The Race Card: Dems Only Option for Lynch?

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The Senate vote to confirm Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama’s nominee to replace controversial Attorney General Eric Holder, has been delayed–and Democrats have decided to play the race card.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D, Ill.) compared the voting delay to Rosa Parks, saying that Lynch, “the first African-American woman to be nominated to be attorney general, is [being] asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the Senate calendar. This is unfair, it’s unjust. This woman deserves fairness.”

And Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D, NC), who is the head of the Congressional Black Caucus, took the race card a step further, saying: “Never ever did we expect that it would take four months in order to get this done. So then, one must wonder, what are the reasons? I think race certainly can be considered as a major factor in the reason for this delay…”

Lynch was nominated on November 8, 2014, when Democrats were still in control of the U.S. Senate–and could have easily confirmed Lynch in the two months before the new Republican majority took office. Lynch attracted a good deal of bipartisan support as a qualified candidate, making her confirmation as the next Attorney General likely.

Despite this, Democrats are adamant about making Lynch’s delayed confirmation a plank in their so-called “War on Women,” as well as using it to paint Republicans as anti-minority.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has gone on the record saying the delay of Lynch’s confirmation in order to force Democrats to vote on a bill to combat human trafficking–which was recently derailed when Democrats discovered anti-abortion language.

Republicans, like Sen. John Cornyn (R, Tex.) has praised that strategy, saying, “I’m grateful to the majority leader… for saying we’re going to come back and vote again and again and again on this human trafficking bill until it passes. And he’s not going to schedule the nomination confirmation vote on the next attorney general until such time as we get this passed.”

It’s sad that Democrats have to resort to playing the race card and the gender card every time the Republicans play political hardball.

Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.
  • John

    We do not need any more trash in our government!
    With obama, that is more than enough!

    • American

      My thought exactaly!! Now Obama wants to make voting mandatory!! When will AMERICANS say enough is enough!! As for the race card its been in use more so now that Obama is president he thinks it works!!!

    • It not a race, she never was qualified like all liberals for became a Lawyer, Dems qualified for be in jail or mental facilities. Liberals must cease try win who are impossible and stop dream. I hate to dead liberals and I am not alone are million and million like me. Dems are hate communist criminals associate plus domestic enemy. I Dems have some brain must see last election was told all, Dems are cursed and must cease of exist.

    • Janese

      Right now, lynch’s confirmation should be withheld based on Obama agenda and the race card playing halted in light of the rules of law disbanding racial profiling and those associated with discrimination.


    • ron cassano

      lynch is a female eric{i,m in contempt of court}holder who thinks its o.k. for illegals{means against the law}aliens to be in this country,which shows us that she doesn,t abide by the rule of law and for a person who is applying for the attn general position,shows us that she doesn,t follow the rule of law,and we don,t need another holder clone.we oppose lorretta lynch and her agenda

  • Don

    Pull the race card? They never put the damn card away! Its the only one they have!

    • James in Texas

      That was my question…………………”When did they “Ever” put it away?” They have nothing else, Period!

  • cheryl D.

    It’s not about race. It’s about, “Content of Character.”

    • Jeanne Stotler

      When Rep. want to use “Content of Character”, it’s the race card, if Dems. use, “Content of Character” it it’s because you are a Republican

  • D

    once the clowns in the GOP start standing up to this crap if and when that ever happens and the bozos that try to pull out the racial trump card finally realize they cant get away with that crap any longer – the whole race card issue will go away as it should’ve a long long time ago – I could give a rats ass about the color of anyones skin its whether or not hey can do the job they’ve been hired to do in a completely unbiased manner – THATS what the law requires ..

  • Tom

    Not only did they play the race card the toss in the whole deck!

  • Michael

    It makes no difference has the nominee been a white male or Lynch, racism would have still been called. Only because it’s the only thing left in the Democrat repertoire of negative campaigning. As long as Obama hold the office and decides that he is a black man first, racism will be the culprit.

  • snowyriver

    Did obama pull the race card when he chose Loretta Lynch? What is the ratio of negro to caucasian in the United States? About two to ten.. hense eighteen out of twenty choices should have been non negro.

  • Sgt york

    The Devil comes in many forms and colors. Just look. see

  • Robert

    Dog Whistle Durbin will do whatever his master tells him to do. BHO owns both my senators. Dog Whistle Durbin and RINO MARK KIRK. Sadly I feel like I have no representation, because I don’t.

  • Who Pulled the race card?. The Republican Senate?? Contrayer Contrayer!! Senate Blocking off another Attorney General that will Continue Obama’s and Eric Holder’s lawlessness by putting Illegal Aliens on the Buss and shoving all real Americans Citizens to the Back of the Buss to pay for illegal Aliens First Class tickets on that Buss.

  • Francisco Machado

    It appears to me that, despite the frequent repetition by the Democrats about the “Anti-Abortion” issue in the anti-trafficking bill, the bill does not, in fact, contain any anti-abortion language and the difference of opinion is a funding issue. The Democrats want to divert some of the anti-trafficking funds to be used to fund abortion. The bill as written, as read by the Democrats (they have even made a change on the same page as the funding question) does not permit this diversion of funds for an issue which does nothing to inhibit human trafficking. Would this funding be more appropriately an HHS issue?

  • Reverend_1

    Loretta Lynch is nothing more than a female Barak Obama. Every bit as crooked and communist.

  • William Farquhar

    Of course they will play the race card. It’s their default position when all else fails. The problem they have is that it is becoming old, frayed and over played. People are getting tired of hearing it. Of course antisemitism in the oval office is OK. BTW: Congratulations to Netanyahu. As a veteran and a law enforcement officer I remain faithful to the oaths I took to preserve protect and defend our Constitution but on a personal level I have much more respect and a higher regard for the Prime Minister of Israel than I do the current U.S. president.

    • KingDon

      Ditto to that!

  • Keith

    Demon Rats have 2 months in control nothing racist there now the Demon Rats refuse to vote to stop human trafficking ???? AND the republicans get the blame AGAIN??? Why are Demon Rats against STOPPING human trafficking does it remind them of their HAY DAY when they were TRAFFICING SLAVES ???? NOWTHAT’S RACIST!!!!!!

  • Virginkiller

    Marxist, everyone of the democrats and ALL should be shot

  • k9

    Durbin needs to removed from office just like all the rest of the CARD CARRYING COMMUNISTS in congress. WHY DO WE NEED THE 82 COMMUNIST DEMOC RATS IN CONGRESS FOR ANYWAY?

  • Jens

    The Liberal and Socialist Democratic game playing the race card. Do not like what they hear or see Throw in the All Mighty Race Card.

    Now they want to replace Mr. Holder with Mrs. Lynch? Well this wont do at all, Be like cutting off the Hand despite the infected Arm. She will compound our problems

  • Cissy

    Is this really a surprise? The whole administration and the Damnocrats have been pulling the race card for years. Unfortunately, it’s gotten to the point that we are wading knee-deep in the muck. Pulling race cards only stirs up the muck, making the chasm deeper and wide with each hit. For those who had no prejudices, who truly appreciated individuals for who and what they are, it’s sad that we now look at each other with suspicion. Sadder still is that the very fabric of the country, all that we hold dear, is being destroyed by those with no interest in the people or the country as long as they hold on to their power.

  • Phil

    With the Demoncrats, every black should have any job they want, and if they don’t get it, it’s racist not qualifications. America is in a state of ignorance.

  • Rexal

    The race card needs to be played’ With all the blacks that are screwing up the country and letting the mulems takeover the country so they can ruin it, its time to play that card.

  • Steven

    Well of course Democrats pull the race card,it is the only card they have.
    When all else fails play the race card.
    I haven’t heard this much decisiveness about race since the civil rights movement.

  • chuck

    Welcome to Obama’s version of Nazi Germany only this time it’s all about racism,class warfare and NOW the very same methods of Hitler to target Israel,to attack the Only ally we have in the Middle East using every perverted,diabolical,dictatorial,anti-Semitic to use Israel as the target of his pathological,unconstitutional,criminal
    anti-American crusade to destroy this country in the same way that Hitler destroyed Germany and Europe as a sociopath,a monster that like Obama used antisemitism to kill 6 million people,tyranny,the State OF The Union Today!

    Obama however has taken Hitler’s tactics to a level that arguably superceeds even many of the worlds other tyrants by attacking this country using Racism and Class warfare as policy!

    We are in a state of tyranny where all three branches of government have violated,betrayed the oath they have sworn to defend and enforce the Constitutio,the Constitutional Republic,to “serve” the people,a “limited government “By The People”,”For The People”,”Of The People” which is a betrayal,a crime betraying the Only reason he and the congress,the Judicial sytem exist!!

    Lynch is on record as another servant of Obama who is being “Forced” down our throats by a tyrant as Holder,Reid,Pelosi,this cadre of thugs has done without accountability for the past 6 years!

    The Congress has the RIGHT,The Duty to make sure that the Constitutional process is upheld! A self anointed dictator opposes the law,the very foundation of a FREE people empowered by the knowledge that NO ONe is going to hold him/them accountable,empowered by a system “Failed” and a divided people where the Law is broken,usurped,broken over and again!

    There can be NO Freedom,NO Opportunity,NO Present,NO Future where there is NO law,NO consequence,NO Punishment for those who eviscerate it the State OF The Union Today!!

  • Glenn Bowers

    Of course the GOP is using race, just not as viewed through the race colored glasses. They do not want another racist thug who is a lapdog for Obama’s anti-white agenda in there. Neither do most American citizens. We deserve an AG who does not see color in the eyes of the law, and will abide by the laws and the Constitution. Loretta Lynch is basically a female version of Eric “New Black Panther” Holder. She has dirt on her hands and could not hide it, that is really what is holding her back. Race again has ZERO to do with this.

  • andre

    I’m all raced out. I’ve been raced out for a while now, but definitely after the “gentle giant” tag for the Ferguson criminal.

  • Robert F

    It is not only Content of Character, it is also about Qualifications and Ethics. Look at her history.

    • Victor

      They don’t care about her history they only care about advancing their agenda’s. They don’t care what the people want, they only care about what they want and their agenda’s. If know one can tell by now that this government is completely out of control. Muslim obama, non-American needs to be arrested and removed before any more damage is done to this nation.

  • I’ve been ready to puke over that communist/muslim/race-baiting socialist ever since he was first elected; I men when he STOLE the first election, then STOLE the second. He is a totally out of control illegal alien himself. He has single handedly brought us to the very brink of destruction and does not give a shit for America. People, this chronic and pathological liar needs to be impeached, imprisoned, and publicly executed on the steps of the Capitol Bldg. on live TV.
    And all the useless RINOS do is sit and whine and make empty threats. Our entire government is now totally useless. With the House and Senate, self interest governs all and to hell with Americans.
    I speak a little Spanish. Maybe I should go to Mexico for a while then sneak back across the border and get a bunch of free goodies…before all the welfare mooches use it up.

  • outpost

    They need to stick that race card where the sun doesn’t shine. She is just another obama puppet and racist herself. Why would we want another holder in office. The committee should just vote NO.

  • Les Siegel

    It is great that all you commentors post this stuff. Maybe there should be a law that mandates every elected politician read them. They might wake up and realize what they are doing to our country We must make them know we the people will vote them out of office otherwise. It is also time for them to have to live under the same laws they make us live under.

  • Ks

    Well this is they only argument they have since they have lost all logic. GOP needs to stand their ground with these jack wagons or loose all credibility as already people have started to look for alternatives. At this point the masses have lost all hope and there are rumblings or Revolution/Civil War. It makes me sick to hear these lawlessness and anti US sentiment in our own borders. People giving up citizenship as they are being taxed to death. And even being taxed at death.

  • Robert

    Her last name is another option !!!!!!