Cornell to host terror groups?

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In his latest “guerilla journalism” video exposing the horrendous judgement that typifies elite academia in America today, James O’Keefe captured Joseph Scaffido, Assistant Dean for Students at Cornell describing how the University would help start and fund a pro-ISIS (aka. terrorist) club on the Ivy League campus.

In video post on the Project Veritas website, Dean Scaffido is seen saying that the university would allow an ISIS terrorist to hold a “Training Camp” on campus, saying: “It would be like bringing in a coach to do a training on a sports team or something”.

Scaffido also gave advice to Project Veritas’s faux ISIS activist on how the University could provide funding to send CARE packages to ISIS and Hamas organizations overseas. Quoting the Project Veritas website:

Award-winning journalist and New York Times’ best-selling author James O’Keefe released a powerful new video today showing an Assistant Dean at Cornell University advising a Project Veritas investigative journalist on how to start and fund a pro-ISIS club on campus. Joseph Scaffido, Assistant Dean for Students at Cornell, is perplexingly sympathetic to the proposed pro-ISIS and pro-Hamas group.

O’Keefe described as “most astonishing” Dean Scaffido’s willingness to use University funds bring a member of ISIS to Cornell to speak to students. Quoting Project Veritas again:

When the Project Veritas journalist suggested that the club would support Hamas as well as ISIS, Scaffido stated: “the University [Cornell] is not going to look at different groups and say you are not allowed to support that group.

Because we don’t believe in them or something like that. I think it’s just the opposite. I think the University wants the entire community to understand what’s going on in all parts of the world.”

O’Keefe affirmed his believe that the video “shockingly and frighteningly exposes that Cornell, an esteemed and storied Ivy League University, is truly detached from reality.”

“I was chilled and saddened by Dean Scaffido’s reaction and his position on the pro-ISIS club.” “At the very best Scaffido’s attitude towards the proposed club is complacent and irresponsible, at the very worst he genuinely and willingly supports those sympathetic to ISIS freedom fighters, or more aptly stated: terrorists.”

Either way, Cornell now finds itself in a bad predicament for any University let alone one that survives, in part, on public money.

According to public records, Cornell University has received over $300 million in federal contracts and grants since 2000 and more than $190 million from New York state taxpayers since 2012.

  • Karin Isbell

    This only indicates how far down much of our academia has sunk. Cornell itself should be labeled as a terrorist affiliate.

  • David Courtney

    These Professors are traitors to this country not educators. They should be arrested tried and when convicted shot or hanged. Most of the people influenced to traitorous action should be treated in the same fashion. No matter their imature status or the whining of their parents. The same goes for Public Institutions of Higher Learning. No body should be allowed to preach a political point of view in a public institution.

    • Patrick kanaley

      What about treason for that president of Cornell. For aiding and abetting a enemy of America. How about all the parents and students pulling their kids out of that college

  • Barbara

    This idiot is out of his ever lovin mind. To have a Isis club, what the hell for. that means you are with the Isis ideology. He needs to be relieved of his position. This is out right insane.!!!!

    • Jon Exner

      Not to mention TREASONOUS!

  • cjones

    Cornell was once a highly respected educational institution located High above Cayugas waters. Now it has sunk to the bottom of the lake. recommend firing that dean so the rest can at leas swim to the surface.

    • Christopher

      Unfortunately, I doubt Kornell would be the only elitist college to join the ISIS welcome wagon. Time to re -evaluate public funding of universities.

  • ron cassano

    anyone have the phone # of this idiot joe scaffido or were he can be emailed or phone called,we want to start a campaign against these dangerous idea

    • Jon Exner

      Not just dangerous but TREASONOUS!

  • Jon Exner

    Just wondering if Cornell has ever heard the term TREASON?
    This sounds a lot like aiding the enemy.
    scaffido should be fired and then brought up on charges.

  • Alex Peshansky

    I suspect this idiot dean is so ignorant of the world affairs that he didn’t recognize what “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” means. And so arrogant that he didn’t admit to his ignorance.
    And not only he votes, he _teaches_ our children and grandchildren! Shame, utter shame.

  • philip c

    Cornell’s an institution all right, just not one for learning. It’s a propaganda machine for the left and everything wrong with this country. Certain institutions, governments and current trends are a meter for a country’s people of today. This shows the USA is either in dire need of a complete moral overhaul or its demise is eminent.

  • Raoul Sudre

    As a Cornell graduate and member of the staff for 15 years 61 to 76 I am both shocked and disgusted but not exactly surprised! This all started in the early 70’s when they decided to let the students run the school? creating a Student Senate that tried to abolish sports and promote leftist orientations. I have given thousands to the University but will no longer give it a dime! I am ashamed to be an alumnus of that school!

  • American will need an enema, upon Obama’s departure. Ask Obama to take all his talking heads in higher education with him. Scaffino, is only one of literally thousands of Socialists, pumping that garbage down our sons and daughters throats, unabated!
    We have had a seven year detour down the “red” brick road, like it or not, and it is time to return to our Constitutional Roots.

    • Annette

      my sentiments exactly.

  • Caroline Key

    Conservative Americans can no longer send their children to Ivy League schools and expect them to be educated…the curriculum instead consists entirely of:


    God please open the eyes of liberal/progressive/communist/fascist/marxist fools [you pick the poison] to Your Light!

  • Christopher

    Time to re-evaluate the practice of taxpayer funding of universities.

  • this is no surprise. our goverment keeps funding the terrorists, trading 4 taliban leaders for 1 army disserter…

  • steve harmon

    Sounds like it’s time for a skinhead group to be welcomed there, you know, as the libidiots always demand, balance and fairness.

  • Annette

    His ignorance, just like a liberal’s, knows no bounds!!!!