Obama Racks up $182 million to House Illegal Alien Children

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UAC Children

In a report issued by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, the group states that the Department of Health and Human Services paid $182,129,786 to house, feed and entertain 2,400 unaccompanied children who crossed the U.S. border illegally.

In addition to basic necessities needed to care for the children, 100 laptops were purchased along with $180,000 in recreational items from board games to soccer balls.

The most revealing item with the report is the timing.

The massive contract was dated to start in October of 2013 but it wasn’t signed until June of 2014.

The timing indicates that the Obama Administration was anticipating a surge and created the situation by projecting changes to immigration policy to foreign nations, which has been previously reported.

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, commented, “It is outrageous that the Obama administration spent nearly $200 million of taxpayer funds to provide illegal alien children with the types of extravagant high-tech equipment and lavish benefits many American families cannot even afford for their own children.”

Fitton’s claim is supported by the documents uncovered by his organization that included another $180,000 expenditure for “educational items” that included “multi-cultural crayons” and tempera paint.

Meals for the unaccompanied children were catered at a cost of $75 per day per child.

It is unclear if the immigrant children were fed meals according to Michelle Obama’s school lunch standards.

  • Bryan W Carpenter

    But old folks got peanuts or a cost of living adjustment and armed forces got to wait years for treatment. Is this a great country or what?

    • thestorm

      Right. I got $10.00 per month S.S. cost of living increase,after not getting an increase fro several years. The only reason we got the small increase was because congress gave themselves a huge raise. I didn’t get to keep it because the medicare went up by the same amount.

      • mjz4043

        We got our annual Social Security statements today. I found it interesting that my husband’s is now $1004.90 & after medicare of 104.90 he will get$900 EVEN. Mine went up to $204.90 and after my medicare of $104.90 I will get an even $100. I am so excited. The Gods in DC giveth and taketh away without batting an eye. Plus they want more of my pension info to make sure they aren’t giving me too much. Every few years they need that info to make sure they aren’t overpaying me. I think we are operating below the poverty level.

    • Dee

      Not for the legal American people it isn’t. I’m tired of the way this
      imposter is wasting our tax payer money. He is not eligible to be
      president and it should have been proven before he became the

  • T. Med Hogg

    Why can’t Congress impeach Obama?

    • Karl Landgren

      They can, and should. Be sure to politely, persistently demand that your representative move forward with impeachment proceedings. We must stop this enemy from occupying our White House. He has done far worse than Andrew Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, and the philanderer-in-chief B.J. Clinton combined.

    • Bob

      Congress does not want to impeach Obama because they agree with what he is doing in the areas of Amnesty and ACA (ObamaCare). All at the detriment of young and old people who are citizens, not illegals. This president is an illegal and that is why he protects them.

    • Polo

      They can’t. Because He is BLACK. Impeaching a BLACK president would be RACIST.

  • s reynolds

    182,000,000.00 for 2400 children for a 4 month period. 75,800.00 per child, or, 18,950.00 per child per week.. This criminal.

  • Russell Gray

    This ass hole invited all of these kid to America he should have to pay all expenses until we can get them all sent back to where they came from. Impeach this this ass hole NOW.

    • slk

      try rounding them up, from all over the country!!!

      • Stanley

        The NAZI rounded up the Jews didn’t they?!

    • George Hill

      I…WE he people will push our representatives in congress…each and every one of them, they not only SHOULD but WOULD…impeach O.B. People, GET WITH IT~!

    • George Hill

      IF…WE “the people” will push our representatives in congress…each and every one of them, they not only SHOULD but WOULD …impeach O.B. People, GET WITH IT~! He continues to fight Christianity, Christian morals, because he realizes he is bound for hell fire, so he doesn’t care how much trouble and problems he causes for America…Well, yes he cares…he is deliberately PUSHING immorality, economic poverty, Islamic sharia laws on America(ns) He should not only be IMPEACHED, but he should be PUNISHED like under the old Jewish laws…beaten with a “cat of nine tails”, then STONED. Well…I don’t actually desire him to be “stoned to death”, but he SHOULD have some kind of STRONG punishment for the problems he has caused for us AND our descendents.

  • James Bennett

    This is sick! American children can’t afford these, Yet our money is spent for these illegal brats coming across only to be treated so well by the phony president OBAMA.

  • how long are we going to let this president ruin this once great nation. I sure didnt vote for him.

  • how long are we going to let this so called president spend our tax money like there is no day of the future..Cant the ones that voted for hem see the mistake they made.

  • Michael Morgan

    I wonder why the Black “Leaders” aren’t livid about this. Here we have, supposedly, millions of poor Black children “starving” in the US, with no healthcare, with poor schooling and this racist president can see fit to spend $18+ thousand dollars each on a bunch of illegal aliens that we will now have to support for, probably, the rest of their lives because we are incapable of educating them because we can’t even educate the poor Black children which the Democratic Party has kept on the plantation since the introduction of the “Great Society’ and the “War on Poverty” of Lyndon Johnson.
    And THEY have the nerve to bring in more poor to vote Democratic while the Azzhole Republicans keep doleing out the money to support this Treason.
    GRRRRRHHHHH! We need a TAX Revolution or a revision in the Tax Code so Liberals and other Democrats can check a box to pay extra for this stupidity each year.

  • It is simply and plainly seen that Obama would rather buy more votes for future Democrats than he cares about the people of the US. I too, am really tired of hearing about his illegal moves to drown our country in debt and in illegal citizens whose care must be provided by the US Government; translated to the backs of Legal Americans.

    Enough is enough, get this crook out of our Presidents office by any means possible. He should be facing jail time and if the Republicans do not do something on this, they will be voted out too. We can always put new people in from the Republican and other bases of groups such as the Tea Party, etc.

  • thestorm

    How much more proof do we need to prove bho contracted to have these people here? He is guilty of kidnapping,human trafficking,child cruelty.

  • these children need to eat the school lunch program like our kid have to eat at school they need to be sent back to there country they are here illegally why should the American tax payer pay for something that is illegal

  • Pat bennett

    This criminal has no scrupals. Why has he been allowed to run loose and amuck. How he has ripped off the true hardworking American citizens–and they are legal.

  • Nerdse

    The war on drugs made drugs, from growing to harvesting to making them into street-usable forms to transporting & selling them, the only industry of note in most of central & south America. Some groups have tried to.help them grow & export flowers, coffee, & a few odd items, but those are LEGAL, so not as lucrative. As long as it doesn’t take away from drug profits, the cartels allow them.
    Before the “War on Drugs,” this problem would not have happened. People like things they can’t have. Prohibition proved that with the largest number of alcoholics created before or since. When gangsters couldn’t make money on bootleg booze, they turned to the Congress members they had bought & paid for, & suddenly, Marijuana, about which practically no one cared, & was used infrequently except for cancer pain relief & asthma relief, & sometimes instead of booze. One b6 one, organized crime used their pet politicians to outlaw things that had long been under the control of doctors & patients & made them illegal. Blacks were told to quit being lazy because, despite hard medical.evidence to the contrary, most doctors said sickle cell anemia wasn’t real…driving black people to booze & now, illegal drugs, which means at some point, they were essentially going to be jailed for having a sickness most doctors claimed wasn’t real, because to try & work in that much pain, they had to use illegal drugs. Medicine finally quit punishing people for being sick, but the meds were still pricey, & many companies managed to get confidential medical information on their workers, & even though the pain meds were legal, they got fired, especially if they worked in jobs with heavy machines. Working through the pain would have been more dangerous, but they could use this to fire a black person & label them all drug abusers to boot. Seeing this, organized crime figured aggressive use of gang recruitment of children whose dad’s were often in jail for using illicit drugs…drugs which had things added to make them more addictive but less effective against pain…because they needed to control pain to try to work, to support their families, & it backfired. These fatherless kids got drawn into a gang as family. As they keep getting their drugs everywhere (for decades, inmates have been able to buy them in jail, so have the guards, & wardens take money to turn a blind eye, or sometimes actively sell), more are addicted. Money talks…loudly.
    Were those drugs legalized & controlled, no secondary poisons or addictive substances could be added. Cartels would be forced to manufacture to standards. If they opted to manufacture drugs that are legal now, they could diversify & keep profits legally, if they were not in jail. The drugs, prescribed as legal treatment, would help people, not hurt them. The criminal element would die down. Other legal manufacturing could begin. More land could go to growing food for these often starving people. The targeting of our black &, to some extent, Hispanic communities, to kill them off through drugs & violence, would stop, & our society as a whole would benefit from the talents & intelligence of those people.
    And these kids could go home safely.

  • George Hill

    He continues to PUSH immorality, economic disaster, Islamic Sharia laws, racism, breaking America apart…and because he KNOWS, HE is hell bound, he wants to cause all the hell here on earth for innocent people as he can.

  • Dee

    Obama is spending the tax payers money like there’s no tomorrow on these illegal brats. I just wish
    people had been paying attention to what he said when he was campaigning for president. He wanted
    to fundamentally transform America. Well, he’s doing it and it’s not good.

  • Joe brown

    Who to blame? How does O Bama get away with all his executive orders? Where are the checks and balances…our whole house and senate and judicial seem not to care: you must save face….when our country stops denying God maybe things will get better….I suggest all read The Harbinger!