Michelle Obama Schooled By 2nd Grader

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Michelle Obama, who has spent much of the last six years trying to overhaul school lunches (with disastrous consequences), has met one of her fiercest critics yet: second grader Trip Klibert of LaPlace, Louisiana.

His letter is below:

Dear Mrs. Obama,

Thank you for trying to make my school lunch better, but you have ruined Taco Tuesday. Please bring back the old taco shell. I miss them. Also, the pizza is terrible. If you would like to try the new tacos, I will buy you lunch.

Thank you,
Trip Klibert

Mrs. Obama responded with an autographed picture of the Obama family, and a letter explaining to him the virtues of healthy eating–which Trip’s mom, Katie Klibert, says was “a great learning experience.”

The “Let’s Move!” initiative, which was started in 2010 by Mrs. Obama, has been tremendously controversial. Proponents of small government have also asserted that the new “Let’s Move!” Meal requirements have overstepped a school’s role–putting them in charge of dietary decisions that are better left to parents.

But what’s more, students simply don’t like the new healthy lunch choices. Many have complained about taste and quality, but especially portion size, as school districts have cut the amount of food to meet stringent calorie requirements, which is cheaper than using healthier ingredients.

Already, many school districts have opted out of the new standards, arguing that with higher costs and fewer students buying lunch, the new rules simply don’t work.
As our school meals continue to decline and leave students hungry, Mrs. Obama should remember to listen to her critics–even young ones, like Trip Klibert.

Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.
  • Pete Deiler

    Michelle Obama is dumber than a second grader. Reminds me of the thought smarter than a 5th grader

  • Pete Deiler

    Michelle Obama is dumber than a second grader. Reminds me of the thought Smarter than a 5th grader She is not

  • 63Marine

    Michael yes Michael needs to keep his nose out of places it doesn’t belong. Parents know what is best for their kids not some food expert wanna-be…..

    • Gayla

      I think you mean Michelle????

      • Btty

        Nope, he meant Michael and with good reason.

  • Pete Deiler

    Michelle Obama is dumber than ac second grader reminds me of the idea ‘smarter than a 5th grader’.
    She IS NOT!!!!

  • U.S.N.(Ret)

    Tell me for I am confounded. Just who was it that elected Michelle Obama?

  • A Evans

    As the Obama’s consistantly prove, they’re both arrogant, elitist socialists and dumber than a box of rocks.

  • If Michelle was smarter than a 2nd grader she never would have married the enomorous eared dunce

  • don

    When I was a kid, I wrote the then, President, Jimmy carter, a letter about how I thought his handling of things was flawed. He replied with a typed letter, of platitudes, and an auto signature. Months later, my father had a friend over, and he told the guy I had received a reply from the White House, and asked me to go get the letter for the fellow to see.
    I told him I couldn’t, I threw it out. My father was aghast I tossed a White House letter out, and I replied, it was just from Jimmy Carter. Not worth keeping. This girl should return the ugly Obama family portrait, and write that she doesn’t own a bird, so doesn’t need any cage lining.

  • Yolanda MartinezWeis

    What happened to mothers/fathers making lunch for their children. My mother made my and my brothers’ lunches, and we are all over 65. My husband and I, my friends, my brothers all made our childrens’ lunches. Many of the people getting these free lunches are on welfare, and they are complaining about free school lunches, REALLY!!

    Yolanda Martinez Weis