Wasteful Obamas say, “let them eat cake”

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Demonstrating once again that they are either tone deaf to the economic plight of the American people, feel entitled to extravagance by virtue of office, or that they simply don’t care, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama took two separate jets to the same place on the same day just hours apart.

The two trips took them to California where they appeared on different television talk shows. President Obama was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles while Michelle graced the set of the Ellen Degeneres Show in Burbank – her forth since becoming First Lady.

The two airports are approximately 28 miles apart.

In terms of dollars, the president’s trip on Air Force One cost an estimated $228,000 per hour of flight time. The White House did not disclose the costs associated with Michelle’s jet.

White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz told reporters that the president and first lady’s “schedules were not in sync in order to travel together.” “I’m not even sure they overlapped,” he said when asked if the president and first lady saw each other during their trips.

Mr. Obama later flew from Los Angeles to Phoenix where he visited the veterans’ hospital at the center of the veteran’s healthcare scandal involving two waiting lists for primary care appointments unfolded.

In that scandal, there were two appointment waiting lists. One was a secret list of waiting times that veterans were actually experiencing – sometimes up to six months – and a second public list that veterans were moved to when their appointments fell within a 30-day appointment goal.

Veterans Administration officials received bonuses for fraudulently meeting their “wait time goals”.

Mrs. Obama appeared on the “Ellen” show to promote the fifth anniversary of her initiative to combat childhood obesity. The show included a segment where Mrs. Obama and Ms. DeGeneres demonstrated a “high-energy” dance routine with back up dancers interrupted briefly by a technical glitch with Mrs. Obama’s microphone hookup.

Candice Thomas
Candice has almost 20 years of experience reporting for various conservative publications. When she's not writing, she enjoys being outdoors--especially camping, hiking, and hunting. She lives in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband.
  • John

    To me neither one of the obamas are worth even 2 cents an hour!
    I will be glad when all of them are gone forever!
    What a SORRY Congress we have to allow this trash to still be
    in our White House! I hope they are gone soon, never to be heard
    from again! These “people” are like ANIMALS!

    • Sharon Lee

      John, in regards to a SORRY Congress, while I agree somewhat with your observation, it’s only fair
      to bring out the fact that the hands of Congress are basically tied. No matter how hard any of them
      will try to undo the mess this POTUS has made, they are completely helpless. obama will do whatever
      he wants which has already been demonstrated over and over again. There is no stopping this man.
      At one point, there were some 350 bills put through to reduce spending, and fix many of the existing
      problems in our nation, and guess what? They were all vetoed. My prayer, and I really don’t even know
      if this is possible, is that the Supreme Court could issue a ruling to Homeland Security officers to enter
      the White House and arrest him on grounds of treason. But also, there would have to be many arrests
      of others who have been complicit in this treason. It’s my personal belief that there will not be another
      election. I believe as the time draws near, he will issue either an executive order or presidential memo-
      random declaring an end to free elections. He will then be declared “king” of the U.S. It is also my belief
      that this nation has become so wicked, that our suffering because of this administration is retribution.
      The sad part is, those of us who have worked and fought for the good in our society are being punished
      as well. “The rain falls on the Just and the Unjust.”

      • Sharon Lee
        time to buy the long guns and that is the fourth check

    • These shameless people (the Obamas) should be imprisoned for liars, Despicable and for taking advantage of the “zombies”who voted for them, believing in all their lies and false promises and the same is going to happen if the zombies don’t wake up on time and continue with another shameless cynic and liar like Hillary Clinton, that is accepting money for the Clinton’s Foundation from countries like Saudi Arabia, where women are treated like second class citizens, without freedom, and she suppose to be for women equality?.. And Benghazi still without results. Wake Up America and be aware who you vote this time for in the coming elections.

  • sgtyork

    Awwwwww how about $2.28 an hour hell she can’t even open the windows to let the AC out.

  • Robert Ross

    How about two he goats per day

  • This bitch isn’t worth $0.28 let alone anything more. She does belong with the lesbo dyke tho.

  • USAgent

    Man will we all be glad when these 2 USELESS Human beings leave our House or what! What a waste of time and air they are!

    • Username*Gordon A

      What really scares me is what they are going to leave behind when they leave. It is going to be no SS as it is going to illegals. No obama care and that is a good thing. But all the laws and executive orders that nearly destroyed the meaning of our constitution. The deaths the current WH renter has caused and the complete lack of feelings and remorse nor punishment for Benghazi deaths of 4 Americans. NO action to punish Holder and his minions responsible for the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. They hate America and shows it at every opportunity. He takes no action against the ISS or its subsidies. 18 months left to secure our country or get used to kneeling.

  • Bj Howell

    The day either become worth a “plug nickle” I’d consider their worth but till then naw they’re as useless as tits on a boar hog. Never have I ever seen any like em except for maybe the Clintons but even they had some good but you’d have to dig awfully deep to find it. The Obozos are a disgrace to this Country and Administration and those that he appointed. He knew goin in that the American People wouldn’t ever approve of his choices and yet he made em anyway. As the cliche goes what’s up at the top will fall and I can’t wait for it to happen. Maybe after they’re exposed “their” kids will see just how ignorant they really are.

  • Jim Trimble

    Wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for either one of those leeches.

  • marlene

    Let THEM eat the garbage they feed our children, filthy pigs at the trough. She spends $550 just on her lunches alone and WE pay for it! This couple of @#$$%^&&*) is so repugnant

  • Bryan Latta

    I wish someone with the legal know how could put together enough to legally dispose of him and the following
    both democrat & republican parties (we need all around team work ), electoral college ( just wrong from the get go), long———— term government positions. They also need to get the time set and quit changing it twice a year. It cost a lot of time and money (waste) every year.

  • don

    They must dream up ways to piss away money, and be offensive.
    Why the hell does a First Lady have a schedule conflict, anyhow? The dumb bitch is suppose to shut up, smile, and that’s all. No one elected her to run a damn thing.

    • merle

      I ca’t stand either one of them . She looked like a aunt jemimah ( sorry) when they came into office . she has spent millions on her looks, hair make up etc . And the nerve to say our lids have to at 850 calorie a day ! While her kids have lobster rolls !!And kale ! I won’t even eat kale , I am not going to force it on someone else . I would like to yank her wig off and slap the tar out of her !! and I can’t write what I think about him !! How dare they look down their noses at we the hard working Citizens that are paying their way !!!!

  • snowyriver

    obama and his spouse are trying to break this country. By hook or by crook. In this case by DEBT.

  • joe

    Marxist King Obama hates the USA, wants to destroy the US Constitution, confiscate all guns, suppress free speech, rule by decree and have 57 naked virgins (one from each state) running around the White House. Empress Michelle objects to only the last item!

  • Anne Christian

    After the Obamas first entered the White House in early 2009, there were reports that Michelle had a PERSONAL staff of close to 100 assistants. The report also noted that the average annual pay for each assistant was $70K and more.
    The article about Michelle’s extravagant spending and “needs” also highlighted that most of her assistants were friends that she was giving “a good job” to, for the next how many ever years. Also highlighted, was that former First Lady, Laura Bush, required a staff of less than 10 people, at a cost of 10% or less of what Michelle’s HUGE staff would be paid.

    The Obamas are corrupt CRIMINALS. And neither they, nor these “tag-alongs” will want to give up their “good government jobs” easily. It may be a battle to EVICT them all from the White House in 2017.

    • merle

      I think you right !!

  • I know most of you people believe that Obama will leave the Whitehouse in 2017 but hes not going to leave on his own.He plans on declaring martial law and suspending the elections.His whole plan is to destroy America.Since he is half black he gets away with what hes doing.Do you think if he was white he’d get away with what hes doing?NO NO his azz would have been gone the first year he pulled his dirty deeds.And you need to understand there will be a race war here in America.He is already getting the blacks ready to take over America.You don’t believe it just stick around.

  • Rocky

    M. Obama is not worth 5 cents for anything at all, she is a socialistic pig head is all.

  • Reverend_1

    kiss my white ass you black bastard. Get out of my White House. It’s not a black house ass hole.

  • Reverend-1, your right it’s called our White House because it was built for WHITE MEN, not some half breed who HATES AMERICA.

  • Adhemar

    America is in the toilet, and it is the predictable result of electing (if that is what really happened) someone who is a black racist, a communist, a homosexual, and a narcissist. All this should surprise nobody. Elections have consequences. Obama voters are a coalition of single-issue voters who put their own personal agendas, whether they be racial, sexual, or whatever, ahead of what is best for the country. Obama has very successfully Balkanized America into splinter groups and pandered to each one so that they believe he is their savior. This tactic has enormously benefited obama and destroyed America. Now the obamas are simply throwing all that back in our faces. “We win, you lose.”

  • USA Retired

    The Obama’s are lowlife’s, living over their station in life, and charging the tax payers of this nation for their eccentric extravagance! Once they loose their unchallenged, Illegal resident status, things will change!


  • Maggietish

    The one claim to fame at the Obamas have is how well they spend the taxpayers money. People are struggling to survive and keep their homes and the Obamas are going on unnumbered amount of lavish vacations and campaign trips all on the tax payers dime. Is that what they consider a fair share?

  • The Obama’s think we owe them a living. That’s their black arrogance and looking down on the hard working Americans. Can’t stand the sight of either of them. Get them out of our White House. It will really need a good cleaning with strong disinfectant to get rid of all the lies echoing in the halls!!