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Shane Cory

Shane Cory
Shane Cory is the Editor of Liberty News Now. A husband and father, Shane is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been involved in politics, publishing and marketing for the past fifteen years. He has served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee and Project Veritas.

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In one of his last-minute, rushed acts, President Obama commuted the sentence of traitor, criminal and general nutcase, Bradley Manning.

And no, I won’t give this freak the courtesy of calling him “Chelsea” – he’s a dude and makes and an even uglier woman.

My personal disdain for Manning came after researching a story about his acts a few years ago.

Nothing has changed aside from the tempo of his shrills from behind federal bars in Quantico, Virginia

And Barack Obama fell for it.

Just to recap, Bradley Manning was an Army intelligence analyst as an enlisted soldier.

He was openly gay but also clearly mentally unstable. Before his deployment to Iraq in 2009, his commanders questioned his mental state and ability to deploy, but did so anyway due to a shortage of manpower.

As troops were deployed and fighting the enemy, Manning released three-quarters of a million documents containing sensitive and secret information to the world via WikiLeaks.

Why did he do this? Likely because he had a crush on Julian Assange and believed “she could be herself” in his chats online with someone assumed to be Assange.

For a comparison, Edward Snowden leaked evidence of the government committing crimes and spying on its own people. Snowden attempted to follow whistleblower procedures but was ignored.

Manning, betrayed the nation as a “brief respite from isolation and anxiety.”

He literally had no reason to release those documents other than that it gave him personal pleasure.

No joke.

But to show the true, demented personality of Manning, my mind always goes back to an incident he initiated as an Army solider.

Before his arrest, Manning assaulted a woman, Specialist Showman.

The incident was witness by an Army Captain who walked in to see Manning pinned to the ground by Showman, who had been attacked and hit by Manning.

For whatever reason, Manning decided it was cool to hit a woman (soldier or not) and then, his puny butt was pinned to the ground by the girl he attacked.

Manning’s defense attorneys used that incident to blame the Army, saying that if the military had discharged him at that time of “emotional instability” the treason would not have occurred.


Now that it’s more than established that Manning is a dangerous nut that belongs behind bars, the question remains, why would Obama pardon the man?

Who knows, maybe Obama has a crush on little Chelsea and her blonde locks.

We’ll never know, but hopefully a President Trump or Attorney General Sessions can find a way to keep Manning behind bars.

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You would think that the best thing for a generation of “snowflakes” would be spending a few months in Marine Corps Boot Camp.

But four Marine Drill Instructors, SSgt Burke, SSgt Bacchus, SSgt Lucena-Martinez and Sgt Gress may feel differently after their experience with a recent platoon.

The men face arraignment today on criminal charges.

As a Marine veteran myself, and not one of those grizzled, salty, “back in my day” types, reading through the list of allegations left me saddened at the general decline of “hardness” and the lack of adventure in millennials.

Before getting into the allegations against these drill instructors, let me back up a bit and explain why there was an investigation.

Last March, Pvt Raheel Sidiqqui died after falling from a third-story landing. Sidiqqui was supposedly running away from a drill instructor.

The private’s family petitioned the Obama White House for an investigation following the young man’s death, and the investigation was granted (which I believe is reasonable).

However, the investigative process, especially in the Marine Corps, is an exhaustive process that looks for ANY wrongdoing and punishes those actions beyond reason.

Essentially, because of a tragic accident in which Pvt Sidiqqui died while improperly running from a drill instructor, four men will, at least, have their careers ruined.

So let’s discuss the allegations of misconduct outside of Sidiqqui’s accident.

Allegation 1: A number recruits complained that they had been forced to do “illegal calisthenics.”

First, all calisthenics should be illegal if you ask me. They suck. I don’t know what in the hell an “illegal callisthenic” is, but I was probably the victim of them daily in boot camp and never knew it.

Allegation 2: Recruits complained of being forced to do pushups and burpees, on a “dirty dungeon” floor and breathed-in dust.

F’ing please. That’s all I want to say about that. But to assuage any millennial sympathizers who may be reading this column, let me tell you about Sgt Moran.

This lean, 6’3” man with skin as dark as a witch’s soul was my Senior Drill Instructor. Moran was so intimidating, the devil himself would run from him, stumble and fall off a balcony.

There was no pleasing Sgt Moran . . . on anything . . . ever. He was a man so possessed by perfection that my fellow 63 platoon members and me became perfect in the eyes of the Marine Corps . . . but never in the eyes of Moran.

My platoon, 2103, swept every competition and training exercise against other platoons. Every . . . single . . . one. And the competition was not close.

When we graduated boot camp and became Marines, the level of training we received served all of us well.

How did Moran turn pimply teens into smart, professional warriors?

He beat our asses into the ground every moment of the day.

In the Marine Corps, there’s drill, exercise, running and then there’s “getting bent.”

Basically when you screw up, there’s a drill instructor there, in a low and slow voice, expressing disappointment and telling one or all of us to move our butts into a sand pit or the center of a squad bay, a sidewalk, the middle of a dentist’s office, or out of a chow line, to do “illegal calisthenics” until in his judgment, we learned our lessons.

In the eyes of Sgt Moran, we screwed up a lot, and I can say today, I’m a better man for it.

So again, an allegation of abuse based upon a dirty floor? Yeah . . . f’ing please.

Allegation 3: Drill instructors were accused of putting recruits in industrial-sized dryers and turning them on.

While others may be likely appalled by this allegation, I can deduce that this recruit did something stupid to get himself wet. So the DI obliged and allowed the recruit to dry himself off – otherwise, it was just plain fun.

Despite what Hollywood portrays, Marine Corps DI’s are professionals. It is highly unlikely that they will strike or harm any recruit. Their job, and they do care about their results, is to mold young men into Marines. If a recruit needs to be dried out to make that happen and no harm is done, so be it.

Allegation 4: A Muslim recruit was regularly called a “terrorist” by drill instructors.

I don’t care who you are, that’s just freaking hilarious . . . unless you’re a terrorist.

There’s no place for political correctness in Marine Corps boot camp. I had two drill instructors, two were black and two were white and all four of them were equal opportunity offenders.

While there were no direct racial slurs, Mexicans were told they could go back to picking oranges and mowing lawns, the Korean recruit was reminded regularly that Marines likely killed his northern family, and the poor effeminate white kid was forced to wear his underwear on his head at night.

But the black kids? They got it the worst . . . by the black drill instructors.

These muscled-up inner-city black recruits should have been able to physically run circles around their pudgy brothers, but all too often, they would feign exhaustion and generally slack off . . . and by the end of the hour, Sgt Moran had them in tears, regretting their decision to ever leave the hood.

So yeah, “terrorist”, that’s funny.

Allegation 5: A drill instructor saw a picture of a recruit’s sister, said she was “hot” and forced him to log into Facebook so he could meet her – although he never did.

In the everyday pansy world most Americans currently live in, this sounds totally inappropriate. In the world of Marine Corps Boot Camp, I argue that it’s encouraged behavior.

While everyone hears of how physically challenging boot camp is, the reality is that after the first month or so, your body can take any abuse that’s thrown at it. It still hurts, but you’re given the rest and food to recover each night.

The real challenge is mental . . . because war is mental hell.

Marines must be faced with situations that make them scared, doubtful, furious and depressed. Like your body, your emotions and mental capacity must be pushed to the brink to earn the coveted “Marine” title.

Messing with your family, calling your mother ugly and your dog cute is fair game in the Marine Corps.

Sadly, those allegations will likely stick on these Marine Corps drill instructors and they’ll be forced to resign or worse.

A travesty of equal consequence is that the recruits who lodged these complaints and went on to become Marines are still serving with the entitlement that they were somehow wronged.

The true injustice is that they have not suffered the trials and challenges to earn the title, “Marine.”

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During a presidential debate in 2011, Rick Perry made an unforced error when he tried to explain three government agencies he would eliminate. While gesturing to Ron Paul, the Texas Governor stumbled saying, “It’s three agencies of government, when I get there that are gone, commerce, education, and the . . . umm . . . what’s the third one there, let’s see.”

The Perrynator later explained, “It was Energy!”

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Showing that the Presidential Transition Team has a sense of humor, multiple sources are telling the media that Rick Perry has been picked to head the Department of Energy.

While Perry may be a good pick for the DOE’s responsibility in regulating domestic energy production – specifically the regulation-loving Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), voters may not be comfortable handing Perry the keys to the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

The Department of Energy does what it implies, regulating energy, but is also responsible for nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, energy conservation, radioactive waste and for some reason, the largest body of research in genomics.

Perry an Eagle Scout who graduated Texas A&M with a bachelors in Animal Science, went on to become a C-130 pilot in the Air Force.

After finishing his service in 1977, he went home to Texas to farm cotton with his father.

When the future governor entered politics in 1984, he was elected to the Texas statehouse . . . as a democrat, voting for a $5.7 BILLION tax increase.

By 1989, Perry switched parties and starting hanging out with Karl “turdblossom” Rove who went on to be his campaign manager.

As governor, despite signing Grover Norquist’s pledge to oppose tax increases, Perry proposed and approved several tax increases and debt measures.

Within a 10-year span under Perry’s leadership, Texas’ debt ballooned from $13 billion to $38 billion . . . yes, he nearly tripled the state’s debt.

So while Kellyanne Conway and the rest of Trump’s transition team may find it amusing to tap Perry for this top position, taxpayers may have to pay the price for a bad joke.

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The Electoral College drops its vote on December 19th, and the public electors are feeling the heat to become “faithless.”

Throughout U.S. history, only 178 electors have ever switched their vote.

The largest contingent of vote switchers occurred in 1872. Sixty-three electors dropped their vote for the Liberal Republican Candidate (yes, that was a party) Horace Greeley. Those 63 electors didn’t necessarily have an issue with Greeley’s policies or behavior; they switched their vote because he died weeks after losing to Grant.

(Interesting side note: Horace Greeley, a “perennial” establishment politician was from Chappaqua, NY, where Hillary Clinton now resides.)

Fast forward to 2016 and talk of “Faithless Electors” is at an all-time high and the electors themselves are feeling the heat thanks to modern communication.

Electors in Georgia who are pledged to Trump, have noted that they are “bombarded with messages” and one elector, Baoky Nguyen Vu has already resigned after saying he cannot bring himself to vote for President-Elect Trump.

Thanks to Mr. Vu’s resignation instead of faithless vote, he has been replaced by an alternate.

In Idaho, the four electors pledge to Trump have stated they have been “recipients of intense public lobbying to abandon Donald Trump.”

Iowa has also seen increased requests for the contact information for their six Trump electors.

Spokesmen from yet another state, Michigan, have commented that they are also being “bombarded” with messages to switch their vote from Trump and Pence.

Even in Tennessee, electors pledged to Trump have received so many “anti-Trump email” that they regard the continued contact as “harassment.”

Despite the intense pressure electors around the nation are receiving, so far, only four have indicated they will vote for a candidate other than the one they are pledged to . . . and two of those electors are pledge to Hillary Clinton.

Two electors in Colorado, a state won by Clinton, had previously stated they are not with her.

In Texas, one elector, Stephen Suprun, has indicated he will be voting for John “Waterworks” Kasich while another, Arthur Sisneros states that “Trump is not biblically qualified for the Presidency.”

With an equal number of defections, Trump is comfortably set to steam roll into Inauguration Day.

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All eyes are on Texas today.

Five cops are dead at the hands of the black radical movement.

The shooters, who appeared to be trained by Call of Duty, with a run-and-gun style, targeted law enforcement as they kept the peace at an illegal “Black Lives Matter” rally.

They made a mistake.

Before I go on, keep in mind that this column is likely to offend most readers.

I can get away with that as, first, I’m a Texan . . . born and raised. I’m also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and . . . least significant in my life, I’m a minority.

Yes, I’m Native American, not in the Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” sense (although my great grandfather insisted the Powhatan Princess is an ancestor), but in a recognized tribe sense, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

With my “right to offend” noted (although no one needs a right to offend . . . it’s fun for all), let’s discuss why the gaggle of black shooters made a mistake last night.

For those who have lived in Texas but stepped out of it long enough to reflect on the state, they know that Texans are straight up crazy as hell.

That’s no joke.

The state slogan, “Don’t Mess with Texas” was a tongue-and-cheek way to take on littering in the 80’s but it should serve as a real, no B.S. warning to anyone stirring up trouble among its residents.

You simply don’t mess with Texas.

Going back to Texas’ roots, a little Mexican named Santa Anna messed with Texas once.

Few Americans are unaware of the story of the Alamo.

In 1836, the Mexican Army marched on the Alamo Mission, which was occupied by around 185 Texians. The world knows the rest of the story, but they may not know the details of what happened next.

Sam Houston and his men turned their anger inward and calmly prepared like an army of psychopaths itching for blood.

When the Texians faced Santa Anna again at San Jacinto, Sam Houston’s men were still outnumbered by 40%, but their lust for revenge doubled their strength.

Knowing ethics don’t apply to war, Houston ordered his men to attack during the Mexican’s afternoon nap-time.

Eighteen minutes later, 650 Mexicans were dead or fatally wounded and the Texas Army was victorious, losing eleven soldiers.

The men who formed the foundation for the Republic of Texas were literally merciless. They shot, hacked, and clubbed the Mexicans as they cried out. Many Mexicans were even drown in their own blood as they attempted to flee across the San Jacinto River.

Santa Anna was found cowering and posing as a low-ranked soldier when one of his men gave him away by saluting.

The Texians stole Santa Anna’s wooden leg, kicked him in his paunchy ass and sent him hobbling back to Mexico to live with his defeat.

The Battle of San Jacinto is one to study if you ever want to mess with Texas.

Clearly, the Dallas shooters never bothered to study that particular history.

While the Black Lives Matter movement can take over cities, illegally gather and obstruct society with fear and intimidation . . . that will never happen in Texas again.

Tolerance for the hate riled up by the BLM movement is over.

While the media and many politicians will attempt to disassociate the BLM movement from the Dallas shooters, they are one in the same.

When you foment hate and advocate violence for another group, you’re responsible for the consequences.

While there are instances in our history were violent acts were justified, the Revolutionary War for example, this is not one of them.

The act that sparked the BLM movement, the Ferguson thug-child who attacked a cop, deserved to get shot, making the entire movement a fraud. That fact is something the lower class and academic members of the black community will never admit.

But in Texas, that will never matter again as the Lone Star State is a very unique place.

Geographically, Texans see them surrounded by drunken Indians and lesbian hippies to the West, fun-yet dumb cousins to the Northeast, and the Cajun swamp dwellers to the East.

To the South is Mexico of course, which outside of border towns, is seen as a docile neighbor (at least when I was growing up).

The perspective above is to make one major point . . . Texans don’t care what other states do, say or act. They are unapologetically independent and take care of their own business without the influence of the national media or national movements.

When racist black men take up arms and kill our peacekeepers under the banner of “Black Lives Matters” there will be no disassociation.

No BLM protester will be able to walk the streets of Dallas to spew hate speech against law enforcement and “whites” without the risk of a solid and deserved beating at the hands of a civilian, veteran or tough Texas chick who has had enough of the racism disguised as outrage.

Last night, Texans were the first in the country to wake up from the politically correct stupor to realize that the black rights movement (regardless of the name), when applied to today’s society is nothing more than an excuse to be a racist.

And if we’re lucky . . . as goes Texas, so goes the nation.

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Paul Ryan

With Congressional approval ratings at a mere 17%, House Speaker Paul Ryan took to the podium yesterday to deliver a speech to boost the spirits of American voters who are “disheartened” by the campaigns for president.

Ryan, delivering his speech to a gaggle of Congressional interns stated, “How many of you find yourself just shaking your head at what you see from both sides? When people distrust politics, they come to distrust institutions. They lose faith in government, and the future, too. We can acknowledge this. But we can’t accept it. And we can’t enable it either.”

There was no indication that Ryan had suffered a brain contusion before his speech, although he may have ridden to work on a short bus.

If delivered in a clear state of mind, there’s only one logical response to the Speaker’s words: “What the f__k?!?”

When was the last time Americans had respect for government institutions? January of 1989?

As far as Congress, it’s arguable that the men and women of this nation have not respected that government institution since 1789 when the Continental Congress held its final session.

If Ryan is referring to any agency of the government . . .

Ask the family of LaVoy Finicum, the protester shot in cold blood by the FBI.

Ask small business owners who struggle for their prosperity due to high taxes and regulation.

Ask wounded veterans who wait for a year or more for life saving treatment.

Ask the agents who used to patrol the border but are now relegated to taking part in the “welcome wagon.”

Ask the millions of Americans trying to figure out how they’ll pay their next outrageous insurance premium.

Do Americans really have faith and trust in the IRS, EPA, BLM, FBI, FCC, DOE, and any scrambling of letters under the government umbrella?

Ryan blindly chalks up the current mood of the nation to the bickering between the presidential candidates, proving he’s been living in a government-funded bubble for far too long.

But we’re talking Paul Ryan. This kid literally grew up in government. He was nearly born into the Establishment.

Taking a Congressional seat at the ripe old age of 29, Ryan only knows government and the halls of Congress.

Ryan’s only job outside of government was selling hot dogs for Oscar Mayer. Little Paulie even got to drive the Wienermobile once.

Although the Speaker studied the solid works of Hayek, Mises and Milton Friedman, those lessons have clearly faded judging by his actions as a leader within government.

Paul Ryan is a man who needs to take a long walk outside of Washington and wake up from his government-induced stupor to realize that our Institutions have jumped the shark and Americans are standing by with hair-triggers looking for a reason to pursue the words of our founders:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

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Neocon Traitors

This was not expected.

While the GOP Establishment is up in arms and raiding the pockets of billionaire backers to stop Trump (with little impact), the Bush faction of neo-conservatives who brought us preemptive warfare in the form of the Iraq War are going on record to boldly state they would back Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Eliot Cohen, a former official with the Department of State under George W. Bush is leading the revolt and has organized an open letter of over 100 foreign policy “experts” to motivate political insiders of the Republican Party to do all they can to dump Trump.

Cohen went so far as to tell Politico, “Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin . . . [Trump would be] an unmitigated disaster of American foreign policy.”

Cohen was backed by a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Max Boot, who said, “I’m literally losing sleep over Donald Trump . . . She [Hillary] would be vastly preferable to Trump.”

Other signers of the letter organized by Cohen include Condoleezza Rice, Robert Zoellick and a “who’s who” gaggle of foreign policy experts.

The letter is a clear sign that Trump has ruffled the feathers of not just the GOP insiders but the actual government establishment that is typically silent on presidential elections.

These same signers have handed over massive trade advantages to China, Japan and Mexico while destabilizing the Middle East through foreign intervention and preemptive warfare under the false threat posed by weapons of mass destruction.

For these Bush appointees and general lackeys to come out in favor of Hillary Clinton gives the public a rare glimpse into the hearts and minds of neoconservatives.

They correctly realize that their days of influence are over in the event of a Trump presidency and the countless deals they have made with other nations, to the detriment of the American citizen, will be unraveled by a “reckless” Trump administration.

Rather than give an outsider like Donald Trump a chance, they would rather vote in a known, corrupt politician like Hillary Clinton who laughs off her responsibility to national security while still under investigation by the FBI.

Not only will Hillary prove to be a disaster in foreign relations, the nation will be held hostage by the Clinton’s proven record of massive corruption and hypocrisy.

For Cohen and his ilk to even consider elevating Hillary to the rank of POTUS is something that should never be forgotten as it will serve as the death knell of the neoconservative movement.

The word “neoconservative” will be unequivocally synonymous with “traitor.”

Of note is Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, who served as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR is a group of bankers, government officials and politicians who advance a globalist agenda.

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During my obligatory annual visit to the Conservative Political Action Conference, I managed to avoid the crowds of thousands of pretentious and privileged college kids by bolting directly to the elevators and heading to a working suite to visit with old friends.

Over the years, I’ve learned that CPAC was one of two things for most people: an annual reunion of right-of-center politicos and consultants or an alcohol-infused carnival for college aged kids who are eager to become the next talking head on Fox News. The later have become more and more overwhelming over the years.

After safely making it to the suite without having to endure a single political discussion (a first!), the news of Donald Trump’s snub had echoed to the 9th floor of the Gaylord, the hotel where the American Conservative Union has hosted CPAC for the last several years.

Friday morning, Donald Trump announced he would be campaigning in New Orleans and Wichita rather than attend the gathering of 10,000 on Saturday morning.

The move was a smart one as he drew a crowd of 25,000 supporters rather than play to a crowd of coalition conservatives who largely support establishment candidates.

But that wasn’t the real reason why the billionaire frontrunner made the call to skip out on the year’s premier event for conservative insiders and thousands of their ideological fanboys.

On Thursday evening, a boatload of Cruz Kids attending the event decided they were going to organize a walkout during Trump’s speech.

The plan for the anti-Trump youngsters was to get to the room early, get good seats that the camera’s could not miss, then pull the old “about face” and walk out while chanting for their candidate of the hour.

The rumor that 1,000 of the CPAC kids were planning to crash Donald’s speech hit Trump’s trusted few who were there in advance of the event and once they caught wind of the organized walkout, the candidate decided to pull the plug.

Rather than ruffle feathers over the no-show like Marco Rubio did with his non-commitment (that lead to an uncomfortable back and forth with the American Conservative Union), Trump managed to exit as gracefully as possible.

The move was a “win” for the Cruz Camp in that they had the opportunity to own the weekend at the National Harbor, but in the end, it was a blip in the news and meaningless to Trump’s supporters.

As for the Cruz Kids, they appeared to be disappointed by their lost opportunity to get in front of the camera, too fledgling in their political careers to realize they had actually done Donald Trump a favor by giving him an excuse to land his plane in the states that matter rather than giving opportunity to his opposition.

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Libertarian Party

If you’re going to mount an independent or third party run, the easiest way to do it is by stealing the ballot access of the Libertarian Party . . . or that’s what the GOP Establishment may think.

The LP is the third largest political party and is on track to have their presidential candidate on the ballots of 48 to 50 states in November.

Last week, anti-Trump GOP donors commissioned a study on the requirements for an independent run. The Florida firm who conducted the study, Data Targeting, had a memo leak that concluded, “it is possible to mount an independent candidacy but [it] will require immediate action on the part of this core of key funding and strategic players.”

Essentially, it was an optimistic, “we’re screwed.”

An independent candidate would need over 450,000 signatures of voters just to be on the ballot in 11 states.

Rather than spend millions of dollars on an attempt to get a candidate on the ballot that could challenge Donald Trump, it appears the GOP Establishment has been caught trying to steal the ballot access of the Libertarian Party.

With the permission of the LP, data experts dove into their anonymous Web site traffic to find that, within the last week, visitors have been searching for “Libertarian Party,” hitting, and signing up as members.

The party has received more sustained traffic in the last week than it had seen since October of 2012.

The party has also confirmed that they have had more new members join the party within the last seven days than at any time since 2008.

Unlike the Republican and Democrat parties, the LP requires a minimum donation of $25 to become a member of the party. New members must also sign a pledge tied to the principles of the party.

There are no active, new member acquisition campaigns under way by the LP, and the existing presidential candidates have driven few visitors to the site.

Why would the Establishment drive people to join the LP?

That’s easy . . . to stack the convention and nominate their own candidate.

They can’t compete with Donald Trump, so they have to find another route to maintain their power.

The Libertarians hold their presidential nominating convention on May 27th in Orlando, Florida.

While 1,047 delegates may attend the convention and choose their nominee, historically, only 600 or so Libertarians show up to vote . . . and few are registered to attend right now.

That leaves room for a hostile takeover of the party.

To become a delegate, you have to raise your hand and be selected by a state party to attend . . . you don’t even have to be a member of the national party, but most don’t realize that.

Prospective delegates can even show up at the convention, request to be included in a delegation and be voted in by a state.

Delegate requirements are loose if you can pass the purity suspicions of other Libertarians.

In previous discussions of bylaws changes, party officials considered adding in a “takeover” provision that would require delegates to be members for a period of time, but the change was shot down due to its lack of inclusiveness.

The GOP Establishment, which has openly discussed a “third party option”, could reasonably take over the Libertarian Party . . . and destroy it in one fell swoop.

If the GOP Elites, never being known for their political intelligence, were to nominate Mitt Romney, Rubio or some other establishment candidate using the Libertarian’s ballot line, it would all but guarantee that Hillary Clinton would be our next president.

Libertarian Party leaders would be wise to fill their delegate slots with as many “known” libertarians as possible before GOP donors do it for them.

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GOP Establishment

Rather than put efforts into unifying the party and taking on the growing threat from presumptive DNC nominee Hillary Clinton, the GOP Establishment and its donors have decided to place its full focus into destroying Donald Trump.

The move is literally insane, but not unexpected coming from the same people who bowed down to Obama on so many occasions just to motivate voters on Election Day.

The Establishment is nuts.

This morning, Tim Miller took to the cable networks to brand Trump as a racist for not denouncing David Duke and the KKK, despite Trump doing so repeatedly without equivocation.

Toothy Tim Miller is the former communications director for Jeb Bush and the new spokesman for the anti-Trump super PAC, Our Principles PAC.

The PAC was funded by establishment backers Meg Whitman, and billionaires Todd Rickets and Paul Singer. Singer is a hedge fund manager and major donor to Republicans.

The clear strategy is to tag Trump with a “racist” label and disqualify him for the presidential nomination through convention parliamentary antics.

That strategy is suicidal against Hillary who will be provided with an endless amount of ammunition against Trump in the General Election.

You can hear Hillary now, behind the podium and backed by a minority crowd, “His own people . . . RESPECTED REPUBLICANS . . . say Trump is a racist!”

Our Principles PAC will spend heavily to brand Trump with the political death label “racist”, but in turn will give Hillary and every Democrat candidate running in 2016 and beyond the ability to label the entire Republican field as belonging to the “party of racism and bigotry.”

And that’s the plan of the GOP Establishment.

They will use the tactics of “white guilt” against their own delegates and force them to make this decision: Nominate a racist and watch the ENTIRE party die, or dump Trump and carry on with business as usual.

Make no mistake, the members of the Establishment are so desperate to maintain their power within the GOP that they’re willing to not only burn their own party, but elect Hillary Clinton as our next president.

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Following President Elect Donald Trump’s press conference, documentary film maker Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC to say about Trump, “It was a masterful performance....