Obama Lies about Net Neutrality

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FCC piles on with confusing numbers on Net Neutrality comments.

Taking on the issue of Net Neutrality, President Obama addressed the nation via YouTube to push the government’s position for regulating the Internet.

In his public statement the President claimed that nearly four million people supported his position.

The statement is flatly false.  

Liberty News Now, partnered with the organization, American Commitment, conducted a campaign asking the public to oppose Net Neutrality.

Over 800,000 people responded to our campaign.

The FCC received four million comments. And we know that at least 800,000 actually oppose regulating the Internet because we tracked each comment and ensured they were submitted.

With that said, the FCC, which wants to regulate the Internet with new Net Neutrality rules, can’t even seem to get their math right.

Here’s an excerpt from their press release regarding public comments on Net Neutrality:

It is now well known that the FCC’s Open Internet docket is the most commented upon rulemaking in the agency’s history, with more than 3.9 million submissions to date.

Regardless of the method through which a comment was filed, every comment submitted has been made part of the official record of this proceeding.

In the interest of ensuring that the public has open access to the nearly 2.5 million reply comments that were filed during the official reply comment period (July 19-September 15), we are today releasing those reply comments in one zipped XML file. This file includes 725,169 comments the FCC received through ECFS and CSV file uploads and another 1,719,503 comments received via the email address, for a total of 2,444,672 comments received during that time period.  

Clearly, both Obama and the FCC have attempted to deceive the public on the issue of Net Neutrality, paving the way for new regulations, and new taxes that will impact how we work, entertain and communication in the future..

  • John Rodgers

    If the government eventually gets Net-“Neutrality” and the “Fairness” Doctrine passed the only candidate (option) any intelligent person will have to vote for is the person you have never heard about.
    They will be the conservative or independent candidate believing in smaller government and will be at an extreme disadvantage to government controlled campaigning.
    Essentially every form of media will be another NPR.

  • Loren & Mary Nipple


    • Karl Landgren

      You’re right. Obviously, he despises free speech. He opposes freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, along with the 9th and 10th amendments, the limitations and separation of powers, and almost every noble principle and lofty ideal that made America the most delightsome nation God ever entrusted to His children.

  • Karl Landgren

    Isn’t he also lying about his motives and intentions, too? He’s been a habitually dishonest man for so many years, why would anyone trust him about any matter?

  • Harry Richardson

    So this president lied about the four hundred million he claims support net neutrality? What else is new? This arrogant narcissist has never make a speech that he didn’t lie about something.
    He is an absolute disgrace to our country and if we had a congress that had any guts as well as an interest in anything other than their own private empires, he would be impeached.

    • Karl Landgren

      On that fateful day in Nov., ’08, I handed out a list I’d compiled of 30 reasons why allowing this fraud to occupy our White House would be disastrous. That list now numbers in the hundreds. Yes, next month we must require our congressmen to impeach this enemy.

      • Harry Richardson

        You are absolutely correct. We are loosing our country fast with this empty suit as our “head of state.”