Holder’s Anti-Cop Civil Rights Division Uncovered

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Under President Obama’s direction, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has initiated investigations by his Civil Rights Division into the cases of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York.

While elements of the public, divided along racial lines, are supporting federal intervention in the cases, revelations uncovered by undercover investigator James O’Keefe clearly prove that Holder’s Civil Rights Division has no place investigating law enforcement.

A veteran attorney in the Civil Rights Division, Karla Dobinski, was previously involved in what a Louisiana judge called “grotesque prosecutorial misconduct.”

Dobinski, along with three other attorneys with the Department of Justice, were caught anonymously publishing online comments on their cases.

One case involved the prosecution of Louisiana police officers. The officers were convicted with the Civil Rights Division leading the case.

Due to the misconduct of the prosecutors, the convictions were later overturned.

As it turns out, attorney Karla Dobinski, was the leader of the “Taint Team” that was tasked with swaying public opinion of the targets of their investigations and cases. Essentially, the Taint Team’s job was to hurt the reputation of cops, leading them to convictions of law enforcement officers.

Karla was caught red-handed in the previous case.

Today, she remains an attorney with the Civil Rights Division with a comfortable office in the Patrick Henry Building.

Her case was probed internally by the DOJ and yet she remains employed and will not be part of the investigation of the cops involved in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

O’Keefe, through his organization, Project Veritas Action, is calling for an independent investigator.

  • CaptTurbo

    That’s hilarious! What do you need to fer if you are armed?

  • sonniec

    I always had guns since I was a kid. You never know what is going to happen in this country of our, especially with the likes of Obama bitch and his ass wipe Eric Holder plus all Obama’s hand picked CZARS. Who knows what the next crew will bring to us. So it is better to be prepared with so sort of protection then to be left at the mercy of Obama and Hol;ders low life hoodlums. I never liked this Obama from day one I don’t trust the bastard and I can not wait till he is out of the peoples’s White House. He and that low life punk bitch Al (bobble head) Sharpton is another that does not belong in the white house, he belongs in a out house full of shit.

  • marlene

    Not one white male that I know is afraid of any black man, one on one and not a 300 pound psycho. . However, these violent black racists are COWARDS who travel in packs because without guns and guys, they’re NOTHING.

  • marlene

    Not one white man that i know is afraid of any black male, one on one, and not a 300 pound bully. These violent black racists are COWARDS and travel in packs of thugs with guns, Without their guns and their rat packs, they’re NOTHING.

  • HOLDER and his whole JUSTICE DEPARTMENT need to be arrested and sent to GITMO out of sight for life for all the INJUSTICE they have caused on the AMERICA AS A WHOLE! TRY the Whites and ignore the BLACKS!

    • Yadja

      We don’t have the guts or the leaders to do what our Founding Fathers would have done to him the first time he stepped all over the Constitution……they carried swords and guns and they used them.

  • Holder and the whole Justice department needs to be arrested and husseled off to gitmo out of sight for ever for all the destruction they have casused to the American citizens in the past 6 years. Ostrasizing the whites and agreeing with the black criminals!

  • Maggietish

    The President of the United States and the Atty. Gen. have literally thrown police officers under the bus. The brave men and women who serve as a police officers are expected to put their lives on the line in order to keep us safe but they’re literally being victimized by our President, and others, and called racist. Are police officers to simply allow themselves to become the targets of the lawless now. There is an absolute war against white people in this nation. It should not surprise anyone that there will be more gun sales so that people can defend themselves.

    • Yadja

      He is not and never has been my president. He is the president of Terrorists, Dictators, Communists, Mexicans, Marxists, Blacks, Muslims but he is not my president and I turned my back on this piece of camel dung from the start.

      Let the cops do their thing and take care of this……where there is ill will there is a way.

  • One thing has to be done before there is any peace, that is get rid of OBAMA. He is the cause of just about every problem in the US. Also, OBAMA has to stay out of the Police Business, he has no idea what is doing or the harm he is causing. OBAMA MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yadja

    It is not good to bite the hands that guard you and O and Holder along with Sharpton and Blacks in the Hood etc going to find out…….my guess sooner than later.

    I was sure proud of them for turning their backs on the Mayor and not allowing him to their funerals. If only the rest of this country would show their backs to O and gang.