Netanyahu’s win could sink Hillary in 2016

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s surprise election victory puts Hillary Clinton in a tough spot–and could even sink her presidential campaign in 2016.

Right now, Hillary is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Israel.

Netanyahu and President Barack Obama have had a historically frosty relationship, with a whopping 93% of voters in Israel’s ruling Likud Party distrusting Obama, and feeling that he would sign a deal with Iran that runs counter to Israel’s security.

Obama, for his part, has been heavily critical of Netanyahu–with one White House official even caught referring to the Israeli leader as “chicken s**t.” He also famously ignored an impassioned and high-profile speech that Netanyahu recently gave to Congress about Israeli security issues.

If Hillary follows in Obama’s footsteps on Israel, she risks alienating big money from Jewish donors, whom she’ll need to launch and fund her campaign.

These donors–and their votes–could defect to a more pro-Israeli candidate in the Democratic primaries or even throw their support to the Republican Party, which would be a financial disaster to Democrats, who have long depended on that wealthy demographic.

But, on the flip side, she’ll be under increased pressure to criticize Netanyahu to satisfy a Democratic Party that’s grown increasingly anti-Israel over the past few years.

Specifically if Hillary Clinton gets a challenger from the Left, like former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley or Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, she would need to quickly shore up her liberal credentials, especially when it comes to foreign policy.

Though Hillary has worked closely with Netanyahu for years, and describes her relationship with him as “very good,” she also admits that she was also the “designated yeller.” And, while in her 2014 memoir Hard Choices she describes many foreign leaders in flattering terms, she brusquely describes Netanyahu as a “complicated figure.” Bill Clinton, too, was caught on a hot microphone last summer saying that Netanyahu was “not the guy” to bring peace to the Middle East.

Netanyahu also holds some animosity towards the Clintons, regretting a 1999 treaty signed with Bill Clinton that gave some Israeli land to Palestinian rebels.

Despite her mixed relationship with Netanyahu, Hillary will be forced to clarify her position on Israel–and make a key choice whether to cater to wealthy Jewish donors or the growing liberal grassroots.

Candice Thomas
Candice has almost 20 years of experience reporting for various conservative publications. When she's not writing, she enjoys being outdoors--especially camping, hiking, and hunting. She lives in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband.
  • steve harmon

    She’s a Clinton, she doesn’t have to clarify anything, just not their nature.

  • John

    Lets hope she sinks so far, no one can find her!

  • chrisnj

    If you are Jewish you need to know, Barack Hussein Obama and his Democrat party are NOT your friends – and attempting to appease those who have made the elimination of both ethnic and religious Jews anywhere and everywhere not just in Israel a central goal of their fanatic jihad will not save you. You need to seriously re-think your blind allegiance, funding, and votes supporting the collectivist left, who support those who would kill you and your families simply for who you are and what you believe.

  • Francisco Machado

    The obstacle with which Republican candidates are confronted is a voting base that rationally considers their positions on various issues, considers the logically expectable results if their proposed programs are enacted. They are prone to judge the reliability of the candidate’s promises on past performance, even the truth of their campaign promises on what they’ve delivered in the past. The Democrats, dependent on indoctrination in a projected ideology of unrealistic utopian promises and the song of a pied piper campaign, have been pretty much immune to the GOP problems. While in reducing numbers, there still exists a large number of Democrat voters who don’t recognize a trainwreck when they’re in it and believe the only reason the refulgent palaces of the promised utopia has yet to be realized is the obfuscating efforts of the radical conservative terrorists to set the brakes on the train before it gets any further onto the collapsing trestle. The Republican voters find it discouraging that the Republicans they elected are, simply put, surrendering in contradiction to their promises.

  • John Minnick

    There are numerous mentions from both Hillary and Bill Clinton, that Netanyahu is “not the guy” to bring peace to the Middle East. Okay, Bill and Hillary, riddle me THIS: Who, pray tell, in YOUR (warped) minds, WOULD be the person that brings peace to the Middle East, once and for all? It sure as hell WON’T be your bestest bud, BHO! Maybe have a peek inside that server in Chappaqua, to see who their “candidate” would be!

  • Obama has made it pretty clear that he hates Jews by not backing Israel and let’s face it Muslims are taught from birth to hate Jews! We have the enemy living in the WH and not even congress is stepping up! Our poor country! Tea party is our only hope at this point!