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Shane Cory

Shane Cory
Shane Cory is the Editor of Liberty News Now. A husband and father, Shane is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been involved in politics, publishing and marketing for the past fifteen years. He has served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee and Project Veritas.

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The corporate media is downplaying the most significant turn of events to take place since President Trump took office.

Here it is:

An agency of the United States government targeted a top level Executive Branch appointee to discredit him and force his resignation . . . and they succeeded.

In case you missed it, retired Army three-star general, Michael Flynn, was serving as Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Before taking his position within the Trump administration, Flynn spoke with a Russian Ambassador regarding Obama-imposed sanctions.

Regardless of whether or not the conversation was inappropriate, Flynn misled Vice President Pence about the conversation.

Not a cool thing to do and Flynn resigned after details about the conversation were leaked to the press.

In the four paragraphs above, the key phrase is “leaked to the press.”

Someone within America’s intelligence apparatus not only spied on a U.S. citizen, buy they leaked details of the wire-tapped conversation to the press in order to damage the Office of the Presidency.

What . . . the . . . –ck?

On Tuesday morning following his resignation the night before, Flynn took to the cable networks to explain that the wiretapping and leaks were illegal.

While the leaks were clear violations of security, unfortunately the wiretapping was PERFECTLY legal.

We brought this upon ourselves.

Back in 2007, George Bush pushed for an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Falling in line of the Orwellian naming conventions of the government, the amendment was called the “Protect America Act of 2007.”

The Act eased restrictions on our wiretapping and cyber-spying activities by changing the law to require only one party of a conversation to be located overseas.

And get this; if a conversation between two Americans takes place within U.S. borders, but goes through a foreign router or switchboard, then . . . boom . . . the government can totally spy on that conversation.

So Flynn’s conversation with a Russian Ambassador was perfectly in line with the regulations of FISA.

Many Americans think, “I’m not a terrorist so I’m not worried about it.”

What happened to Mike Flynn should change that thinking forever.

If rogue intelligence agents can spy on a top-level administration official . . . more importantly, the National Security Advisor . . . what do you think they could do to you?

If you live in the D.C. area, you should live in fear.

Cut off an employee of the NSA on 395 and they can get to work, grab their coffee, look up your plate numbers, route your emails through a router in Norway, and you’re privacy is shot.

Big user of Social Media and use a hashtag like #lifefreeordie? You can be grouped into a pool of “domestic terrorists” and have your communications monitored (similar scenarios have happened).

Make no mistake; the lack of privacy at the hands of the government turns them from servants of society to overseers of the unwashed masses.

It’s time to repeal with Protect America Act of 2007 and give privacy back to Americans.

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Several American citizens remain captive overseas by hostile groups and governments around the world.

Unlike the hordes of criminal immigrants within the borders of the United States, our Americans being held overseas committed . . . at most . . . minor offences, if anything.

Twenty-two year old American, Otto Frederick Warmbier, is doing hard labor in a North Korea prison camp and is only one year into his 15-year sentence.

His crime? The University of Virginia student attempted to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel as a “trophy” for his student trip.

While Otto is likely being starved and forced to work in a harsh and cold prison, the United Nations is seeking $28.2 million from the United States to assist North Korea.

The funds would be in addition to $122 million the United Nations is providing the DPRK . . . and make no mistake, the United States Taxpayer is footing the bill for that $122 million as well.

North Korea and the United Nations are requesting the “emergency” funds due to massive flooding that killed at least 138 people and impacted 140,000 people.

Call me cold-hearted, but tough shit. That’s not our problem.

Our concern remains with Otto Frederick Warmbier.

One American man is worth the lives of 140,000 North Koreans.

While Otto made a poor decision to even visit North Korea, he is nothing more than a political prisoner being held by the chubby kid who currently leads the Hermit Nation.

Thirty-three year old Kim Jung-un is the “Supreme Leader” of North Korea and the obese child of MC Hammer wannabe Kim Jong-Il.

In between his obsession over a collection of pornography (reportedly the world’s largest), Kim Jong-Il was busy ignoring the basic needs of his people who were starving in the mud.

When Kim Jong-Il died in 2011, his youngest son took the helm with the only difference between the two being their personal obsessions. While the father was obsessed with Hollywood and porn, the son is interested in video games and basketball.

Both father and son share their irrational hatred of the United States.

When an opportunity arose to imprison a young American man, Kim Jung-un pounced on it knowing that President Obama would do nothing and the hostile act would been seen as a victory for North Korea.

A year later, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Donald Trump.

If Trump walks the walk he has promised voters, Kim Jong-un would be wise to clean Otto up, put him on the next first class flight to America and give him the sign he stole with an autograph that says, “Sorry Donald, here’s your boy back.”

To send a Tweet to President Trump asking him to cut funding to the UN until Otto is freed, just click here.

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Don't buy the revisionist history.

From the 1900’s to the 1930’s, armed conflicts between corporations and workers erupted across several states that became known as the “Coal Wars.”

The most famous battle of the Coal Wars occurred in Logan County, West Virginia in 1921. It was called the Battle of Blair Mountain.

It started with a simple spark, as most conflicts tend to do.

Armed agents working for the Stone Mountain Coal Company evicted a woman from her home. The woman, her children and their belongings were tossed out in the rain . . . at gunpoint.

The town’s Police Chief didn’t take too kindly to the actions of the company thugs and confronted them. The men, acting on the authority of the coal company, were bold enough to tell the Police Chief that they had a warrant for his arrest.

The Chief took a look at the supposed warrant, claimed it was bogus and a gunfight broke out.

The Police Chief was Sid Hatfield . . . as in the Hatfields of West Virginia.

For those familiar with the infamous Hatfield family, it’s no surprise that the agents of the Baldwin-Felts detective agency didn’t make it out alive.

The town’s mayor, an ally of Hatfield and the coal miners was also killed in the skirmish.

Tensions escalated to the point that Sid Hatfield (who became known as Smilin’ Sid) converted the murdered mayor’s jewelry store into a gun shop and then deputized and armed the mineworkers.

Months later, Baldwin-Felts agents caught up with Sid Hatfield on the steps of a courthouse and gunned him down in front of his own wife.

To no surprise, total war broke out within days.

13,000 armed and angry coal miners faced a private army of 3,000 men backed by the county sheriff.

The “law enforcement” side, which was really funded by coal companies, was armed with machine guns and even a ram-shackle air force that dropped leftover WWI bombs and chemical weapons on the miners.

The battle was broken up days later when President Harding sent in federal troops.

Fast-forward another decade and yet another storm was brewing between corporations and miners in Kentucky that became known as the Harlan County War.

The conflict smoldered for years until government stepped in.

Led by Franklin Roosevelt who was struggling through the Great Depression and a Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate, the feds swooped in with sweeping changes.

First the 73rd Congress guaranteed collective bargaining rights for workers (creating even more problems and the Union Wars).

Then in 1934, three years into the Harlan County War, Congress passed the National Firearms Act that applied a $200 “tax stamp” on automatic weapons, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors, destructive devices and other “concealable” weapons.

The NFA originally included pistols.

While revisionist history claims that the NFA was created as a result of Prohibition Era violence, specifically the St. Valentines Massacre that occurred in 1929 (two Thompson sub-machine guns were used in the crime), that narrative was created so the government could have a “bad guy” to blame.

The real threat taking place was one to the government and well-heeled corporations.

America’s working population was made up of tens of millions of military veterans who had been hardened by World War I.

While these men returned from the Great War with peace in mind, they came home to robber barons and corporations that were enslaving the working class while the government sided with those who had the most money.

The federal government’s top priority was make sure that WWI veterans would never have access to more firepower than the government could deploy while giving corporations the ability to defend themselves from their workers . . . hence the $200 tax stamp (in today’s dollars, $3,658).

Citizens were disarmed, the Mafia boogeyman was blamed and the government was kept safe from its own people.

In 2017, the National Fireams Act of 1934 remains in full effect.

Legislation that was created to disarm working class Americans and required them to be controlled by wealthy “masters” and the government is an offensive remnant of history and deserves repeal.

Today, veterans returning from the War on Terror are demanding the full repeal of the NFA.

A petition created by these veterans on the White House’s site to repeal the NFA is waiting for your signature.

And please, comment below.

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Prepare to die!

The headline blazed across the Drudge Report today, “’Leftist Fight Club’ trains students to beat up Republicans.”

A student group at the University of Central Florida, “Knights for Socialism” held an event to teach leftist snowflakes how to “Protect yourself” from the Alt-Right “menace.”

The event called “Bash the Fash” was put together “in response to the record number of hate crimes against Latinos, Immigrants, Muslims, Women, the LGBTQIA+ community (this author has no clue what those extra letters mean), Jews, African Americans and other minorities since the rise of Donald Trump and other Alt-Right Neo-Nazis.”

The group’s Chairman, Dylan Tyer, of course provided no facts to back up his statement above.

However, they did bring in an amateur boxer from Florida to teach them how to punch their way out of a wet paper sack.

Following instruction from the boxer, clinic attendees were encouraged to spar with each other.

According to an anonymous source, the class took a turn for the worse when a three hundred pound, very angry lesbian then proceeded to strip down to a pair of boxers shorts and beat the daylights out of Dylan and other male attendees until campus police broke up the melee.

[Okay, so the lesbian hulk story isn’t true but I’m practicing for my interview with CNN’s newsroom].

The event initially excluded Republicans but according to the Knights of Socialism’s Facebook page, a “bonafide white nationalist Republican” showed up and attended the event.

This student group learning how to fight isn’t the first report of violence preparation coming from the left.

Shortly following the election of Donald Trump, reports emerged of liberals rushing to gun stores to buy weapons along with a new interest from the left in stockpiling food and other supplies.

A Facebook group created in December called “Liberal Preppers” was started to “discuss learn and share” prepping techniques. The group quickly grew a small following, but their posts so far are on free access to art in Chicago and how to repurpose an old window to display family photos – yeah, no joke.

Judging by the their efforts so far, it appears those alt-leftists who are preparing for a fight will take a bit longer before they pose a threat to everyday Americans.

Sadly, they are also proving that in the event they actually had to rely on themselves for defense, food, and shelter in the event of a disaster . . . they’re screwed.

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A Fourth of July Party at the U.S. Embassy in London held for diplomats and their close friends -- tab went to the U.S. Taxpayers

The United States Department of State has a problem.

The isolated employees of this government agency that serves as the face of America across the world appears to have their own agenda regardless of who is serving in the White House.

A “dissent cable” is being reported widely within the corporate media and has garnered 1,000 signers of State Department employees . . . and it’s still being circulated.

The letter started in an office in Washington, D.C. then electronically shuffled its way around the world, showing up in one embassy after another.

The Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) document is reproduced in full below.

The memo, while written in a standard government format that is difficult to understand due to overuse of acronyms and “inside talk” essentially vents about the Executive Order signed by President Trump.

The order temporarily blocked refugees from seven hostile nations.

Standing out within the document is its emotional tone that is designed to invoke sympathy for non-Americans. The memo recalls an Iranian boy whose parents had spent $6,000 on a trip to NASA who asked, “Can I not go because I am Iranian?”

Other sob stories told by State Department employees included an Iranian couple who were traveling to see their son who was dying of cancer in the United States, and another Iranian man, married to an American who wanted to travel to see the birth of his child.

The author of the sensitive document, along with its 1,000 signers clearly place the personal interests of foreign nationals over the security of the United States.

But it’s nothing new.

The “dissent channel” has existed within the United States Department of State since the Vietnam War.

It is an unusual method to voice complaints and resolve conflicts that creates confusion abroad and discontent at home as the internal memos are nearly always leaked.

In June of 2016, 51 American diplomats circulated a similar dissent cable critical of President Obama’s Syrian policy and called for “bombing” within the war-torn nation. The bombing runs were promoted by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The corporate media of course buried that story.

Fast forward just four days, and President Trump’s discussions with foreign leaders were leaked to the press and offered in a way to embarrass the new president.

The Drudge Report blared with the headline. “Trump Threatens Troops in Mexico” while another story recalled a tense discussion with the Australian Prime Minster over Syrian refugees.

Who would have had access to these transcripts?

Employees of the Department of State.

Who leaked them? Take a guess.

Diplomats and their many employees and assistants, paid for by American taxpayers, have for many decades taken a “let’s all get along for a better world” mentality rather than doing what they are paid to do which is placing America’s interests above all else.

Compromise appears to be their only solution as they mingle with their well-healed foreign counterparts; attend their cocktail parties and treat any foreigner with power as close as family.

The loyalty of these entrenched diplomats appears to stop at the borders of their own nation.

It’s time for President of the United States to clean house and terminated the jobs and contracts of anyone and everyone working for the Department of State. Their institutional knowledge is best forgotten and replaced with the acumen of American business leaders who have had no other choice but to deal with foreign nations fairly yet firmly.

Incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is the example of the type of diplomat America needs at this point in time.

For far too long, our nation has served as not only the World’s Police Force, but the wealthy, dumb uncle that everyone takes advantage of.

One-by-one, Trump can take pleasure in marching in every State Department employee . . . down to the last secretary . . . and repeating the words, “You’re fired.”

“Dissent Cable” printed below.

Subject: Visa Applicants at Consulate General Dubai Seek Clarification on Executive Order
1. (SBU) Begin summary. For the second consecutive day, pursuant to official guidance from Consular Affairs on the President’s January 27 Executive Order (EO) on Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals, Consulate General (CG) Dubai canceled over 180 visa interviews on January 30. Consular officers once again staffed the security checkpoint at the Consular Services Entrance and personally provided letters explaining the appointment cancellations to over 50 Iranian nonimmigrant visa (NIV) applicants; consular staff also informed several Legal Permanent Residents and immigrant visa beneficiaries who had not yet entered the United States about the EO. Consular officers witnessed significant frustration and confusion, especially among the mostly Iranian NIV applicant pool, as they relayed and explained the new policy. End summary.
2. (SBU) Several green card and immigrant visa holders sought clarification on their ability to travel to the United States. An Iraqi man, who previously obtained a Special Immigrant Visa for his work as an interpreter with the U.S. Army in Iraq, provided a letter of recommendation from the U.S. military and said, “I just don’t know what to do.” Another young Iraqi man with an approved immigrant visa, accompanied by his Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) mother, inquired as to whether he or she could travel to the United States. An Iranian green card holder expressed concern that the 90 day suspension would affect her LPR status.
3. (SBU) Over half of the Iranian NIV applicants appeared for their canceled January 30 appointments, despite Consulate General Dubai’s GSS contractor having informed them on January 29 of their appointment cancellation. [Note: While NIV appointments for January 30 included applicants from the other six countries affected by the EO, none appeared at the consulate for their interview. CG Dubai’s GSS Contractor notified all applicants affected by the EO of the interview cancellations via email and text message. End Note] Many applicants lamented the financial burdens incurred in traveling from Iran to Dubai for an interview that had been canceled. One couple said that they had waited for over six months for their appointment date; they expressed concern about the difficulty of rescheduling if the ban is lifted.
4. (SBU) Several applicants were elderly parents trying to visit their children in the United States. One Iranian woman stated, “I haven’t seen my daughter in two years. I was going to meet my new grandchild. I pray this all gets situated. We were hoping we could have been interviewed and have our cases put on hold. Then we would have felt that we had made some sort of progress.” Another Iranian applicant accompanied by his wife and daughter complained about “the arbitrariness” of the EO. He stated, “Tell President Trump that my government is the terrorist, but we the people are not terrorists.”
5. (SBU) Applicants became extremely emotional while interacting with consular officers, believing that the recent reports of a judicial stay on the EO applied to them. An Iranian man with a pregnant American citizen wife in the United States pleaded, “Please, can I just go see the birth of my child? Is there any exception? I will have to have my wife come to Iran for the birth. I want to be there to see my child.” Another Iranian couple said that they were traveling to care for their dying son in the United States, stating, “By the time the ban is lifted, my son is going to be dead from cancer.”
6. (SBU) A thirteen-year old Iranian boy also came to the Consulate to inquire about the validity of his previously issued U.S. NIV. He said that his parents had paid $6,000 for an upcoming school trip to NASA. He asked, “I heard about the Presidential order. Can I not go because I am Iranian?”
7. (SBU) CG Dubai is still inundated with Iranian NIV applicants, green card holders, and immigrant visa holders affected by the EO who are seeking clarification and explanations. Post believes that communication challenges reaching individuals inside Iran mean that applicants are not receiving appointment cancellation notifications from Post’s GSS contractor and continue to travel to Dubai to attend their visa appointments. CG Dubai will continue to deploy consular officers to directly engage with those who have questions or complaints about interview cancellations or bars on U.S. travel. CG Dubai seeks updated talking points on how the EO impacts legal permanent residents seeking to return to the United States and dual nationals of countries of concern.

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While nostalgic Americans will cringe at the thought of cutting out a government operation that has been broadcasting “freedom” for 75 years, the time may have passed for Voice of America (VOA) as a government-funded institution.

VOA is America’s propaganda network for the rest of the world. It is one arm of the “Broadcasting Board of Governors” (BBG), which is funded by a $751 million allocation that is approved each year by Congress.

VOA’s budget is $218.5 million of the $751 million each year.

The BBG’s stated goals using Voice of America contains talking points like:

Countering Russian Aggression in Europe and Around the Globe
Invest in Africa’s Future
Deepen Cooperation in the Americas
And “International Order”

How do they do this?

Through Voice of America, that claims over 2,500 affiliate stations and a weekly viewing audience of 236 million, they mix popular culture of each nation’s interests with “American” news.

However, dependent upon the partisan interests of any given administration, the definition of “American” varies greatly.

They have been accused of airing interviews that serve as recruitment tools for terrorists and regularly report on issues such as “Black Lives Matter” and liberal protests.

A headline on VOANews.com just this week directed viewers to a segment of an interview on the “90 Day Travel Ban” that interviews a Somali presidential candidate and others with a sympathetic view.

VOA then aired the complaints of the Muslim group, CAIR.

What began as a voice of freedom to the world through a form of propaganda, has turned into a taxpayer-funded voice of dissent against American policy objectives.

Time to defund?

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Are they controlling you?

During a quiet Sunday evening, I thumbed through my Instagram feed to find an image of a button that read, “No Nazis, No KKK, No Racist USA.” The three lines where followed by an upside down American flag – the sign of distress.

The man who posted the button, Canadian Chef and celebrity among hipsters and millennials, Matty Matheson, threw in the hastags, #IFTHISUPSETSYOU #URARACIST.


A photo posted by MATTY MATHESON (@mattymatheson) on

While I’m not one to engage in back-and-forth flame wars on social media, I had to go off on this guy . . . to the point that he had to post a video of himself visibly upset and asking “racists” to unfollow him.


A video posted by MATTY MATHESON (@mattymatheson) on

The happily obese chef, who has a show on Viceland, then blocked my Instragram account to prevent future humiliation.

While the exchange and Matheson’s reaction was all fun and good, the reaction of the chef and his followers was eye-opening.

These people truly believe that if you disagree with their unjustified hatred of Trump, America, White people, etc., you are an unabashed racist.

Not to pull out my own race card, but I’m Native American . . . a card-carrying tribal member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

While I could easily throw on an eagle’s feather, grow a ponytail and start crying about the historical oppression of “my people” the truth is my bloodline has never affected my life.

I, like any other minority, am responsible for my own success and my own failures.

Having been raised in an integrated society where race really was a non-issue (growing up I attended an “all black” high school and didn’t think anything of it), to be labeled a racist without justification will make your blood boil the first time it happens.

But upon the 139th time you’re called a racist, you consider the source, take a step back and realize that using the “R” word is simply a tactic by the left to control and silence opposition.

While the tactic is not new, since the election of Donald Trump, the racism tactic is being used on the onset of nearly every disagreement.

As Matty Matheson stated through his use of hashtags, “If this upsets you, you’re a racist.”

But the Left’s overuse and abuse of the racist label, like oversaturation of any sort, has lost its power.

For those who have seen the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, you may recall a scene were the sympathetic villain, Bane, stands before a slimy corporate executive.

Bane asks the suited man, “Do you feel in charge?”

The corporate executive sheepishly responds, “I’ve paid you a small fortune.”

Bane boldly responds, “And this gives you power over me?”

Applying the liberal “racist” tactic to that scene, it would go like this:

Bane asks the outraged liberal, “Do you feel in charge?”

The snowflake sheepishly responds, “bu, bu, but, I’ve called you a racist.”

Bane boldly responds, “And this gives you power over me?”

The left has lost its ability to debate because it refuses to trade in facts and reasonable policy arguments; instead it pedals intimidation tactics, and now, violence.

While we don’t have to snap anyone’s neck like Bane would do, recognize that these ultimate insults are designed to control you, but in reality, have no power over your freedom of speech or expression.

Feel free to comment below.

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In one of his last-minute, rushed acts, President Obama commuted the sentence of traitor, criminal and general nutcase, Bradley Manning.

And no, I won’t give this freak the courtesy of calling him “Chelsea” – he’s a dude and makes and an even uglier woman.

My personal disdain for Manning came after researching a story about his acts a few years ago.

Nothing has changed aside from the tempo of his shrills from behind federal bars in Quantico, Virginia

And Barack Obama fell for it.

Just to recap, Bradley Manning was an Army intelligence analyst as an enlisted soldier.

He was openly gay but also clearly mentally unstable. Before his deployment to Iraq in 2009, his commanders questioned his mental state and ability to deploy, but did so anyway due to a shortage of manpower.

As troops were deployed and fighting the enemy, Manning released three-quarters of a million documents containing sensitive and secret information to the world via WikiLeaks.

Why did he do this? Likely because he had a crush on Julian Assange and believed “she could be herself” in his chats online with someone assumed to be Assange.

For a comparison, Edward Snowden leaked evidence of the government committing crimes and spying on its own people. Snowden attempted to follow whistleblower procedures but was ignored.

Manning, betrayed the nation as a “brief respite from isolation and anxiety.”

He literally had no reason to release those documents other than that it gave him personal pleasure.

No joke.

But to show the true, demented personality of Manning, my mind always goes back to an incident he initiated as an Army solider.

Before his arrest, Manning assaulted a woman, Specialist Showman.

The incident was witness by an Army Captain who walked in to see Manning pinned to the ground by Showman, who had been attacked and hit by Manning.

For whatever reason, Manning decided it was cool to hit a woman (soldier or not) and then, his puny butt was pinned to the ground by the girl he attacked.

Manning’s defense attorneys used that incident to blame the Army, saying that if the military had discharged him at that time of “emotional instability” the treason would not have occurred.


Now that it’s more than established that Manning is a dangerous nut that belongs behind bars, the question remains, why would Obama pardon the man?

Who knows, maybe Obama has a crush on little Chelsea and her blonde locks.

We’ll never know, but hopefully a President Trump or Attorney General Sessions can find a way to keep Manning behind bars.

Comment below.

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You would think that the best thing for a generation of “snowflakes” would be spending a few months in Marine Corps Boot Camp.

But four Marine Drill Instructors, SSgt Burke, SSgt Bacchus, SSgt Lucena-Martinez and Sgt Gress may feel differently after their experience with a recent platoon.

The men face arraignment today on criminal charges.

As a Marine veteran myself, and not one of those grizzled, salty, “back in my day” types, reading through the list of allegations left me saddened at the general decline of “hardness” and the lack of adventure in millennials.

Before getting into the allegations against these drill instructors, let me back up a bit and explain why there was an investigation.

Last March, Pvt Raheel Sidiqqui died after falling from a third-story landing. Sidiqqui was supposedly running away from a drill instructor.

The private’s family petitioned the Obama White House for an investigation following the young man’s death, and the investigation was granted (which I believe is reasonable).

However, the investigative process, especially in the Marine Corps, is an exhaustive process that looks for ANY wrongdoing and punishes those actions beyond reason.

Essentially, because of a tragic accident in which Pvt Sidiqqui died while improperly running from a drill instructor, four men will, at least, have their careers ruined.

So let’s discuss the allegations of misconduct outside of Sidiqqui’s accident.

Allegation 1: A number recruits complained that they had been forced to do “illegal calisthenics.”

First, all calisthenics should be illegal if you ask me. They suck. I don’t know what in the hell an “illegal callisthenic” is, but I was probably the victim of them daily in boot camp and never knew it.

Allegation 2: Recruits complained of being forced to do pushups and burpees, on a “dirty dungeon” floor and breathed-in dust.

F’ing please. That’s all I want to say about that. But to assuage any millennial sympathizers who may be reading this column, let me tell you about Sgt Moran.

This lean, 6’3” man with skin as dark as a witch’s soul was my Senior Drill Instructor. Moran was so intimidating, the devil himself would run from him, stumble and fall off a balcony.

There was no pleasing Sgt Moran . . . on anything . . . ever. He was a man so possessed by perfection that my fellow 63 platoon members and me became perfect in the eyes of the Marine Corps . . . but never in the eyes of Moran.

My platoon, 2103, swept every competition and training exercise against other platoons. Every . . . single . . . one. And the competition was not close.

When we graduated boot camp and became Marines, the level of training we received served all of us well.

How did Moran turn pimply teens into smart, professional warriors?

He beat our asses into the ground every moment of the day.

In the Marine Corps, there’s drill, exercise, running and then there’s “getting bent.”

Basically when you screw up, there’s a drill instructor there, in a low and slow voice, expressing disappointment and telling one or all of us to move our butts into a sand pit or the center of a squad bay, a sidewalk, the middle of a dentist’s office, or out of a chow line, to do “illegal calisthenics” until in his judgment, we learned our lessons.

In the eyes of Sgt Moran, we screwed up a lot, and I can say today, I’m a better man for it.

So again, an allegation of abuse based upon a dirty floor? Yeah . . . f’ing please.

Allegation 3: Drill instructors were accused of putting recruits in industrial-sized dryers and turning them on.

While others may be likely appalled by this allegation, I can deduce that this recruit did something stupid to get himself wet. So the DI obliged and allowed the recruit to dry himself off – otherwise, it was just plain fun.

Despite what Hollywood portrays, Marine Corps DI’s are professionals. It is highly unlikely that they will strike or harm any recruit. Their job, and they do care about their results, is to mold young men into Marines. If a recruit needs to be dried out to make that happen and no harm is done, so be it.

Allegation 4: A Muslim recruit was regularly called a “terrorist” by drill instructors.

I don’t care who you are, that’s just freaking hilarious . . . unless you’re a terrorist.

There’s no place for political correctness in Marine Corps boot camp. I had two drill instructors, two were black and two were white and all four of them were equal opportunity offenders.

While there were no direct racial slurs, Mexicans were told they could go back to picking oranges and mowing lawns, the Korean recruit was reminded regularly that Marines likely killed his northern family, and the poor effeminate white kid was forced to wear his underwear on his head at night.

But the black kids? They got it the worst . . . by the black drill instructors.

These muscled-up inner-city black recruits should have been able to physically run circles around their pudgy brothers, but all too often, they would feign exhaustion and generally slack off . . . and by the end of the hour, Sgt Moran had them in tears, regretting their decision to ever leave the hood.

So yeah, “terrorist”, that’s funny.

Allegation 5: A drill instructor saw a picture of a recruit’s sister, said she was “hot” and forced him to log into Facebook so he could meet her – although he never did.

In the everyday pansy world most Americans currently live in, this sounds totally inappropriate. In the world of Marine Corps Boot Camp, I argue that it’s encouraged behavior.

While everyone hears of how physically challenging boot camp is, the reality is that after the first month or so, your body can take any abuse that’s thrown at it. It still hurts, but you’re given the rest and food to recover each night.

The real challenge is mental . . . because war is mental hell.

Marines must be faced with situations that make them scared, doubtful, furious and depressed. Like your body, your emotions and mental capacity must be pushed to the brink to earn the coveted “Marine” title.

Messing with your family, calling your mother ugly and your dog cute is fair game in the Marine Corps.

Sadly, those allegations will likely stick on these Marine Corps drill instructors and they’ll be forced to resign or worse.

A travesty of equal consequence is that the recruits who lodged these complaints and went on to become Marines are still serving with the entitlement that they were somehow wronged.

The true injustice is that they have not suffered the trials and challenges to earn the title, “Marine.”

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During a presidential debate in 2011, Rick Perry made an unforced error when he tried to explain three government agencies he would eliminate. While gesturing to Ron Paul, the Texas Governor stumbled saying, “It’s three agencies of government, when I get there that are gone, commerce, education, and the . . . umm . . . what’s the third one there, let’s see.”

The Perrynator later explained, “It was Energy!”

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Showing that the Presidential Transition Team has a sense of humor, multiple sources are telling the media that Rick Perry has been picked to head the Department of Energy.

While Perry may be a good pick for the DOE’s responsibility in regulating domestic energy production – specifically the regulation-loving Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), voters may not be comfortable handing Perry the keys to the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

The Department of Energy does what it implies, regulating energy, but is also responsible for nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, energy conservation, radioactive waste and for some reason, the largest body of research in genomics.

Perry an Eagle Scout who graduated Texas A&M with a bachelors in Animal Science, went on to become a C-130 pilot in the Air Force.

After finishing his service in 1977, he went home to Texas to farm cotton with his father.

When the future governor entered politics in 1984, he was elected to the Texas statehouse . . . as a democrat, voting for a $5.7 BILLION tax increase.

By 1989, Perry switched parties and starting hanging out with Karl “turdblossom” Rove who went on to be his campaign manager.

As governor, despite signing Grover Norquist’s pledge to oppose tax increases, Perry proposed and approved several tax increases and debt measures.

Within a 10-year span under Perry’s leadership, Texas’ debt ballooned from $13 billion to $38 billion . . . yes, he nearly tripled the state’s debt.

So while Kellyanne Conway and the rest of Trump’s transition team may find it amusing to tap Perry for this top position, taxpayers may have to pay the price for a bad joke.


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