FAA to Shoot Down Amazon’s Drone Delivery

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FAA Shoots Down Amazon Drones

Government bureaucrats at the Federal Aviation Administration have proposed new rules that will effectively kill Amazon Prime Air, the revolutionary delivery service that would deliver products via drone . . . in 30 minutes or less.

The proposed FAA rules, labeled the “Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems,” would require drone operators to be at least 17 years of age and be certified by the FAA.

To operate a drone, the FAA believes 17 is the magic age, but to operate a balloon or glider, pilots can be 16 and be in training at any age.

The most significant rule would require line of sight for operators. Cameras or any other visual aid would not be permitted.

That rule in particular would put an end to Amazon Prime Air as drone “delivery men” would have to walk along side the drone to maintain line of sight.

The FAA would also limit drone flights to daylight hours, ending drone viewing of fireworks displays or any other nighttime fun stuff.

Current rules on the books are even more restrictive to commercial use of drones. Use is only permitted for businesses when they uses an FAA approved drone and the operator must hold a pilot’s license. Each operator must also apply for and receive an exemption from the FAA.

Commercial use is popular regardless. Home inspectors have adapted the technology to inspect roofs and structures for close up views, but have done so illegally under the onerous rules of the FAA.

Amazon, Google, GoPro, and a number of drone manufacturers have come together to fight the new rules that are open for public comment until April 24th.

The group, the Small UAV Coalition, is politely challenging the rules to lift the line of sight restrictions and increase the operating altitude.

In the event the FAA passes the rules, innovation in the technology will be crushed and drone use will likely be limited to hobbyists while commercial use will be limited to on-site jobs.

  • Sgt york

    Awwwww poor babies,guess a drone set at certain altitudes will get more business for these people. Screw the gov and some of thier stupidity. We want more business and More Jobs

  • k9

    what is wrong with this communistic government?
    its alright for them to use drones to check on us and every move we make but we can’t use them.
    I say get rid of all these stupid basturds making all these ignorant laws. fire the whole damned bunch of them

  • Matt VanCamp

    Afraid I’m gonna have to agree with this decision wholeheartedly! The last thing I wanna see is the sky clouded-up with a swarm of drones flown by a mob of stoned high-school drop-outs! If we must tolerate these things, (drones) then at least make them be well-regulated, professionally operated by licensed adults; which can then, because they’re adults, be lawfully held responsible for operating the drones in a regulated, approved manner. Furthermore, drones definitely should be operated within strict guidelines, at least until we can see the pro’s and con’s of using them for the various aspects of their potential values and uses. It may eventually be shown that 16 year old’s are more than capable at correctly and effectively piloting drones for all the jobs listed above, but lets begin economically, and diversify from there…

    • Marianna1776

      I trust Amazon before I trust the government to use drones.You are an Obummer drone.

  • I am a 100% sc wounded vet and former R.N. , I have a story of legal and medical corruption so horrendous it left me in a state pain and shock for years. I found a book writer to write my story but it is not selling well because it cost too much to promote. I am trying to blow the whistle, I need to form of conservative media to help me blow the whistle. I have millions in damages but no one will lift a finger. Please someone help or let me blow the whistle, then I will get help.’ Liable companies are B.F.Goodrich tire factory in Tuscaloosa Alabama, Sofamor Danek, one of the atty’s who let my statute run Daryl Hardin and a DR Phillip Bobo.
    thank you.
    Greg Hardin

  • Ian

    There’s a very good reason for this. The United States is unique among all the nations for how free our skies are, and that is only possible because the average pilot in the US is very well trained and takes this freedom seriously. Such a system only works if every part can be trusted to the same extent, and right now a 16 year old student on his or her first solo can be trusted far further than a remotely operated vehicle can. The only way to allow drones to integrate the way Amazon wants would be to immediately require many more restrictive regulations in terms of airspace, equipment, and operations.
    17 is the “magic number” because drones have engines. Gliders and balloons do not. Right of way rules give preference to unpowered aircraft, to change right of way to give preference to non-piloted craft would be ridiculous and, taking into account the size of these things, nearly impossible without restrictive equipment rules or operational changes. I work at an agricultural flight school, so for us and my students, working airspace goes from the surface to 17,999 feet, depending on the operation we’re training in. Altitude restrictions alone won’t solve any problems. To be integrated, drones must be able to meet or exceed the same see-and-avoid standards expected of human pilots. Would you want remotely operated vehicles on roads if they couldn’t match a human driver?

  • Skip gilmore

    Just wait until some kid rams a drone into a person and injures or kills them.

  • El

    The FAA HAS DONE a remarkable service in the past to keep airborne hardware from dropping from the skies and killing/maiming us poor ground HUGGERS. To have drones flying above my head being operated by unlicensed persons with no assigned flight pattern is asking for trouble. even Model Airplanes are controlled by the AMA. So keep those drones out of my hair.

  • Another way to get rid of employment, and lots more people out do to automation. Yes! Cooperation’s have no hart for the people of this country.

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