Michael Brown Protesters Block Black Friday

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Black Friday was put on hold in Ferguson this week thanks to protesters gathers in support of Michael Brown and his family.

Brown, who was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer after the 290 pound, 18 year-old rushed the officer, Darren Wilson.

Wilson was acquitted of wrongdoing in the case, setting off riots and protests that continued through Thanksgiving weekend.

For Black Friday shoppers in Ferguson, their hope to get on with holiday preparations were dashed by angry crowds blocking stores.

For retailers in the area, Black Friday could have been a welcome break from the rioting, looting and violence that had effected many businesses in the area.

  • EDisgust

    Ridiculous, just ridiculous.

  • Joe James

    These people are lame. They’re just hurting themselves! Obama isn’t much smarter by getting involved although the body cameras have been in use in many PD’s for a while. I agree they should be another common tool.

  • Bob Hennessey

    When will the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and other news outlets get it. Their are approx 316 million people in the USA and a very tiny group of people demonstrating in support of a criminal who was shot while committing a criminal act is not an item worthy of being broadcast over and over and over again even if it means commercial profits for them. The terrorist acts that some of these “demonstrators” committed, such as burning down businesses, setting vehicles on fire etc is newsworthy though and should have been reported for what it was and that is domestic terrorrism. A majority of the law abiding people of this nation are disgusted by these acts .
    Though we feel it unfortunate that a life was lost while committing a crime we do not feel that the criminal should in any way be considered a Martyr . He was a criminal committing a criminal act and he got shot. END OF STORY!!!