New Poll Shows Voters Not Dumb, Get the Issues

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Dumb Voters

A new Fox News Poll released on Wednesday reveals Americans are far from dumb when it comes to understanding the importance of our Constitutional system of checks and balances designed to guard against executive branch over reach.

By an 8-point margin, 51% to 43% of respondents believed that President Barak Obama exceeded his authority in granting legal status to more than 5 million illegal immigrants now living in the United States.

More importantly, Americans fear that Obama’s executive overreach may permanently damage the balance of power between the three branches of government – as in the case of illegal immigrant amnesty.

In this case, the president grows impatient with Congressional inaction on an issue (amnesty)… uses executive action to impose new law on the American people (no deportation, legal residency, right to work)… knowing it could take months or even years for the federal courts to rule on the constitutional merits of a particular executive order.

The poll reveals even wider margins of disapproval of executive orders when it comes to the long-term consequences that executive actions may have on the country.

Roughly three quarters (74%) believe President Obama’s amnesty order will encourage more people to enter the country including fully half saying it is “very likely” to lead to more illegal immigration in the years ahead.

According to Fox News, the “poll goes on to ask what such actions mean for the country in the long term and finds more than two-thirds – 68 percent of voters – are concerned Obama’s use of executive orders and unilateral actions may be “permanently altering” our country’s system of checks and balances.

That includes 42 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of independents and 93 percent of Republicans.”

This doesn’t mean the American people want to deal harshly with illegal immigrants already inside the country.

As Fox reports, “a 63-percent majority wants the government to allow illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. and eventually qualify for citizenship after meeting certain requirements.”

What Americans do want as part of any comprehensive immigration reform deal is a “border security first” approach before the country can address the question of bringing illegals “out of the shadows”.

This is especially true since border security is already the law of the land. According to the House Committee on Homeland Security:

“Keeping our borders secure from potential terrorists, illegal immigrants, and illicit contraband, is vital to the safety and security of the United States. The Committee on Homeland Security supports efforts to gain and maintain operational control of the entire border as well as vigorously enforce our nation’s immigration laws.”

Morgan Mayhew
Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.

    • Doug

      Can’t impeach an illegally elected president, who isn’t president, who has NEVER been president.
      He was NEVER legally on the ballot in ’08 to begin with being that he wasn’t born in Hawaii. His own words in a ’91 interview he gave for his biography.

  • Angela

    No, we sure are not dumb! Maybe 6 yrears ago some were but not all of us!!

  • Karl Landgren

    Forgive the spelling police work (B.O. is an impostor). An, yes we must politely, persistently require our congressmen to impeach him for a lot of valid reasons. He has done far worse than Andrew Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, and the philanderer-in-chief, B.J. Clinton combined.

    • Mary

      They really don’t have to impeach Obama, he is an illegal non citizen, the law could go in the White House and put him in handcuffs and lead him away, there’s really nothing to impeach.. Boy wouldn’t that be a wild scene, him being lead out in handcuffs and straight jacket???

  • lola

    You are dreaming, you are in denial, the illegals will bring havoc and destruction to this country, most of them came here for a particular agenda. Stop dreaming with Utopia. You will be very sorry.

  • sue

    Soory BUT WE ARE DUMB…We BELIEVED that the HOUSE lead by RINO Bohener would pass a SHORT TERM budget to allow Owebamacare to be cut up next year…………WRONG and we took the bait

  • Rod

    Bohner is a turncoat makeing deals behind closed doors with the traitor

  • William J.

    No, we are not dumb! Even after this election, the politicians are NOT listening to us. Term limits will help solve a lot of special interest problems on the Hill.

  • Dan .A.

    The only way to make things change is to write, call e-mail, fax, twitter your congress person and senators and hold them accountable on all issues. They should fear the voters wrath!

    Oh and put down the remote and read some books!!! Preferably ones that Public (socialist) institutions of learning( indoctrination) have banned! Educate those who are just becoming voters, tell them truth about what has changed in this country (and why) since you where their age!

    “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government;… whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.” –Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, 1789

    • Ree

      I only wish that calling congress people would work, I have called, and all I get is I will tell the Sen or Rep. I have written a letter to the editor in regards to this, if they will print, I live in liberal Oregon.

    • I REALLY wish that this was all as simple as a letter to someone, but we all know that it’s not. ENOUGH with trying to reason with these thugs in Washington/Your state. They don’t represent you, they don’t care what WE have to say. TIME TO MARCH PEOPLE!!!! If we all went down and WALKED into our states representatives office to file our complaints with them in respect to their job performance and escorted them off the premises then someone MIGHT pay attention. As is, we can bitch and whine all we want and they will continue to ignore us and any oath they may have taken. Let’s take an example from THEIR play book, DIVIDE & CONQUER. take down the state level first and then when O and his buddies start pissing their pants we can escort them out of OUR country.

  • There is already a law suit filed against the criminal illegal muslim squatter in the peoples house. Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch ( correct me if it’s not Freedom Watch .All else is correct .google it) filed a lawsuit to deport B.O. this year. Klayman is a great American leader. A true patriot fighting for the American people.
    Americans need to get behind every name and organization that’s fighting for us.
    If we lose our country ( God forbid) we can blame ourselves if we failed to fight for our country.
    Fear will hold a nation in bondage . Fear will bring a nation to ruins .
    The people must strike fear in their leaders to regain control of their country.
    All the vile acts of this administration are assaults on the many generations to come.
    Rise up American Citizens and demand the vile despot out .
    I clearly remember the fear living under the Dictator Franco of Spain as a child. Your children will never forget of that unspoken fear in their lives either, if you refuse to protect their freedoms today.
    Dictators control with fear . Strike back Americans. Demand and denounce B.O. Contact your representatives today and everyday. We must commit ourselves to winning our country back .
    This country is well on it’s way to complete control of the people.

  • Ree

    I only wish it would work to call the congress people, I have tried and tried, and I get no response from them, so I have written a letter to the editor regarding this problem, if they will print it, as I live in liberal Oregon.

  • Congress should develop a law that eliminates any delays that would not allow for a speedy trial when it concerns executive order. Simply put the case should go to the Supreme Court immediately to determine its Constitutionality. Any time any one of the three branches sues another branch for overreaching the case should go to the SC for clarification B/4 it is put into affect.

  • frankenbiker

    Seems like most of them are stupid, they elected an illegal goatfcking muzzie bastard to the presidency. Fortunately many of us have been aware of this fraud and have been exposing his lies, his barbarism, and scandals every step of the way. As a result, more Americans are waking up and becoming aware of his socialist, destructive plans for the USA.

    • Al K Dhuh

      There you go again with your racist remarks against the President. I wish all of you gun wielding crackers would go to Ireland somewhere. Go to an all white country…you probably still couldn’t get along with others.