Boehner Rushes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill to Please Democrats

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John Boehner

Just weeks after winning sweeping victories in the 2014 elections that saw angry voters turn over control of the Senate to Republicans House Speaker John Boehner has decided to strike a sweeping bargain with lame duck Democrats over a huge omnibus-spending bill to fund government operations through September 2015 – the end of the current fiscal year.

The question is why.

Why would Speaker Boehner rush a 1,603-page $1.1 trillion spending bill through Congress now rather than wait for conservative Republicans elected on November 4 take over control of the Senate after the New Year – now just weeks away?

Speculation is that current House leaders – loyal to and controlled by the Republican establishment – want to cut a “moderate” spending deal with Senate Majority Harry Reid in time to head off the new and largely conservative class of Senators set to take over control of the chamber on January 2.

House conservatives have complained bitterly that voters soundly rejected “pass it before you can read it” government adding that the bill will deprive new Congress conservatives with the political leverage they will need to pry concessions from the Obama Administration on everything from defunding ObamaCare and out-of-control regulation to legislation repealing executive “amnesty” for illegal aliens.

The legislation will also “kick the can down the road” on government debt – now exceeding $18 trillion – by raising the debt limit to make way for more deficit spending while heading off any government shutdowns until at least late 2015.

The “compromise spending bill” will fully fund virtually all federal government activities through the end of the fiscal year next September except the Department of Homeland Security.

This includes full funding for ObamaCare… full funding for top down federal control over education… and full funding of “executive overreach” initiatives like amnesty, lack of government transparency and the selective enforcement of federal laws by Justice Department.

Apparently, conservatives should be content with modest cuts in the Internal Revenue Service and Environmental Protection Agency budgets with no concessions “greenhouse gas” emission standards based on the flawed science of “climate change”.

When reached for comment, the press spokesman for Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) said Sen. Lee is deeply disappointed that the process for the spending bill saying that it was set up to push Congress into a vote before the bill could be read by members – exactly the kind of legislative maneuvering that voters rejected on Election Day. Senator’s Ted Cruz and Rand Paul could not be reached by press time.

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  • Jim D

    This is the kind of cronyism that the voters were trying to stop in the November elections but unfortunately it didn’t work. The American people were again shoved under the bus.

  • Catherine McCoy

    We MUST get rid of boner and mcconnell. Illuminati/Corporate crooks from both sides belong to the same party

  • Barbara Hammond

    I highly doubt if much will change up there, with 2 ” good ole boys”, like Boehner and Mc Connell, at the helm. I cannot stomach either one of them. It is just inane that the Republicans in both houses keep electing these 2 buffoons to be the leaders of their party. Makes one embarrassed to be associated with this party, anymore.
    May God have mercy on us.

    • Catherine McCoy

      We need ideas on how to get rid of this scum

  • Janice Killian

    What a shame for our elected leader to ignore We The People, We sent a clear message to the republicans to stop our runaway President and to not give him more,r or our money, Why would our house leader sigh in with the President who is trying to lead all by himself ? No to the President and out with our house leader , who needs to stand with the American people and against the president who is a Democrat and not a President of all of our people but only vfor his party,

  • Janice Killian

    Why would our house leader go against We The People as was so clearly spoken in the last election. Our president is a Democrat and does not speak for We the People but only speaks for Democrats The last election was a clear message to vote against the President as he certainly does not care what We the People want and vote against We the People , No to illegals, Close our borders , and no to the one party only -‘ Obamacare , ,

  • We should pass a temporary Budget that expires @ Feb. 1 Then the new Congress should depose RINOS ‘Boner’, Issa, and McConnell and pass a good Budget that saves $T–Can eliminate 85% of IRS by replacing Obamacare (see Dr. CARSON) and replacing Income Tax with a Consumption Tax with safety nets; eliminate NSA, HS, Cap&Trade, Climate Change monies (we are in a periodic, natural cycle caused by Solar and other Celestial activity– it occurred 6 times before ‘MAN’ EVER EXISTED and once after the Noah Flood). Some even say we are going into a deep freeze that can only be countered somewhat with massive CO2 amounts. For 1 yr. only cut EVERYTHING ELSE BY 5%. Eliminate Fed. Dept. of Ed. (too far removed from the people and only used to get DEMO. VOTES)

  • Bob

    Boehmer has to go, get rid of him. He is a spineless piece of crap. The voters has spoken to deaf ears, it is still business as usual in the congress. When the people we elect do not represent us it is time for a complete change.