Ivy League Bureaucrat Ashton Carter to Lead Military

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Barack Obama is reported to have handpicked Ashton Carter co-director of Harvard’s “Preventative Defense Project” as the next Secretary of Defense, replacing former Senator Chuck Hagel.

Carter can be described as a “nerd’s nerd” holding a doctorate in Theoretical Physics from Oxford along with is undergraduate degree from Yale in Medieval History.

The new SecDef pick is also a money-maker having advised investment funds for Global Technology Partners and consulted for Goldman Sachs.

While Ashton Carter may seem like a logical pick for the Secretary of State, a department with the responsibility of fostering international relations and peace, his placement as head of the Department of Defense may set a tone that undermines warfare capabilities.

The Department of Defense was originally established in 1789 as the United States Department of War.

The cornerstone at the Pentagon still displays the original name of the department. Pentagon visitors can find the inscription at the Mall Entrance of the building.

At the time of establishment and for decades after, the Secretary of War was a civilian position with limited oversight over military affairs. Instead, the original SecDefs were penny pinchers responsible for finance.

Today, the Secretary of Defense serves as the President’s primary advisor on military affairs, typically while holding no military command or even field experience.

The outgoing Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, served as a Sergeant in the Army during Vietnam. Hagel volunteered for the draft and was awarded several medals of commendation including two Purple Hearts.

Ashton Carter is expected to be unanimously confirmed for the position by Congress.

  • CaptTurbo

    The communist Muslim squatter with no credentials or qualification for the office he is usurping is good at picking people with no qualifications for the positions to be filled.

    • CommieBuster

      Yes indeed, the Muslim-Marxist jihadist has pretty much purged those in the military that would remain loyal to the country instead of him. Stalin would have been proud. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  • imbwaldo

    The one thing our federal government SHOULD be doing, and doing well, is defending this country. Obama can’t even get THAT right. Some Harvard pansy as Secretary of Defense? Unbelievable. We ride a runaway train.

  • David Allen

    Another OBAMA appointment to a vital position for our nation…..no credentials, no military experience. A bean counter is just what this nation needs to lead the most powerful military in the world. God help us, another liberal educated idiot.

  • Clint Hall

    I’m glad there is a medieval history degree involved. We are heading that way.

    • Greg Anson, U.S.N.(Ret)

      You are right! I cry for my children.

  • Alice Maxwell

    Another “educated” Harvard man who serves as a financial advisor with Goldman Sachs? Oh boy, here we go again off into the wild blue yonder. Goldman has monetarized everything on earth and now will get to do the same with anything any Defense department has turned up that can attract “financing” to continue to leverage debt into investments. The wheel goes round and round and where it stops nobody knows but Goldman Sachs!

  • Greg Anson, U.S.N.(Ret)

    This country may well survive Obama. It has a monetary system, I fear, that will not. (Take head Federal Reserve)