Is the press finally turning on Barack Obama?

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A new study by the Columbia Journalism Review has reported that the relationship between the White House and the press is the least open it’s ever been–and that’s coming directly from frustrated journalists themselves.

After what CJR describes as an “exhaustive study of every official exchange Obama had with the press corps in 2014,” as well as interviews with a number of current and former White House correspondents, they’ve discovered that the Obama Administration is working hard to hide many of its actions from the press.

In 2014, Obama gave just five solo press conferences. By comparison, John F. Kennedy held 23 press conferences per year during his term as President.

High-profile White House correspondents are becoming increasingly vocal about their frustration with a secretive administration.

Peter Baker, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, even admits, “The people who cover the president know him the least.”

And U.S. News and World Report’s Kenneth Walsh, who has been a White House correspondent since the Reagan Administration, agrees: “Something really important has gone missing, understanding the president and having both sides trust each other enough so [the press] understands what’s going on. We don’t understand him as well as we should, and I think the country loses because of that.”

This is a far cry from the often-fawning press attention that Barack Obama would receive during his successful 2008 campaign for President–when talking heads like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who famously claimed to get a “thrill up [his] leg” during an Obama speech–and could serve as a turning point in the notoriously-favorable press attention Obama has received in the past.

In the meantime, Obama and his Administration shows little signs of fixing their relationship with the press–which means journalists and Americans alike can continue to expect the same stonewalling and hidden agendas that have defined the last six years.

Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.
  • Mike

    Hahahah!!! “The most Transparent Administration in History”. He always does the exact opposite of what he says he’ll do. He has a private email server, just like Hill-ary.

  • Craig

    Peter Baker, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, even admits, “The people who cover the president know him the least.” You people are in the press shoved this man down our throats. Never mind you do any investigative journalism. You get what you deserve. I knew who this man was when he first opened his mouth and said he was running for president but those of us that did were called racisist biggots. We just didn’t want him as president because he’s black. Thanks for that. I will take years to undo all the crap that this man as president has done, if it can be changed and in the mean time the liberak\l Main stream media will still try to cram the liberal canidates down our throats. Go after the conservitives tooth and nail but give the liberal democrats a free pass. You guys suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gerrod

    The first affirmative action president in history has found himself to be well over his head on all matters foreign and domestic. Is it any wonder this clown has chosen to to be the most secretive in that he does not wish to be exposed as the pretender that he is. He has sealed every record about himself and has exhibited his credentials via xerox copies and word of mouth. He knows nothing about the rule of law, nothing about the constitution, nothing about history, and absolutely nothing about the presidency. The lame stream media has given him a pass for six years because of his race and are afraid to call him on anything for rear of being labeled racist by his fawining following. Besides, the press helped to create the lie and are now being put off and spurned by the liar-in-chief himself. They are not getting what they prostituted themselves for.

    • Scott Todd

      He’s not in over his head, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

  • Chrisnj

    Does this decline in blind adoration for the AINO (American In Name Only) thug-in-chief mean that the press will now start actually aggressively investigating and skeptically reporting on the regime’s transgressions?

    Fat chance.

  • Wm.

    Just a “ditto” here. The Leftist media is “shocked, shocked,” that this preening empty-suit is behaving exactly as predicted by his “racist, tea-bagger” critics seven years ago..