly they are voting for. Trump supporters systematically outperformed everyone in knowledge of their Representative.

The real-world result of this knowledge edge was that Trump supporters and conservatives succeeded in specifically delivering their support to conservatives and Republicans in key narrow races across the nation. One example is in Maine, where Rep. Bruce Poliquin, soundly beat his opponent – a well funded disciple of Nancy Pelosi named Emily Cain.

As Tea Party Leader, Matt Kibbe, famously declared, “Government goes to those who show up.” Trump supporters simply know more about their government than any other slice of the electorate. This allowed them to make their opinions heard, even over and above the scorn and abuse heaped upon them by the media.

You can follow Haven Insights on Twitter HERE.

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Scalise Shooter Identified

The shooter involved in this morning’s shooting has been identified as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill.

Hodgkinson has recently been making public posts critical of President Trump.

James Hodgkinson


His Facebook page, which has since been deleted, featured a Bernie Sanders cover photo and a profile picture with the words “Democratic Socialism Explained in 3 words: “WE THE PEOPLE”.”

James Hodgkinson

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The face of mental illness.

According to the latest police investigation reports, a man who killed three co-workers at a grocery store in Northeast Pennsylvania in a shooting spree, had a history of posting violent material and content on social media platforms. A disturbing prediction about President Donald Trump is also credited to the man.

Investigation officials say that they have identified the Twitter account of Randy Stair, the 24-year-old shoot who committed suicide after the murders.

Back in September 2016, two months before the election, Randy posted this chilling message regarding Trump on Twitter, “I can almost certainly guarantee you that Donald Trump will be assassinated. Maybe not this year, but in the near future.”

After the election, he took to Twitter, to post yet another creepy message regarding Trump. He wrote, “Donald Trump’s face is the *ss of America.”

According to the police, Stair locked up four of his fellow employees in a grocery store in Pennsylvania and shot to death three of them, while the fourth escaped and immediately rang the police. Before the shooting began, Stair reportedly spent 90 minutes blocking exits.

“This is really a mental health situation that utterly spiraled out of control,” Wyoming County District Attorney Jeff Mitchell said. “I think he had longstanding mental health issues that resulted in this horrible tragedy.”

“It’s just unspeakable, it really is,” he added. “These people went to work and they lost their lives because they went to work. It’s senseless.”

It is being speculated that Stair was obsessed with massacres since he clearly idolized mass killers including Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, on social media.

In a video posted on YouTube, Stair lashed out angrily at the world, saying, “I’ve been stepped on my whole life; not anymore. …I’ve had enough of this putrid planet and I’m going to leave my mark.”

Before his own massacre, Stair tweeted one last time, “Goodbye humans…I’ll miss you….”

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Kellyanne is thrilled to be able to pass the buck.

In an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCullum on “The Story” Thursday, Kellyanne Conway refused to answer any questions regarding alleged tapes between President Donald Trump and James Comey, the former FBI director.

When asked about details regarding the president’s response to Comey’s hearing procedures with the Senate Intelligence Committee, Conway simply refused to give any specific answers.

“Well, at the White House, we’ve been referring everyone, Martha, to his private lawyer, Marc Kasowitz,” Conway said. “And today, I’m happy to report, I can actually refer you to Mark Kasowitz, the President’s private lawyer’s statement. And you ran some of it. I really would tell the public if you want to see the full statement from Marc Kasowitz, go ahead and pull it up.”

She further added, “I’m sure you can access a publicly, if not through the White House website. And it’s an important statement, because it reflects the President’s opinion, his lawyer’s characterization of the particular testimony. But I think it’s important, because if this was a classic legal case, you would have one side go and the other side go. That’s not how congressional testimony works. The other side does not respond.”

Conway was then asked, rather directly by MacCallum, if any tapes of conversation between the recently dismissed FBI director and Trump existed. However, Conway wasn’t having any of it.

“I can’t comment on that,” Conway emphatically said.

When MacCallum asked why Conway couldn’t comment on the topic of audio tapes, Conway replied, “Because I can’t comment. I work in the White House.”

“But if there are no tapes, can’t you just say that?” MacCallum asked in response.

Conway fired back, “I can’t comment on that. And the President has also said that he won’t comment any further on that.”

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The ghost of Hillary still haunts us.

In his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey revealed that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to call the FBI’s probe into former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s alleged use of a private server, not as an “investigation” but just a “matter.”

During the testimony, Comey also said that Lynch tried to get him to downplay the seriousness of the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server to carry out her duties as the secretary of state.

“At one point the attorney general had directed me not to call it an ‘investigation,’ but to call it a ‘matter,’ which confused me and concerned me,” Comey said.

Comey indicated that the conversation was one of the main reasons he took the Clinton investigation public. He also pointed to a meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Lynch as one of the reasons.

The meeting between the former attorney general and the former president, according to Comey, helped him make his decision “in an ultimately conclusive way.”

“That was the thing that capped it for me, that I had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation, which meant both the FBI and the Justice Department,” Comey said of the meeting.

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Eric Bolling, Fox News host, excoriated Maine Senator Angus King (I) on Tuesday, over what he called “the dumbest comment heard from a lawmaker in a very long time.”

Earlier on MSNBC, Senator Angus King, who caucuses with the Democrats, said that the only way he thinks could prevent terrorist attacks in a free society like the west, is to “lock everybody down” like in North Korea.

Angus’ comments came on the back of an attack in Paris, outside the Notre Dame cathedral, where a man armed with a hammer attacked a police officer while shouting, “This is for Syria.”

The investigation of the attack is now being handled by French counter-terrorism officials.

Bolling used the latest incident of apparent terrorism on “The Fox News Specialists” in his monologue on Tuesday’s show. He said:

“The war on terror must be waged as a real war with a real enemy. The enemy must be named. It’s radical Islamic terrorists. It’s all hands on deck. See something say something. Civil libertarians, hold your noses. We can’t let this slime creep into American streets. Surely, our lawmakers get this, right? They want to fight terror, right? Not lay down and roll over the jihadists and allow them to take hold here in America, right?”

Moving on, Bolling played Angus’ clip from earlier in the day.

“It’s very hard to prevent something like this in a free society,” King told MSNBC in the wake of the Notre Dame attack. “The only way to be fully secure is to lock everybody down and I don’t think any of us want to live in North Korea.”

Apparently, Bolling took an issue with King’s suggestion that only communist countries that had brutal dictators, such as North Korea’s Kin Jong-Un could prevent terror attacks.

“Let’s not lock everyone down,” Bolling rebutted.

Further elaborating on what King said, Bolling said, “Let’s not lock down our vetting. Let’s not tighten up our security and intel collections.”

Bolling then ended his monologue by giving King a ridiculous award for his “North Korea” remarks.

“Congratulations, senator, you take the prize for the dumbest comment heard from a lawmaker in a very long time,” Bolling said.

The case against Kushner is sheikey.

MSNBC terrorism analyst, and retired US Navy Officer Malcom Nance, made a very serious charge against Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, all depending on how true a new Washington Post report is. He made the accusations last Friday on MSNBC to Chris L. Hayes.

“You also said that you thought under the Espionage Act,” Hayes asked, referring to the previous panelist saying it sounded like Kushner committed a felony, “what do you mean by that, Malcolm?”

“Right now there’s just take it from the perspective of every intelligence watch officer in the world who is watching the program right now,” he responded. “There are thousands of people who are out there who are on duty who are watching this, who have top secret SCI, special access program clearance, knowing that in one instance, even a fraction of this, would lose their clearances, will have to ask themselves the question they would have to ask in any counter-intelligence environment and that is simply this: Why?”

“What is the motivational device that Jared Kushner,” he said forcefully, “should this story be true, because we don’t know if it’s entirely true. We don’t even know what the source of this was. The Russians themselves could have leaked this story to create chaos.”

“But why would he want to hide, covert,” he continued, “his communications from the U.S. government, believing that he would want to be able to use a facility, obviously that would have more secure communications to create a back channel that U.S. cryptologic collection couldn’t get.”

“That right there along is covert communications,” Nance said.

“That is indicative of espionage activity of an American citizen that is working in league with a hostile government,” he concluded. “And right now there is no FBI counterintelligence officer in the world right now that does not believe that if this story is true.”

The Washington Post reported on Friday that Kushner originally floated the idea of initiating a back channel of communications between the Russian government and the Trump transition team to escape any monitoring by US investigation authorities. The anonymous source also revealed that Kushner made this offer to Sergei Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US, in December, during their meeting at the Trump Tower.

The White House has declined to comment on the story.

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Paris, we have a problem.

Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview on MSNBC on Thursday, that President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord “puts America last.”

“It is a shameful moment for the United States, to have unilaterally walked away from an agreement which did not have one other country requiring us to do something,” Kerry said.

“It was a voluntary program … The president was not truthful with the American people today, and the president who talked about putting America first, has now put America last.”

He claimed that Trump “is not helping the forgotten American,” Kerry said. “He is hurting them. Their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. They will have a harder time having economic growth. He’s made us an environmental pariah in the world, and I think it is one of the most self-destructive moves I’ve ever seen by any president in my lifetime.”

However, things seem to be little different, as Daniel Simmons, the vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research stated, “Air quality has been increasing, pollution has been decreasing, things are getting better and asthma’s getting worse,” Simmons said. “You have this disconnect.”

  1. Sterling Burnett, a research fellow in climate and energy issues for The Heartland Institute, noted in a recent article that, “Numerous studies, including a NERA Economic Consulting report cited in Trump’s announcement, showed meeting the carbon-dioxide targets imposed on the United States under the Paris agreement would force the premature closing of many of the nation’s least-expensive power plants. NERA estimated meeting the nation’s obligations under the agreement would cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion, and by 2040, the United States would have lost 6.5 million industrial-sector jobs, including 3.1 million manufacturing jobs.”

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This but not THAT!

A high school in Pennsylvania is under the spotlight, for banning a pro-life club, since it is supposedly too controversial and political, but continued to allow pro-gay clubs.

Liz Castro, a senior in the high school spoke to Fox News about the school’s decision, “They told me that we couldn’t have our club because it was too controversial and too political at the time.”

“So just anything that other people disagree with is not allowed, do you think you were singled out for that?” Carlson asked.

“I think they were definitely discriminating against us because we were pro-life,” Castro said.

Sources stated that Parkland High School has allowed a gay-straight alliance club, a political science club, a fashion club, a chess club, and other groups necessary.

“That kind of club, an anti-abortion club,” Carlson asked, “is singularly offensive to the kind of people that run the schools isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you would think that public institutions and free speech would be a no-brainer,” said Kristin Hawkins, the president for Students for Life. “These are taxpayer-funded institutions and yet this is what we see time and time again in high schools and colleges across the country.”

“So do you suppose, Liz, if there was a club,” Carlson asked, “I dunno, a feminist club or women’s rights club, women’s empowerment club that supported legal abortion would they be allowed to organize on campus?”

“I feel like they may be able, they may allowed them to have their club,” Castro responded.

“So what are you going to do, have you given up?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” Castro said. “I’m a senior so this is kinda it for me, but my friend Grace who is also trying to start the club with me is definitely not giving up and she’s gonna try to start the club again.”

“We met all the requirements (but) were denied simply because we are pro-life,” Castro said, according to Life Site News. “As a club, our purpose is to create a life-affirming culture at our school, educate our peers on the issue of life, hold diaper drives to support pregnant and parenting students, and become a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

“The school is not only denying my right to start a group but denying the opportunity for others at my school to learn about the greatest human rights social injustice of our time,” Castro concluded.

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Wait, what does that spell?

On Wednesday, during a discussion at the Code Conference, Hillary Clinton, the former presidential candidate, dismissed the investigation of her private email server as being insignificant.

“The use of my email account was turned into, you know, the biggest scandal since Lord knows when,” Clinton said when the topic of “weaponizing” technology came up in the conversation. “And, you know … I’m just using everything that anybody else said about it besides me to basically say this was the biggest nothing-burger ever.”

Clinton continued, “It was a mistake. I’ve said it was a mistake. And obviously, if I could turn the clock back, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. But the way that it was used was very damaging.”

The executive producer of the conference, Kara Swisher, from Recode, then asked Clinton, “And you didn’t handle it — that’s a mistake on your part, or the way it was used was a mistake on your — because we’re trying to get at what you think you misjudged?”

Clinton replied, reiterating her previous stance that she wasn’t careless and didn’t break any rules.

“Doing something that others had done before was no longer acceptable in the new environment in which we found ourselves,” Clinton explained to Swisher. “And there was no law against it; there was no rule — nothing of that sort. So, I didn’t break any rule. Nobody said, don’t do this — and I was very responsible and not at all careless.”

Later during the discussion, Clinton went on to compare the coverage her email scandal received to the US’ role in the World War 2 and how Pearl Harbor was covered by the media.

“And I think it was interesting — I know you had Dean Baquet here from The New York Times yesterday. And they covered it like it was Pearl Harbor,” Clinton said. “And then, in their endorsement of me, they said, this email thing — it’s like a help desk issue. So, it was always a hard issue to put to bed; but we put it to bed in July. And then, it rose up again.”


Guarding Republicans

Over the weekend, the New York Times was slammed for running a piece where the news outlet apparently tried to cover up the motives...