Mall of America Protesters Face Criminal Charges

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Mall of America Black Lives Matter

Bloomington, Minnesota City Attorney Sandra Johnson is expected to file criminal charges against the organizers of a massive protest that took place at the Mall of America last Saturday afternoon over the deaths of Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner of New York, NY at the hands of police officers during arrest.

In all, approximately 3,000 individuals attended the protest that partially shut down the mall for about two hours at the height of the Christmas shopping season driving away customers and causing financial damage to the affected stores during the highly charged standoff.

Using social media including Facebook and Twitter, a protest mob converged on the center of the mall to chant “Black Lives Matter”, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “While you’re on your shopping spree, black people cannot breathe” knowing the protest would be highly visible at a commercial center located on private property.

To determine the amount of financial damage suffered by the protest, Mall officials collected estimates of how much money the stores lost on that Saturday and combined that total with the amount of overtime put in by police to monitor the protest and quell unrest.

Johnson said the number would be “staggering” and that she wants the protest organizers to pay.

An employee at one of the affected stores said ”you had people yelling and screaming inside the mall that wanted out and you had people yelling and screaming outside the mall that wanted in.”

“This was a powder keg just waiting for a match,” said Johnson who is now building criminal cases against the protest organizers. “The main perpetrators are those who continued on their Facebook site to invite people illegally to the Mall of America,” she said.

Lena Gardner of the group “Black Lives Matter” said several groups took part in organizing Saturday’s protest and that financial losses were not the fault of protesters instead blaming police who shut down the mall.

  • ThereAintNoJustice

    It is one thing to protest in front of City Hall, the Courthouse, or a police station. Those are all public property. By a Mall is private property that allows access to the general public. Mall management and ownership also have the right to deny access. Even if you believe you are privileged like blacks, LGBTs, or liberals in general feel (liberals never think) they are.

  • Steve Harmon

    Good, sue them into poverty!

  • Donna Lampkin

    Good, sue them!!! They like to destroy things to prove they think blacks don’t have to obey the law

  • Ohio Land Man

    am going to follow up and actually see if someone does get sued.. more power to you to take those assholes down..

    • Scott Todd

      Good luck with that. I doubt most of them even have enough to be worth going after. Of course I could be in for a pleasant surprise.

      • Ohio Land Man

        looking for Hope and Change

  • D.C.J.

    As the blond walks in the Mall laughing thinking it’s all a joke. That’s the problem these days. Everything is funny & cute for liberals while they drive this “Great Nation” into the ground. Far Left Progressive Liberal Minnesota where Radical Islamist Muslims are taught & recruited won’t convict them.

    • Ohio Land Man

      it is funny how the media again portrays this bull shit.. lets put the white blonde girl laughing at the dumbass scums on the floor.. wonder if she is a plant.. but .. i think we all are laughing at the Sheeple again brought into action by the likes of Obammy, Shiton and the rest.. grrrrrrr

  • Paper Boy

    How about a lie-in at a Plan Parenthood clinics.