Obama’s Economy: No One Wants to Work

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The U.S. economy created 295,000 jobs in February, dropping the unemployment rate to 5.5%–the lowest its been since 2008, before the economic collapse.

But despite these numbers looking rosy on the surface, the fundamentals of our economy remain weak–largely because no one wants to work anymore.

And worse, as of February, our workforce participation has dropped even further–continuing its streak of hovering near historic lows. Based on the last few months of data, the workforce participation rate shows no sign of improving any time soon either.

As of now, workforce participation stands at a pathetic 62.8%.

That means, of the 250,000,000 Americans that could conceivably be in the workforce (Americans over the age of 16), only 147,000,000 are. More than 93,000,000 Americans of working age don’t have a job, and aren’t even bothering to look for one. They’re unemployed, but they’re not counted in the unemployment rate.

A 62.8% workforce participation rate isn’t just a bad number. It’s a historically bad number, just 0.1% off of the all-time low, a record which was set in 1978 at the height of Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” era of economic dysfunction.

As troubling as the low workforce participation rate is, it’s important to realize the economic repercussions. A 5.5% unemployment rate looks good on paper–but that low number is partially due to more Americans leaving the job force in February.

When 37.2% of Americans have given up looking for a job, or simply don’t want to work, even a 5.5% unemployment rate doesn’t signal a booming economy. Workers continue to be discouraged and demoralized by the Obama Recovery.

While the February employment numbers signal a cautiously optimistic direction overall, it’s important to remember that we’re not out of the woods: the economy has not bounced back yet.

  • snowyriver

    Damn those pictures sure do look like Malcolm X

    • KingDon

      Naw – doesn’t look much like Malcom X to me. Besides, Malcom X was telling his people to get off their dead asses and be successful. Obama just wants people to sit on their asses until the country completely tanks and he and his raghead brothers and socialist komrads can completely take over.

  • Sgt york

    Two things…..1. America is Not more racist now but,the president and the DOJ is trying to make us racist. 2. Its not that no one wants to work its there are to many handouts. If the Feds would back out of big and little businesses the job market would open up. Now ovomit wants America to become dependent on the damn gov.. The dipocrats and the high pockets are loving this Big step towards total control of us. We will rebel its just time before we rise up and retake our Country back.

  • Jake

    Sgt York, Its the plan, man! People are primarily selfish, voting for their own pocketbook. The Dems know it and the more people and dependents they can control through the pocketbook the more votes they get. This is done through handouts and growing the government. We are getting close to a tipping point and it will be too late. Keep up the fight as I will as well, it is a sad time in our country.

  • Obama is the greatest President of this century. Low unemployment rate, Free healthcare, higher wages, black people raised out of poverty, Muslims recognized for their many contributions to our nations’ founding. Our military the strongest it’s been since WW11. People more hopeful about their future. The stock market soaring helping individual retirement savings. Worldwide respect for America. Obama is truly a breath of fresh air!! He has laid the groundwork for Hilary Clinton to carry his message forward to even more success. NOW I have this oceanfront property in Arizona going cheap!!!

    • cmac

      Anyone who believes the first 8 lines of cactusjoe01’s post I have some more oceanfront property in Kansas you can purchase.

    • notbornyesterday

      Cactusjoe, you forgot to mention that the oceans haven’t risen. Tell me more about this ocean front property in the desert.

    • KingDon

      That you Harry Reid? – Thought I recognized your words in that post.

  • Greg

    It may look like nobody wants to work but that is because you did not see the millions that are OUT of work due to the fact the govt. killed those jobs. Every civilization has its worhtless people, an today america has its share who are willing to grovel for crumbs from the elite in govt.. Before one is to assume- best get yur facts together so you do not look like the low-information group. Kill the education dept. an you shall end up with idiots running around an that started in 1971, so is it any wonder why soo many just do not get it today? The ones on welfare need to be watched, as the entire system set up by the govt. is designed to fail from corruption. The FDA handles the food stamp $$ which is another FED gang an riddled with corruption. most people who try to do right should have some sort of help, a hand up an not a hand out, but with no work it is hard to get ones feet planted again. An if you still have a job then you know nothing of what i am saying. obuttma is just a face to blame, but the entire system is broken by the very same in power today. Would it not be better to fire the lot of them an start over according to the constitution? i really do not see where anything else, but then again nothing else matters !!!!! BUT JOBS……

  • Robert

    Atlas Shrugged was a prophecy.

  • Why would they want to work when soo many people are sitting on thier butts(nice) collecting lazy money. There is no reason that someone would work and pay someone else to do nothing.

  • If you want to know who to blame you might look to Washington and who is parked in the White House. That is if he’s not on the golf course. You see if a man is starving and some one offers a sandwich to him he just might take it. Do we curse the man who offered the sandwich? Who sent the jobs over sea’s? Who want’s to transform America? Who wants to raise interest rate’s? Who smugly wants to make law breakers citizen’s? Who would like nothing better than to hand over the U.S.A. to the U. N.? Who thinks killing babies is what is good for America? Who molly coddles Terrorists by calling them any thing but terrorist? Who just loves centralized government? Yeah who is this devil?

  • Obullshit is straight out of Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother is indeed watching our every move and now we’re getting spied on through the internet. No one is safe from our government…which is now our very worst enemy….thanks to obullshit and his thousands of lies! Impeach, imprison and execute!!

  • Steven

    Who in their late 30s or early 40s or 50s wants a job flipping burgers?
    Who got that college degree or technical education so they could be a push broom pilot,besides the illegal aliens will do the job for less than minimum wage.

  • This article doesn’t say how many jobs are available and what kind of jobs they are.

  • DJTX

    Because of the foreign worker visas for high tech workers, my engineer husband didn’t have a full time job for about 7 years. We both worked multiple part time jobs while continuing to apply for full time engineering jobs for him while I homeschooled our kids, and by God’s grace, never had to apply for food stamps or welfare pmts. Texas is blessed because God gave us former Gov. Rick Perry, who went to businesses in states that have extremely high corporate taxes and told them about Texas’ low corporate tax rates, right to work law (no union dues required from workers – they have a choice to participate in unions – freedom is great!), and lack of ANY state income taxes. The result is that many of those businesses that had been taxed to death in other states moved to Texas. Texas produced almost all of the new jobs created in recent years, which has insulated us from some of the pain of Mr. Obama’s horrendous job-killing policies and regulations. However, in most other states, finding a new full-time job, or multiple part time jobs, is exponentially more difficult, resulting in workers who have given up. I know first-hand the discouragement of being ‘underemployed’, so hesitate to criticize anyone in this terrible position. But having said that, I can’t help but remember the videos we’ve all seen of people saying on camera that they get a check twice a month from the government, food stamps, and a bunch of other freebies including cell phones, so they prefer to stay home, smoke ‘weed’, hang with friends, etc. If you’re surrounded by a culture of people all doing that in your neighborhood, you don’t feel shame or embarrassment – you feel smarter than people who spend all day at work. We got this by turning over the work of the church to the government, who doesn’t require accountability.