Is the FCC already counting your money?

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The ink is barely dry on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “Net Neutrality” takeover of the Internet and the first of many predictions about government control appear to be coming true.

As FCC commissioner Ajit Pai warned before FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s Internet power grab became “law”, bureaucrats within the FCC have been loosed on the Internet.

Their mission… their goal… their reason for being is to dream up new ways to break the rich Internet piñata and shake loose billions of dollars in new taxes and fees to fund “free” Internet access for favored Democrat constituencies, redistribute wealth and provide the FCC with the resources it needs to do both.

During a recent appearance on Newsmax TV and punctuated in an interview on radio’s “The Steve Malzberg Show”, FCC commissioner Ajit Pai revealed that:

“The president said…on, this is my plan and I’m asking the FCC to implement it. On the day the FCC took the vote on Feb. 26, the Democratic National Committee put out a tweet saying, Hooray! The FCC has approved President Obama’s plan.”

“Now, you cannot square those two statements from those two entities with the notion that the FCC was acting independently” Pai said. “The position I’ve taken is that this was a break from our traditional position as an independent agency.”

“Even if the president’s opinion was one among many, nonetheless, it’s hard to argue that his opinion was equal. Certainly, some opinions in this process were more equal than others.”

Stretching incredulity, Chairman Wheeler (appointed by President Barack Obama) testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform this past Tuesday that:

“I would like to be clear: There were no secret instructions from the White House. I did not, as CEO of an independent agency, feel obligated to follow the president’s recommendation.”

Expressing understanding but not approval, Commissioner Pai said:

“I have some sympathy for the chairman’s position having proposed something in May, having tried out an alternative in the summer, just to get blindsided in November by the president and ultimately having to buckle. It doesn’t speak well for the agency when we have these political considerations that are placed on us.”

With respect to new taxes and fees on Internet service, Pai said:

“They’re going to be a number of different effects over the coming months and years … Most immediately what is going to happen is that the FCC has now explicitly opened the door to an increase in the tax that is going to be placed on broadband.”

“I would imagine in the next month or two we’re going to see for the first time taxes placed on broadband bills. Your bill is going to go up. In the longer term, some of the more incidental effects are going to be a reduction to the amount of competition. Some of the smaller Internet service providers are going to find it more difficult to stay in.”

That’s not all.

The rising cost of Internet use under FCC control will not stop with government imposed taxes and fees. These costs to consumers will be dwarfed by the states who are chomping at the bit to collect sales taxes Internet purchases.

Brick and mortar stores have long complained that consumers visit retail stores to “touch and feel” products only to go home and buy them on the Internet – sidestepping state and local sales taxes that could make purchases cost prohibitive.

Republican lawmakers are busy crafting legislation to nullify Chairman Wheeler’s “Net Neutrality” Internet power grab but the legislation will likely face a veto if it makes its’ way to President Obama’s desk.

In the meantime, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) will have to settle for legal action and hoped for court injunctions to stop FCC control of the Internet from taking effect – resources that will not be available to innovate, invent and invest in new Internet technologies.

  • K9

    Why doesn’t some one get rid of this power grabbing a$$hole and throw his ass in prison.

  • This is unexcessable , PERIOD.

  • This is another power grab by Obama to stop the free expression we had, note the key word: HAD, because of him we will be taxed on our use of our internet, I say our internet, because we paid for it’s development long before Obama was even aware of the DARPA project that created the world wide web. Another power grab like this one and even the Democrats who are barely holding on to their trust of this creep, will drop their support of him like he’s a HOT rock, and that’s because he is HOTTER THEN THE SUN POLITICALLY right now as it is. Obamacare should be renamed for what it really is: Obamadoesn’tcare. 5 years later after it was passed into law by a CONgress that doesn’t even read the bills anymore, they are a huge rubber stamp now, and it matters not to them the bills they pass don’t work to the benefit of the American People, but they work well at lining the CONgressional pockets they so dearly love at our expense.

    • Chad

      unfortunately politics don’t matter at this point. The ones that will become the ruling class have already been promised their spots. Look at how socialism was started in Russia and you will see our future without real action by the American people.

  • Chad

    Obama said this last week in an interview that he would, “Expand the federal government by hook or by crook without congress and by stretching the constitution to its boundaries.” We will not see election 2016. Eight south western states are being used by the Army special operations command and state and local police to practice MARSHAL LAW. Texas and Montana are marked as Dangerous New Mexico is semi dangerous California and Colorado are designated friendly. This as the DHS once again reports the biggest threat to America is the American people. We must rise up and stop this treasonous government, Civil War is upon s but this one will be for the very existence of the United States. “Although we may now be divided, The Republic will survive united and stronger than ever.” We just have to rise up together white black brown green I don’t care if you are American come together or we will lose this country. We have less than 18 months and I pray we rise to the occasion.

  • larry grimm

    I have an idea ,why not put a meter on all individuals, and tax the air we breathe! When people could no longer afford to feed the meter ,we would die off, and help avoid some of the carbon dioxide so now disdained.To make sure this was such a good idea let the clowns in dc try it out.


  • virginkiller

    Shoot them, shoot them all

  • gregnel

    CUZ IT’S ROCKET SCIENCE— we are not suppose to know that the cronnies in power use money laundering tactics at just about everything they do. Give the FCC tax money we never see, then turn around an tax the internet for more profit? I get that, but the real problem is that the entire govt. is doing this at every turn an has been for years now. The only way to stop this is to fire the lot an start over,, yeh i know you think we can not get by without the govt.? Well you are wrong an we would be no worse off by morning. Not to mention all the money we could save by not having soooooo many leach’s dragging this country down. I guess nobody wishes to talk about anything sensibly these days cuz most are trying to keep up with media spin. Most cannot stand the truth anyway??

  • The real problem is that the American public does not even realize this is going on like the rest that is happening. Someone must figure out a way to get the public to realize just what this socialism is all