Feds Unveil New Weapon in War on Guns

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Operation Chokepoint

It is no secret that President Barack Obama and his acolytes in government despise the Second Amendment. Given the chance, they would outlaw private gun ownership completely.

Since that is unlikely while Republicans control Congress, the Obama Administration has come up with yet another way to gut the Second Amendment – by running ammo makers out of business.

It is called “Operation Choke Point” – a scheme sanctioned by Eric Holder’s Justice Department and hatched by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to list ammo makers alongside the porn industry, racist organizations and pay day lenders as “reputational risks” that should not have access to banks or banking services.

That means no checking accounts, no lines of credit and no access to credit card payments – a ruling that would put ammo sales at every level – from manufacturer, to wholesalers, to retailers to customers on a strictly cash basis – a crippling regulatory move based on the personal political views of FDIC regulators.

The revelation of this bureaucratic move, first reported by The Daily Signal, was contained in a 20-page investigative report released this past week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee led by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

The report, based on an analysis of e-mails and confidential briefings available to House investigators, detailed “how the FDIC worked closely with the Justice Department to cut off the financial lifeblood of”…“industries the administration doesn’t like.”

The revelation that FDIC regulators were allowing their personal views about the Second Amendment and other lawful industries guide their advice to lenders behind closed doors has already sparked to congressional action.

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., a member of the House Financial Services Committee, has introduced H.R. 4986 – End Operation Choke Point Act of 2014.

The legislation sheds sunshine on Operation Choke Point and if passed into law will “provide a safe harbor for the banks to be able to continue to have a longstanding relationship with a business that’s doing legal business” Luetkemeyer said.

  • Joe

    Unlikely because a majority of Americans oppose the liberals and their anti gun crap. Pass whatever bs laws you want, it will not stop the majority of gun owners from ownership. You want to trample on our Constitution then your bs laws mean nothing to us.

    • Bill

      On Target! When the SHTF guess who owns most of the guns and ammo necessary to put down the liberal attempt to destroy our country? Hint: It’s not the military or law enforcement! Most patriots don’t ever want it to come to this but if it does, I have a feeling the military may just sit on the sidelines and tell their politically correct, high ranking leadership to stuff it!

    • day

      Look for the senate to try to ratify the UN gun treaty before the end of their ”majority” in the senate…

      • Skyhawk95

        Not going to happen since a treaty requires a 2/3rd majority for ratification.

    • Rick

      Re-read the story. You can have all the guns you want. The story is about cutting off the supply of munitions.

  • Carl Arasi

    There is no way they win,and if they think they can they are living in Communist La La land.

  • EruditeMan

    I suspect most individuals who honor Amendment II will never accept a UN treaty that is not approved by the individuals. We may only pray to God that He gives each of us the wisdom and strength as well as resolve to successfully invite all enforcers to take dirt-naps when they illegally trample our property.

  • Bob

    What else can one expect from a now communist run government. With Obama, they want to be like the Nazis of old Germany. Now we can all say, “Heil Obama!”

  • Dennis

    While a great many gun owners may be willing to fight to keep our guns, that is an ugly scenario with too much pain and hardship involved. The time to protect our gun rights is now, while we can still chose our leaders. Get out and vote for those who support gun rights.

    • William

      There has to be an election going on in order to vote, and there has to be enough candidates running who will defend the Second Amendment to the death (of the gun grabbers).

    • Nunvyabiz

      That only works if you can secure the voting process and keep the fraud out of it.

  • William

    There has to be an election going on in order to vote, and there has to be enough electable candidates running who will defend the Second Amendment to the death (of the gun-grabbers).

  • Nunvyabiz

    Voting is not a viable solution unless we can rid our voting process of fraud and illegal voting.

  • Edward Rambo

    Erik Holder is nothing more than O Bosco’s BUTT BUDDY and using other government offices to run company’s out of business is un-constitutional, but since when do Bosco and his Holder care about the constitution, they should put both of these clowns in Prison for what they have done to our Country, also what are they going to do when the Military runs out of Ammo, they may make some of it but they don’t make all of it and the Company’s that do make the bombs, and rockets, and other Explosives for the Government should refuse to supply them if they pull some Bullshit like this. One thing I have learned from Dear Leader is that he has a FIT when he don’t get his way, he acts like a 2 year old that can’t have a piece of candy he will do what ever he can to get back at everyone that crosses him, look what he did after the Mid-term Elections the RATS lost big time and the first thing he does is sign an illegal Executive order for Illegals within a couple of weeks, and I’ll guarantee you if the RATS had won we would still be talking about Immigration, a man with this type of Childish attitude should have never been Elected for anything, He’s nothing more that a selfish, spoiled little BABY that wants everything his way and he don’t care what he has to do to get his way……