Did Democrats forget how to read?

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In an article more befitting of The Onion, Senate Democrats are quickly backtracking on a proposed human trafficking bill–because apparently all of them forgot to read the bill.

While the bill was initially bipartisan and non-controversial–cracking down on human trafficking is something both parties strongly support–Democrats didn’t notice that there were provisions dealing with abortion. Namely, that the proposed “Domestic Trafficking Victims’ Fund” would be prohibited from using taxpayer funds to finance abortion.

“What do you want me to tell you? We missed it!” explained Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, one of the Democrats who didn’t do his homework. “Clearly if it had been front and center, we would have caught it.”

The abortion provision was on page 4.

Contrary to Senator Durbin’s claims, Democrats had a number of chances to spot the abortion language. The bill was approved unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Panel, where Democrats offered amendments–including one on the very same page as the abortion language. And, two weeks later, the the bill was released to all Democratic Senators–who agreed to vote for it as written.

Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas who sponsored the bill, was shocked: “It’s a little perplexing, right? I assume that all of the Democrat senators have highly capable professional staff and that they actually read the bills. And that they advise their senator before they agree to cosponsor and before they agree to vote for it.”

Leave it to Congress to screw things up with incompetence and laziness, even when they agree.

  • Jon Exner

    How many more bad bills will be passed by not reading them?

    • Robert F

      How many bad bills have already been passed? Anyone read obamacare before it was passed, for an example

    • Chamileon

      A better question is can REPUBLICANS read? John macain said he signed that STUPID letter to Iran without readind it.

    • kwakou shakur

      A better question is can REPUBLICANS read? John macain said he signed that STUPID letter to Iran without reading it.

  • William Keeney

    A good replacement for HILLARY ??? BARNEY FIFE would be an excellent choice for all the mis-guided liberals !!!

    • Marlene Langert

      I don’t think that Barney Fife would want to be for the libs. He might have been dumb, but not that stupid!

  • Bj Howell

    In all of the years that I’ve followed politics I’ve yet to see hatred as rampant as what it is with the Dems. They expect everybody, just not Repubs to believe that our Fearless Leader will resort to anything and it’s gospel and right. Never you mind that they were born of parents, most likely are married and raising or have raised a family. Yet, to hear them talk they forget their roots,i.e. if they had no money growing up they fail to see how it was to go without. Here “our”, whata joke. leader sets it so that everyone has to have health care or they’re penalized. Yet there’s people in this Country still struggling to put food on their table let alone in their stomach. Then the assinine thing of voting for them a payraise and yet there’s those who still struggle, all the while through no fault of their own. I’d beg just once for these so call eleteist to go without or with what little many do, not be able to pay for their bills, etc and see just what it’s like. They couldn’t make nor would they be willing to try. This Country was founded on We the People, not for the Powerful and Snots of the World. I’m all for a fair Govt but there’s no such thing. So take your money, your title, etc and when you eventually hit rock bottom and can’t survive don’t cry the blues because we don’t care mainly because some of us have already been there.

    • mspat

      I agree with you Bj Howell. A few years ago, obama, through an executive order gave himself a raise to have a million dollars a year and Congress to have $765,000.00 a year. This was when everyone was struggling so very much and they get that much money for doing what? For spending more and more of our valuable Tax Money. A lot of people that works in congress and the government has no idea what struggling tax payers have to go through. obama is not from the USA. His impressions have been that everybody is rich. His Liberal friends and everybody are, but most of the hard working people are trying to have a comfortable life for them and their children.

      • KingDon

        Easy to do when all he has to do is go to his Chinese komrads and ask for another trillion or so bucks. Then you skim the money off the pile before you distribute any to anyone else. He and princess banjo-butt say “not to worry” – they’re out of their Pennsylvania Avenue digs in another couple of years and then it’s the taxpayers problem paying it back, not theirs. Same deal for the legislature, even if we the people do manage to throw them all out, they’ve already got their cut of the pie and we and our children and grandchildren have the pleasure of spending the rest of our lives trying to pay off the loans.

  • The recent budget passed included a Luxury car allowance of $1,000 for our reprentatives. I have trouble making payments on 6 year old car with 100,000 miles on it. We don’t want them to struggle like the rest of us!!!

    • Right. Their salaries of $174.000 and more is not enough for them to live on.

      • pineapple

        This does not include “campaign contributions” which become theirs when they retire.

  • Bruce A. Frank

    I do not understand the problem here. Isn’t the Democrat philosophy, as so articulately stated by Representative Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it!”(?)

  • Charlie

    Really the democrat public political servants don’t read the bills they sign into law ! So that’s why Rep. Nancy Pelosi when she was the speaker of the house stated ” You have to pass the bill to know what’s in it!” . The bill was the PPACA aka ObamaCare aka ACA you know the bill that’s about population control under the guise of a health care bill. The bill that was not even legislated legally , the unconstitutional tyrannical bill that only democrats voted into our law books !!!!

  • Galveston

    My cat is as smart as a democrat!
    It knows who feeds it and houses it, depends totally on someone else for all its needs.
    The Democrat base knows the same thing, and not much more!

    • Max Harper

      I feel certain that your cat is much than any politician in DC. I hope your cat doesn’t find out that you think a dimocrat is as smart as she.

  • These people hardly work and yet they can not be bothered to read bills
    they are going to sign. This tells you a lot of all these lawyers and why they
    are politicians and not practicing law. Would any of you want them to get
    paid by you to represent you in a law case ???

    Page 4. How far did they have to read to find this paragraph? Very sad.

  • notbornyesterday

    The answer is simple. Democrats can’t read. They all attended union controlled public schools and were granted college degrees by mysterious people in high places. You never hear anyone boast about having attended classes with them. In the words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is. . .

  • Steven

    That is why I call them Dumbocunts,I apologize because this is not intended to insult womanhood.

  • General Bull Krapper

    Ya know what. “We the People” get it from behind by both parties. And when someone comes along, like a Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, or even the TEA Party, who actually are on our side, the RINO’s join the Dummo’s in railroading them. Now’s the time for a 3rd party “We the People Party”, so that those like Allen West, Bobby Jindal, Palin, Scott Walker, etc, get the backing & support they not only need, but deserve. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

    • American

      I’m in total agreement with you on this third party!! Its TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE !! Count me in!~!!!!!!!!!

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