Budgets, Lies and Pinky Swear Politics

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As the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill looked like it would go down to defeat in a procedural vote Thursday night, Republican leaders in the House reached out to rank-and-file republicans for the votes needed to save it from defeat – with the help of a pretty big lie.

So says Representative Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.) who accused House Republican leaders of backing out of a deal to allow the bill to go forward on a procedural vote with one condition.

The condition was straightforward.

Once the omnibus spending bill passed the procedural hurdle, House Speaker John Boehner would pull it and replace it with short-term continuing resolution to keep the government open past January 2.

By then, the new Congress – with Republicans firmly in charge of both the House and Senate – could bargain with the Obama Administration from a position of strength on amnesty, ObamaCare and other contentious issues.

Apparently the House leadership’s assurances that the bill would be replaced by a short continuing resolution was based on a “pinky swear”. Once the procedural vote passed, the bill was sent straight to the floor where it passed 219-206, with 162 Republicans and 57 Democrats voting in favor.

In a statement released late last night, Rep, Stutzman said:

The Omnibus spending bill “does many things but what is most important is what it does not do. It fails to directly address President Obama’s dangerous executive action on immigration and fails to include many of the solutions that could have been passed in January with a Republican House and Senate in an open process.

“Earlier today, I supported the Rule because I was informed by Leadership that the (omnibus) was dead and a short term CR would take its place. I was very surprised and even more disappointed to see the (omnibus) back on the floor.”

Rep. Stutzman was elected to a third term on November 4 after winning a contentious primary against two republican challengers.

  • Terry Gentry

    Duh! Yes, we poor ignorant Americans, have said all along that we can’t trust our political liars. Now, again, our naive elected officials are and have learned what we ignorant, unlearned and stupid people have been saying all along. Our leaders can’t be trusted.

  • Steve jackson

    the republicans are as much a lier as Obama and the Democrats. The oath that they took to protect the constitution doesn’t mean a dam thing. They are more a threat to the American people and the constitution then Russian or China it’s pass time to get everyone of them democratic or republican out of the government. They all act like anti-American and home grow terrorist

  • The demopublicans didn’t learn a thing from the mid terms. 152 liers vote for amnesty and obamacare. You know what a thief will do, he will steal, you know what murder will do, he will kill people, but a lier, you never know what they will do. We have to many republicans and demacrats in Washington and not enough Americans.

  • I agree 100% Steve and Terry

  • Gene Ralno

    We not only don’t trust them. We’re learning to fear and hate them. So called GOP leaders, e.g., McCain, Graham, Cochran, et al., are not immune from the distrust, fear and hate. They abandoned the GOP years ago but didn’t have the guts to tell us or even state their positions. Most voters don’t keep up and vote for the enemy they don’t know rather than the one they do. It perpetuates the nonsense just witnessed around that absurd budget.

  • These Lying Rinos in the Congress have just given the Conservatives the middle finger. Our Speaker of the House needs to go in for Phyco. evaluation and substance abuse. He is discraceful.

  • Francisco Machado

    Representative Stutzman was elected to a third term – and he believed a promise from Boehner? When he must have known that, counter to his campaign promises (and we all know what those are worth), that Boehner sincerely – make the passionately – wanted the Cromnibus. No, I do not believe Stutzman. He may not have wanted the bill, he may have been disappointed that it was brought up and passed, but I simply cannot believe that he placed any faith at all in Boehner or in what he said. There were other reasons – he was bought, or – It would be interesting to see what the NSA has on Stutzman. That is part of the dystopian reality of the modern Orwellian world no longer to be ignored.