Lambasting $2 Gas, Environmentalists Call for Gas Tax Increase

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Leave it to Mark Morford, our favorite yoga-teaching columnists from the San Francisco Gate to lament the dramatic drop in gas prices.

In his latest column, clearly written in between bikram sessions, the tree admiring writer cried, “There is nothing good about cheap gas in America.”

Morford went on to gasp, “Cheap gas means not only are people driving more, it means fickle, short-term memory Americans are buying gas-guzzling SUVs and large trucks all over again.”

In a previous column, Morford blamed the rise in gun sales on “scared white guys.”

Applying a bit of unscientific economic theory to Morford’s observations, the rise in sales of SUV’s could be directly related to the rise in gun sales.

After all, hauling a few assault rifles, a thousand rounds of 5.56 ammo, a cooler of beer and your favorite dog does get cramped in a ’93 Ford Festiva.

A little closer to reality is the fact that auto-makers, understanding the space needs of Americans along with the desire for fuel economy are now producing their most fuel-efficient people movers in their history.

The top five most fuel-efficient SUV’s for 2015 now hit over 30 miles per gallon. That’s a significant improvement over the days of 16 mpg’s in the old Ford Explorer.

Unfortunately, Morford is not alone in his lament of affordable fuel.

Yahoo auto blogger, Neal Pollack, echoed the sentiment, “Sound the bells, because Americans are going to start purchasing guzzlers.”

The solution to a surge in “gas guzzlers,” at least in the eyes of Morford, is to feed the government more money with yet another tax hike.

The California columnist recommended, “But here’s even more awesomely helpful and radical idea: a five dollar per gallon tax increase – hell make it $6.”

Americans already pay 18.4 cents per gallon to the federal government and as much as 50.6 cents in state taxes and fees. That’s a tax of up to $.70 per gallon.

The federal government alone will collect $24.75 billion in gas taxes this year.

That’s enough to shoot for the ultimate fuel-saving plan by distributing a nice new bicycle to every household in America . . . but that too would be a waste.

Americans don’t want teeny cars, or bicycles. They want comfort, safety and enough room to haul as much as they want, when they want.

  • Karl Landgren

    Buying full-sized trucks and SUV’s also means jobs for those who make and sell said vehicles. It may also result in more people buying campers, boats, horse trailers (thus creating even more jobs), or towing tools and other equipment to go to a work site. Buying more fuel may encourage oil companies to hire folks or raise their pay.

    • Karl Landgren

      Also, perhaps more people will go visit their relatives and friends–perhaps sick ones–because they can now afford to do so. It’s that old-fashioned concept called Liberty, Mr. Morford!

  • LonePine

    … a few assault rifles and a thousand rounds of ammo ? (sigh) More comment by one obviously unfamiliar with the hardware. One rifle. A dozen magazines, (no, not the cute little 10 rd ones) and Several thousand rds of ammo.

  • Environmentalists are sucking the life out of true US Citizens & America… They really have no logical clue to their hype. Always saying people need to live with less, but then they have 3 houses and offshore accounts. Instead of adding taxes to they don’t like, they should go out off the grid and leave the rest of us alone…. People lose their jobs because of the pseudo-science of global warming, and the “gas guzzlers of the past” are only going to be purchased used by people who can’t afford to buy the new.

    Maybe the could have afforded it if they hadn’t lost their jobs due to whacky science!

  • Doug S

    Marky’s a moron, there’s no such thing as a “gas guzzler” anymore, what with CAFE standards and the like.
    Besides that, if Americans want to pay to be able to drive something they want to drive, they’ll likely pony up the necessary funds to put gas in said vehicle, in example, I’ve been driving a Ford F-150 with a 5.4 liter V-8 since 2005 and from then, I’ve gotten between 13 and 16 mpg driving around town, higher on the highway, maybe 17 to 20 mpg (oh, wait, liberals like Mark (his name always makes me laugh – because it sounds like what a harelip dog would sound like when it barks – MARK MARK MARK!!!), anyway, liberals like Mark don’t WANT people to have a choice of what they drive, EVERYBODY would have to drive little econoboxes like my wife’s car – a 2005 Chevy Aveo hatchback – pathetic little car, can barely get out of its’ own way.
    It’s soooo small, it’s too little for my to ride in, let alone drive.

  • poptoy1949

    This article is so full of it it makes me believe an idiot wrote it. What a DUMMY !

  • James in Texas

    No problem! The Tree-huggers have a plan. It goes like this……Enjoy your life while you starve and freeze to death in the dark, all the while walking to where ever it is you want to be when you Die, Period! Most of the folks I know would just keep on doing what they do, and always post their property with signage that states “Tree-huggers will be shot if found hugging any of the Trees”!

  • Greg Anson,U.S.N.(Ret)

    The environmentalist don’t loki anything that might be prosperous to not just American people but people in general. They (environmentalist) do not give a hoot about anybody but themselves. Take the Spotted Owl in the Pacific Northwest United States. God created animals for humans pleasure, not the other way around. To “Save” a stupid bird by eliminating hundreds of thousands of acres of renewable resources is just STUPID. A bactor said: STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

    • NukeWaste

      You should have mentioned where the owls were finally found living. In billboards. They left the woods.

  • Francisco Machado

    I’m for the abolition of all rules restricting members of the AGW crowd from buying the vehicles they want, no matter how little fuel they use. Further, I think the option ought to be somehow made available to them to pay an additional tax of five dollars per gallon on the motor fuel they use. In addition, another damn rule (so that’s how health care got so complicated) that prohibits them from imposing their religion on other people – oh, wait – I think that’s already in the Constitution. They can sacrifice to the god of AGW (or its avatar, Al Gore), but such sacrifices ought not be imposed upon non-believers. If they want to buy indulgences (carbon credits), they should not be restricted from doing so, but members of other religions, who do not believe in the AGW utopia, shouldn’t have to pay for not aspiring to it. The Inquisition ended in the mid nineteenth century after six hundred years of religious persecution. Don’t revive it.

  • NukeWaste

    Why don’t these self-centered libturd manginas live their own lives quietly and leave the rest of us alone. We don’t care if they sold their car when it finally died. We aren’t impressed by people who take the bus. Living in a tiny cubicle is exactly what they deserve. But we will not live that way. Agenda 21 is a bust. Kick the UN out of here and stop wasting our money!

  • mjmaf

    Time to tax and regulate these often violent junk-science wackos! They have been
    responsible for burned down businesses, massive job losses from ridiculous claims backed by anti-freedom, left leaning lawyers. Many of your kids can’t build a life, nor go to school from you losing your job or not getting a potential job due to their constant interference in using our renewable natural resources to fill America’s growing and unfulfilled energy needs. They keep blocking a job-rich, no-brainer Keystone pipeline as well as Obama’s preparing to declare much of Alaska’s economic bread and butter off-limits to KILL MORE JOBS. Time to shut down these communist obstructionists to the American Dream as well as those preventing farmers from watering their land to grow food in California and Oregon so people around the world can eat, instead of making less efficient fuel out of food. Removing Obama is a good start, and electing genuine and common sense job-friendly people to elected office a great way to get things moving again! How long do you want to stay out of work or keep having your work age kids live in your basement? Well????

  • Gold Stars

    Tell this twit to cycle across Wisconsin when it is near minus infinite!!
    What idiots like him fail to recognize or acknowledge is more people are killed by cold than killed by heat!!
    If all the SUVs were actually responsible for global warming, then the lack of rise in temperatures would not be taking place over the last 18 years!!
    What they really are looking for is simple, their piece of control over their fellow human. They are just a bunch of woosy, little mean spirited, almost people! Crying every time they do not get their way!!

    Tell Al Gore not to fly his Gulf Stream instead. LOL