Obama Loses Battle for the Net

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Lost Battle for the Net

On Tuesday, the Sunlight Foundation released its study of the public’s response to proposed Net Neutrality rules, also known as Internet Regulation.

Earlier this month, President Obama directly addressed the issue claiming that “the public has already commented nearly four million times” supporting the reclassification of the Internet as a “public utility.”

As it turns out, the President, and the Federal Communication Commission got the facts totally wrong.

For background, the FCC conducted two comment periods in which the public was asked to weigh in on the issue.

The first round resulted in 800,959 comments being submitted to the FCC.

Analysis by the Sunlight Foundation concluded that 99% of those comments were in favor of regulating the Internet and 60% of the comments were submitted through form letters.

In September of this year, the FCC conducted a second round of public comments.

Those in favor of allowing the government to take authority over the Internet led a campaign called the “Battle for the Net.”

The campaign was by all descriptions, massive, with over 40,000 organizations participating in the drive.

Some of the biggest online players signed on to promote the campaign including Netflix, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Reddit, Tumblr and Vimeo.

The 40,000 sites that participated, including the White House, placed a fake “buffering” widget on their sites as a scare tactic implying the Internet would be slowed to a crawl if the government was not able to regulate the Web.

The scare tactic led to hundreds of thousands of people sending comments to the FCC in favor of Internet Regulation.

The content providers and left-leaning organizations favoring Internet Regulation assumed that since they won “Round 1” with 99% support, they could handily shut the door on the matter in “Round 2.”

They were wrong.

In the Sunlight Foundation’s report released yesterday, the headline read, “One group dominates the second round of net neutrality comments.”

This “dominating” group is the seemingly small policy organization, American Commitment, led by free-market policy analyst Phil Kerpen.

While 1.4 million comments were submitted to the FCC in the second round of comments, 60% of the comments actually opposed Internet Regulation.

Nearly all of those comments, 56.5% of all comments submitted, were gathered through the efforts of American Commitment.

Note that this site, Liberty News Now, was a partner in the “Stop Internet Regulation” campaign.

The President’s comments were premature and delivered before the votes were counted and duplicates removed.

In the end, the majority of readers of Liberty News Now along with hundreds of thousands of others, when presented with the clear facts about Internet Regulation, chose against the new rules.

In total, the verified comments submitted by American Commitment totaled 728,000.

The backers of the “Battle for the Net” underestimated the organizing power of Phil Kerpen and the sentiment of the public.

Now that the facts are out, will President Obama correct the record?

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    The things are going, Obama’s apt to tell them to do it anyway. He doesn’t seem to be swayed by public sentiment.

    • Jacqueleen

      Or, the law! Namely the Constitution upon which he took an oath to protect the welfare of the American People and to enforce the law in the Executive Branch. Please note that I said enforce the law and NOT write the law. A PA Federal Judge just ruled that Obama’s executive order for delaying deportation/amnesty is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. So, why is it still in effect? Why is Congress not defunding this unconstitutional action? Why is Obama getting away with breaking the law????? Americans have had enough of this anti-American occupying the White House…..RUSSIANS ARE EYEING CUBA…It was written that Obama’s army is Chinese, Russian and ISIS Troops…Cuba is too close for comfort, folks…..HE MUST BE IMPEACHED BY BOTH THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE AND REMOVED, INDICTED AND SENT TO PRISON OR THE GALLOWS IMMEDIATELY. He is planning a massacre of Americans. Is this the reason for the coffins and the barbed wired camps?

      • rita


  • markypolo

    Only FOOLS believe the Government is here to “Help Them”.

    • J. Bailey

      You have that Right …

  • delbert chaudoin

    of course he will set the record straight. he always does whats right and best for America look at obamacare. look at his fight against illegal border crossings. fast and furious. with a record like that, how could he do anything else?

    • Mary

      Add this one, how he is buttering up to ALL the TERRORISTIC COUNTRIES AND THEIR DICTATOR LEADERS, only so he can form a Dictators club when he gets to where he wants to be and believe me you can see it everyday things he’s doing and NOTHING FOR AMERICAN PEOPLE, he spends his time making a clear road for the takeover when he names the day, WHEN ISIS AND THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MILITIA COME MARCHING IN. HANG ONTO YOUR GUNS, YOU GOINA NEED THEM!

    • jag57

      I can’t call it obamacare, I was alive in Hitler’s destruction of Germany. Anything that is called health care, but has death panels, is Hitlercare.

  • Carol Hadenough

    Of course he won’t. He’ll follow his usual pattern and just LIE about the results. If Obama succeeds with his “public utility” argument, he and the government will have the power to REGULATE the internet (in all kinds of ways) and we can’t let that happen… ever!

    • pineapple

      The only time he didn’t lie is when he said that he did not deserve the Nobel Peace prize.

  • J.B. Young

    Obama will probably sneak around and regulate it and then announce it when it is done. The man is a low life criminal. Every week he does something else outrageous.

  • Benjamin Marcoux

    I betc’ha can’t find ONE good thing Obama has done for this country—-nope, not uno,
    he has all but wrecked this country and yet, there are those who will die for him.
    Fools they are!

    • eddyjames

      There are those that will die for him? Good a few million less progressives. Just think how much of a benifit it will be for the environment. A great way to stop global warming LOL:

  • Victor P. Bundy

    He will probably use executive orders or his new toy memorandomes to get his way to regulate the internet. And if people don’t stand up and demand his arrest for treason and violations of the constitution he will keep bypassing congress to get what he wants and distroy America even more, like he hasn’t done enough.

    • jer1041

      People are too busy on the smart phones to care, or notice what’s going on all around them. Welcome to the world of inanities…..

      • Victor P. Bundy

        You are soooooo right!!! This nation is on fire as those of us that are watching things unfold obama and his administration have little by little distroyed this nation and allies, threw racisum back 50 years, just saw our first terrorist cyber-attack by N. Korea and Americans bow to thier knees and surrender. Our forefathers would be ashamed by our actions as this nation has allowed these people in Washington to distroy America. I wish they could be here now because they would be sounding the call to arms. Obama and his evil buddy’s have divided this nation for a reason and want to keep it that way. Don’t know if you believe in God or Jesus but they both said a house divided against itself shall not stand. Most people here in this nation will not fight for this nation or thier freedom. As you stated they are wrapped up in thier own little world with thier heads in the sand and if you try to tell them of the looming danger they don’t believe it because they will not except that thier own goverment will sale us all out for thier own gain but remember what you sow you will reep will be our only revenge on them by the way of the lord. He gave us that promise and I believe what he said. Even if you don’t believe you will get to see this come full circle. WATCH!!!

        • Gary Stuckey

          Very well put!

  • grinnie

    I’m sure it will be stuck in the middle of a 20,000 page bill and passed in the middle of a Friday night behind closed doors with usual ‘transparency’ of this administration.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    They did NOT get the facts wrong, they intentionally misrepresentrd them. In other words, they LIED. Again.

  • jer1041

    A Obumma would say, “if you like your internet, you can keep your internet”, NOT.

  • jag57

    Hands off our internet, as well as our guns. I believe Dana would second that!

    • Gary Stuckey


  • frankenbiker

    They want control of the net so they can control all information being brought to the American people. They’ve already got MSM on cable, and in print sown up, now they need to internet to spread their propaganda, and if you don’t like it, then then they’ll just shut it down, so you can’t get any information, except what they want you to know.
    Anything the government is big enough to give you, is big enough to take things away.

    • Gary Stuckey

      Very true!

  • Anne0135

    This article is totally in comprehensible. If there was a lead it was completely dropped. What kind of experience do on line journos or bloggers actually have? this is an IMPORTANT issue, Cover it intelligibly, for lack of a better word at the moment.

  • Ibcamn

    the gov’t using gore’s math numbers i see,yet again!,fudged numbers don’t hold water,they should know this by now!the global warming math is a joke,it’s called fraud,but the regime loves to use it and bragg with it,too bad it’s worthless!(imagine all the thousands of hours of legitimate work that could have been done if they would stop!)well the truth comes through,yet again,thanks to hard working dedicated people who believe in the truth!and i thank those involved in that!
    just leave the internet alone,if it needs fixing at some point,i’m sure common sense will kick in to fix it!!

  • Runningbear

    And only Obama would tell such lies,but that’s all he does is LIE LIE LIE and DENY<DENY<DENY!

  • joeykinney

    Let’s just let the internet service providers regulate themselves, it’s worked well with the banking industry. I can think of no reason a corporation would exploit their customer$.

  • Donna Willey

    Our America is fast vanishing as Obungler floods America w/ dummies. Whether the majority of these people are even of average intelligence, they are blank slates just waiting for the pen of Obungler to write upon them. I can see why those in the know call the lame duck session of congress a bad time for Americans. On a better note, 3 cheers for Phil Kerpen.

  • Michael

    In 2010, A federal judged ruled the FCC which governs communication content cannot police the internet or Net Neutrality. Former president Clintion and his administration signed the internet into law without taxation. President Obama’s administration wants taxation on the internet to fund government expenditures.