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Morgan Mayhew

Morgan Mayhew
Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.

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James O’Keefe and his group, Project Veritas, have pulled it off again. This time they caught a group of people planning to disrupt inauguration events with butyric acid bombs.

Their target is the “Deploraball” that is taking place at the National Press Club.

Caught on camera, Luke Kuhn and Collin Dunn, acted like the “Weather Underground” terrorists from the 1970’s.

Watch the video above and pay close attention.

O’Keefe inserted an “Easter Egg” at the beginning of the video with the audio recording of one of his undercover journalists being harassed by what appears to be an operative for Bob Creamer, the Democrat’s dark arts operative that Project Veritas exposed during the election.

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In just Week 2 of this column, we have to admit, this is just too easy.

Regardless of what President Trump does or does not do within the next four years, one thing is for certain, we will be entertained!


The week started off with a response to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech as Donald Trump can never walk past a barking dog without kicking it. Calling the actress a “Hillary flunky” he then took to the defense that he never mocked a disabled reporter (who was more dishonest than disabled).

After of a bit of further praise for auto makers and their new commitments to U.S. jobs, Trump took a bit of a break only to return in the early AM.


President Elect Trump may be confusing Throwback Thursday with Titsout Tuesday as he decided to post his own throwbacks of himself with Ronald and Nancy Reagan, as well as an earlier photo of himself with law enforcement.

It was a mysteriously quiet day for the Twitter addict.


While Trump was twitter-slacking on Tuesday, he made up for it on Wednesday, following CNN’s promotion of the fake Russian story inappropriately released by BuzzFeed.

He started the day with this all-caps shout:

Following up, Trump posted a picture of his attorney’s passport (who allegedly traveled as part of the scandal – until the media “corrected” itself to say it was a different man who shared his attorney’s name.)

But this is the winning tweet of the week – and also the one most talked about by left-wing pundits:


With an epic Hump Day behind Trump, the billionaire geared up for offence on Thursday following his press Wednesday conference.

After clowning CNN and other outlets directly the previous day, the incoming president had to grind into them a bit more on Twitter:

After a short break from CNN bashing to thank Linda Bean for her support while asking people to “Buy L.L. Bean,” Trump got right back to it by tweeting, “CNN is in a total meltdown with their FAKE NEWS because their ratings are tanking since the election.”

Getting back on task, by 1 p.m. Trump acknowledged a historic vote by the U.S. Senate with their first step to repeal Obamacare.

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After what Volkswagen has gone through with their saga over manipulated test numbers and the enormous cost to that automaker – that is in the process of buying back cars – you would think that other companies simply would not go there.

But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Fiat Chrysler did.

The EPA served Fiat Chrysler with a “notice of violation of the Clean Air Act” and allege that it effects around 104,000 vehicles dating from 2014-2016.

2017 models have not yet been tested.

The vehicles impacted have the three-liter diesel engine that had been dubbed the EcoDiesel.

The EPA is alleging that the “eco” in EcoDiesel isn’t making friends with the environment.

Fiat, purchased Chrysler in 2014 for $4.35 billion.

This isn’t the first mechanical flap that Fiat has had in recent years. Their Fiat 500 mini car has been the subject of multiple recalls and customers have complained of major transmissions issues. The company failed to acknowledge the issues for over a year leading to many owners taking advantage of state lemon laws.

Expect this to make a major impact on Fiat Chrysler’s stock price, which as already dropped 10% since the announcement.

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Ritz Carlton in Moscow. Home to the alleged "golden shower" party with Donald Trump.

Late yesterday afternoon, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper interrupted the confirmation hearings of Sen. Jeff Sessions with a “breaking news alert.”

The lower third of the television screen raced with the headline, “Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.”

Tapper, dramatically but somberly read an ambiguous narrative that left the viewer with the impression that not only did Russia have compromising dirt on President Elect Donald Trump, but that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government to suppress it.

They gave no further details and as of the next morning are standing by the vague story.

But other “news” outlets like BuzzFeed, printed the dirty details and published the intelligence memo that alleges depraved acts by Donald Trump while in Russia.

The intelligence report that came from a supposed reliable source for the CIA, a former British intel officer, claims that Trump, while visiting Moscow, stayed at the Ritz Carlton and in the same room booked by President Obama on a previous trip.

Trump, in a supposed twisted attempt to express his disgust with Obama, hired several prostitutes to urinate on the bed that the soon-to-be former president slept in . . . as he watched the “golden shower.”

The report, which is so outlandish that even liberals reasonably consider it to be false, has been running wildly through the mainstream media. Even Newsweek ran with a “Gold Shower” headline.

But here’s the deal, and more plausible explanation.

The near-underground forum site 4chan, that’s best known with its pranks and ties to hacking collective, Anonymous, has claimed responsibility for the hoax . . . and they cannot believe the CIA fell for it.

4chan posters claim they made up the story and passed it on to Trump hater, Rick Wilson, who then, through the old banana phone trick, passed it along again and again until CIA officials made the decision to include a clearly fake story in an intelligence report.

And sadly, both President Obama and President Elect Trump were briefed with this story as it was leaked to the press.

The entire episode is unbecoming of our intelligence agencies and Trump is encouraged to make a complete sweep of any agency involved in what has become the “Fake News” story of the year . . . as CNN continues to cover it and report it as true.

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As Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama sat before his colleagues to begin his confirmation hearings to become the next Attorney General of the United States, the left turn the knob up to 11 on their cries of “racist.”

Here’s a sampling of the most recent attacks against the soft-spoken Southerner that gained President Elect Trump’s confidence:

George Takei never disappoints with making unfounded accusations:

A writer for MTV, Ira Madison, attacked Sessions for being racists, then showed his own prejudice by mocking the Senator’s Asian granddaughter. Ira quickly deleted the tweet then posted:

Disappointed Hillary supporters also chimed in but appear to lack the energy to put up much of an argument:

And leave it to the official DNC Twitter account to post a racist accusation by none other than CNN:

The tweet above goes to show that not much will change despite CNN and other corporate media outlets being called out and caught being shills for the left.

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President Elect Trump made waves shortly after his election when he stated that instead of repealing Obamacare, he may support simply amending Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation.

Working Americans have paid the highest price for the Affordable Care Act. A law that has turned out not to be affordable for those who choose not to live off of the government.

Between 2013 and 2015, market medical costs have increased an incredible 69%.

Those increases in care quickly worked their way into the health insurance market where prices are expected to rise AGAIN, by at least 30% in several states in 2017.

There is little arguing that Obamacare is a complete disaster for most Americans and their families.

But, who has benefited?

Healthcare companies, their investors and some insurance companies.

With the highest level of coverage for Americans in history, business is a booming for healthcare providers and rates are only going up.

To add even more pain to the system, those newly subsidized Obamacare recipients are taking advantage of their low-cost coverage and lining up to see the doctor at any given opportunity – meaning prescription drug abuse is at an all time high – as is heroin addition with overdose rates hitting all-time highs year after year.

Addiction, as bad as it seems to society is great for healthcare as rehab is funded as are the constant visits for the problems associated with addiction.

A vicious cycle for sure . . . but great for business.

Just take a look at the Vanguard Health Care Index Fund. In 2013, when Obamacare rolled out, the fund was priced at $36.

By mid-2016, the fund had broken $70 per share. Far outperforming the market.

Over the weekend, Sen. Mitch McConnell began to beat the war drums to completely repeal Obamacare, before a replacement is considered.

Repeal, while great for American taxpayers, will hit the healthcare industry like a bullet train barreling into Trump Tower.

As it stands, the medical provider industry could not have it any better, and they have made a killing over the last three years.

Money like that doesn’t go away without a fight so expect the healthcare industry to get off of the fence and send in their best, brightest establishment lobbyists to maintain the status quo.

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Welcome to our newest weekly column, Trump’s Twitter Tirade Roundup, which is a recap of Trump’s best tweets and their impact.

In the first week of the year, President Elect Trump made a profound impact on the stock market, foreign affairs, intelligence agencies and even the entertainment industry.


We start with January 2th, which was a federal holiday, however, Trump didn’t seem to notice.

The billionaire president started the New Year taking a shot at North Korea while ribbing China.

The North Korean jab was a result of an announcement by the hermit nation that they have developed long-range missiles capable of striking the United States. Given the secluded country has the combined computing power of a used Commodore 64 in a backwoods garage sale, the claim is unlikely.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader, the pudgling Kim Jong-un, is bat-balls crazy anyway so his response doesn’t really matter.


Trump started off the first workday of the year by taking a shot at General Motors for use of Mexican plants to build their Chevy Cruze.

As for GM, their stock price didn’t budge after the jab, while Ford Motors gained 8% after praise by the President Elect.

Trump’s twitter feed then barreled into the unworkable and unaffordable Obamacare, just as Senate Democrats were preparing for their press conference to defend it.

Just before bedtime (for normal human beings) Trump unleashed this whopper that intentionally left many scratching their heads:


The intelligence tirade started on Tuesday night carried through to the early hours of Wednesday as Trump recapped Sean Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange.

These tweets and some behind the scenes action lead to the resignation of Trump’s senior intelligence advisor later in the week.

Attacks on Obamacare continued on Wednesday (which will likely be a daily theme until the law is repealed) and the evening was closed out with self-praise by Trump for inauguration performer, Jackie Evancho, whose sales have “skyrocketed” according to the President Elect.


The day started off with the best insult of the week when Trump referred to Chuck Schumer as the Democrat’s “head clown.”

To build on the week’s automaker momentum, Trump set sights on Toyota and their plans to build Corolla’s in Mexico. Toyota’s stock price nearly immediately slumped after the tweet.

Then, all heck broke loose.

NBC was given an “exclusive” look at U.S. Intelligence reports before the President Elect was provided with the information.

Hold on to your hats as that’s like poking a hungry old lion with a stick while holding a freshly killed chicken just out of reach.

As expected, Trump went off, but all over the map, lashing out at everyone from Hillary Clinton, to the “dishonest media” in a series of tweets .


Trumps poor mood continued through Friday morning when he started the day taking a shot at none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger for his poor ratings on the first airing of The Apprentice.

The billionaire turned president then made what was his most sane tweet of the week with the following:

That tweet will be the first time a soon-to-be-sitting president has called for a congressional investigation through social media . . . and you can bet it won’t be the last.

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Following the most tumultuous presidential election in history, it is easy to forget what happened in January of 2016.

On January 2, 2016 around two dozen Americans chose to challenge the authority of the federal government and did so by entering and occupying the structures within the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

The group was led by Ammon Bundy, the son of Cliven Bundy who had become nationally known for a 2014 standoff with the feds at his ranch in Nevada.

The group of men were peacefully armed for defensive purposes and communicating regularly with the press, however, state and local law enforcement officials, and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations became increasingly hostile as the group grew to as many as forty men.

On January 21, 2016, Ammon Bundy met with FBI investigators about the federal government relinquishing control of the refuge. Ammon and the FBI agreed to meet again the next day to continue negotiations, but the government agents declined to speak at the second meeting as media cameras were present.

Days later on January 26, state, and federal law enforcement officers created a “traffic stop” to apprehend the leaders of the occupation.

LaVoy Finicum, a cattle rancher from Arizona was the driver of one of the vehicles stopped by law enforcement.

Finicum, with his passengers, drove away from the first stop and as they approached another roadblock one mile down the road, they were fired upon by Oregon State Police.

Finicum veered his truck into a snow bank to avoid incoming gun fire then quickly exited the vehicle with his arms in the air.

As LaVoy left his truck, he was fired upon by two FBI agents . . . who missed. One round bounced off of the roof of the truck while another injured one of Finicum’s passengers.

The FBI agents failed to report the first rounds that were fired and even went so far as to pick up their rifle casings and dispose of them.

A later investigation found the FBI agents were responsible the instigating rounds but no punitive action is known to have been taking against the federal agents.

Moments after the missed shots from the FBI agents, Finicum was shot dead by Oregon State Troopers.

They state he was reaching for a 9mm Ruger in his coat pocket although the accusation is disputed by Finicum’s family.

The stand off ended on February 11th of that year and over two dozen Americans have been charged with numerous federal offenses.

On May 12, several Arizona politicians wrote to Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, requesting that the investigation into LaVoy Finicum’s death be reopened.

Finicum’s widow plans a lawsuit against the Oregon State Police and the FBI for civil rights violations.

The narrative of the occupation of the wildlife refuge and the death of LaVoy Finicum has also changed over the past year.

Ammon Bundy, Finicum and others are being described as “militants” for historic purposes and reports of vandalism and other acts take precedence over the conduct of the federal government during the stand off.

While law enforcement officials have concluded that the shooting was “justified,” critics note that Finicum had been fired upon several times by both the Oregon State Police and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

As what point is it justified to defend yourself if being shot at by government officials?

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A recent commenter on Liberty News Now explained that “all intelligence agencies agree, and that never happens!”

It has happened in the past during the lead up to the war and Iraq and the false and persistent claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Last week, President Obama expelled Russian diplomats on 72-hour notice and within the last 48 hours, has deployed special forces troops to the Russian border.

Barack Obama’s main excuse for his behavior is the agreement of U.S. intelligence agencies in their assessment that the Kremlin “hacked” the Presidential Elections.

No proof has been made public to support the claim.

The main individual releasing the hacked data throughout the election was former hacker Julian Assange through the organization, WikiLeaks.

Assange has stated on numerous occasions that the source of the leaks emails from John Podesta’s gmail account were not from Russian sources.

President Elect Trump repeated those words in a tweet this morning saying:

The President Elect was scheduled to receive a security briefing to explain the alleged hacking on Wednesday, however, intelligence officials have delayed the briefing until Friday, setting off Donald Trump once again:

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, has refused to retaliate against the actions of Barack Obama, however, that was before the lame duck president deployed troops to the area, escalating tensions.

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rosie o'donnell

During the first Fox News Presidential Debate, host Megyn Kelly zeroed in on Donald Trump and his treatment of women.

The Fox News host told the billionaire, “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals’.”

Trump quickly responded with the laughter-generating line, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

Today, O’Donnell, the former TV talk show host, actress and gay-rights activist, took to Twitter in a disjointed attempt to “stop” Trump before he takes office.

First she attacked the validity of the election.

She didn’t stop there. She then shared an “article” that claims Trump is broke.

Some would say what she is sharing is considered “fake news”, but not according to liberals.

Rosie continued on her rant and of course demands to see his taxes.

Why are most of Donald’s celebrity haters the ones that are irrelevant in today’s pop culture?

Rosie is clearly having a hard time with a Trump presidency, but there is nothing that she can do to stop him.

Do you think Rosie is right or does she need to get a life? Let us know in the comments below.



Following President Elect Donald Trump’s press conference, documentary film maker Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC to say about Trump, “It was a masterful performance....