Illegals Line Up for Benefits, Work Permits Under Obama Amnesty

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As foretold in the days leading up to Election Day, President Barak Obama made good on expectations by “undocumented worker” lobby to grant “executive action” amnesty to millions of illegal aliens on November 20 – especially those with children who are U.S citizens by birth.

In the course of preparing for the announcement, illegal alien advocates have begun to roll out their plan to spread the word about President Obama’s “temporary” action to shield an estimated five million illegals or more from deportation proceeding.

This action also includes provisions allowing illegal aliens to work, to open up programs like ObamaCare, Medicaid, and other already overburdened entitlements to illegal immigrants and access to some benefits under Social Security.

Within days of the announcement, community organizers working hand-in-hand with amnesty groups announced a busy schedule of amnesty “workshops” aimed at informing which immigrants are covered by the president’s action, how to apply, when work permits may take effect and when benefits may begin to flow.

Workshops have already been held in community centers, schools, churches and even in big city venues like convention centers with follow-up presentations and orientations set up to take place at selected locations based on demand.

The question of funding these amnesty workshops and orientations – as well as providing the government services necessary to administer the amnesty – was settled when the House and Senate passed the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill earlier this month sending it to the president for his signature to become law.

“Not so fast” says Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbott (and current Texas Attorney General) who filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Texas intended to block the president’s action to benefit an estimated five million immigrants in the country illegally.

A press release issued by Abbot reads in part:

“More than 20 states have joined our challenge against the president’s unilateral executive action to bypass Congress and rewrite immigration laws.

The president’s proposed executive decree violates the U.S. Constitution and federal law, circumvents the will of the American people and is an affront to the families and individuals who follow our laws to legally immigrate to the United States.”

The additional states added to the amended complaint brings the multistate coalition led by Texas total to 24, including: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.”

  • angrymike

    Obama should be arrested and prosecuted for being a traitor to the American public !!!
    We said no on election day, no means no !!!

    • plum82

      no no no not anymore…….no means whatever those idiots in the black house want it to mean……

      • angrymike

        I forgot, “The Clinton Rule” , it means what I say it means at the time that I say it…….

    • wapitihunter

      traitor? A traitor would mean he’s a legal citizen. He should be tried as a spy. A treasonist at the very least.

      • angrymike

        Your right, but all the D-rats, and a lot of RINO’s would make nice Christmas ornaments on the telephone poles all over America……..

  • Diane

    I wish Virginia would join the lawsuit too but our corrupt Democrat Governor who is best friends with Hillary & Bill Clinton isn’t likely to do what We The People want either!

  • Ibcamn

    obama said we don’thave money or time to hunt down illegal aliens,well here you go!they are coming for free handouts(as we knew they would)and when they get there,arrest them(they are criminals yet,remember,obama didn’t sign the law papers yet)and when they get there,throw them into paddy wagons and off they go,back to their own country,you can most likel;y get more than half before they catch on to what your doing,greedy basterds!!they hate us,they kill us,they murder us,they rob us,they steal all our hard earned cash at knife and gunpoint,they break into our homes,they steal our cars and trucks and rape the woman and men,the little girls and boys!yet they want our handouts and to live in our [email protected] them,ship them home!

    • Oldhairold

      We don’t have the money to feed & clothe them, either. But, that makes not difference to him.

      • Ibcamn

        in one gov’t report,it’s gonna be about 1 trillion and about 20,000 new employees and several new branch offices in several states to get this all done in the next 10 years or so,but that’s just preliminary estimates,not even the whole number yet!!..and you know as well as i do about how well the gov’t fudges,oops,i mean figures their numbers!!(expensive democratic votes,eh?)

      • sherri palmer

        the next pres will have to catch, deport, cut off benefits of all kinds and kick their raggedy a$$e# out of our country. Dirty, uneducated, disease carrying filth.

        • pineapple

          Eisenhower sent them packing after WWII to make room for returning GIs who needed jobs. It was called “Operation Wetback”.

      • pineapple

        Send them all to the White House.

    • plum82

      ASAP ship them home, ANYWHERE but get them GONE !!!!!!!!!
      AND the IDIOTS that voted for him not once BUT TWICE…tsk tsk tsk talk about STUPID ~~~~~~~~

      • Ibcamn

        we should do like australia finally figured out their imagration problem,do whatever is necessary to get all ilegals back to their own country,just change the laws and stop them as they come in and turn them around,if by boat,threaten to sink them in the ocean and fly off!!for us,it would be that and land,same application applies!!and capture and deport the ones here”illegally here”,that’s the part that’s messed up,illegally here,illegal aliens!yet the regime can’t wrap their heads around that word!!and obama got the second term on fraudulant votes remember!(they are still counting them as we speak!)can’t wait to see what the final talley will be!

    • pineapple

      And Obamaroid with them. He admitted that he was n ot born in the
      U.S. (see You can also see


    Any one ask obama why immigrants were allowed to enter at will into the United States? Surely he has some reason volumes of humanity thought they were welcome by taxpayers.

    • plum82

      in a pigs eye ~~~~~~~~~~hillary can’t even manage her marriage BUT she wants to manage OUR COUNTRY…….throw her to the dogs ~~~~~~~~~~

  • fastboat

    Overload the system. Now who was the first to think of that? Oh yea, that communist husband and wife team.

  • A P

    If this does not make ALL Americans sick, it should! Obama has trampled on the USA Constitution, the USA Citizens, and spent our tax dollars and resources to the point where we will be LUCKY if we can ever pull out of this mess! I hope and pray ALL the remaining states will join in the lawsuit against Obama and his Amnesty. This man makes me sick to even look at him!

  • D.C.J.

    Freebees in America once again. Hell with what our kids, we, our parents, grandparents, or the Greatest Generation Fought & Worked for. Give all our hard worked earnings & lands away. In Obama’s eyes America is a bad Nation.
    Obama is a multi-generational graduate from socialist liberal Universities. He’s believed since youth that the U.S. is the root causes of badness & problems in the world. HIS NEW U.S. is good & he wants to come across as, Look I’ll Work With You. I’m For You. I’m Your Friend. He accepts Iran’s & other countries criticism of the U.S. because he believes it’s legit. He’s hardcore in his beliefs of this & associates only with other people who HATE what America stands for & has done in the past. He actually sympathizes with people who are enemies of the United States.
    Pray for America People. Pray…!!!

    • pineapple

      He sucks up to a communist country (Cuba) while throwing our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, under the bus.Tthis is what to expect from a communist Muslim.

      • D.C.J.

        Absolutely true. This POS anti-American, anti-U.S. Constitution, Communist & Muslim loving pretend POTUS is the utmost disgrace to the “Office of the United States Presidency.” Hopefully AF1 crashes on the way to Hawaii this week.

  • KingDon

    I fully expected Boehner to vote in favor of his best bedroom buddy’s amnesty package (they even have matching tans), but I was really disappointed to hear that Bob Latta stabbed his constituents in the back as well. That one makes no sense. Does Obama have something that he is holding over on these people’s heads?

  • wapitihunter

    The only benefit they should get is a one way ticket back to Mexico.

    • sherri palmer

      naw, make them walk, that’s how they got here, they can make the trip, we have pampered them enough!

  • sherri palmer

    look at the little wetbacks

  • joseph

    if millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS showed up to protest for amnesty, which they did then 25 million AMERICAN CITIZENS should have protested in front of the capital building AND THE WHITE HOUSE to stop it. BUT AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE LAZY, MUCH TO BUSY TO STOP AN OUT OF CONTROL LUNATIC PRESIDENT. AMERICANS are STILL waiting FOR CONGRESS, THE SENATE TO ACT, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO ACT because their big corporation buddies want cheap labor. mc connell voted YES for illegal amnesty and unless AMERICA starts to fight back we will have 11 million illegal aliens looking for benefits, citizenship, they are already lining up. the citizens of america have been swallowing obamas crap for 6 years and still they have not learned their lesson and fought back. you refuse to get involved, you refuse to get off your ass and do ANYTHING TO STOP THIS. YOU ARE BEING MADE FOOLS OF THIS ADMINISTRATION and still you want more abuse.unless you are willing to leave your warm lazy boy chair and cable TV, STOP COMPLAINING because you have done NOTHING to stop any of this. you gave your rights away when the illegals rolled over the AZ desert by the millions.. you should have acted then but you did not. one word sums this all up, PATHETIC

  • Edward Rambo

    The only benefit they should get is a ride back to the Border, and they can take the POS Poser and his Butt Headed wife with him…