Rahm’s Last Hope: Republicans?

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Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago and former chief of staff for Barack Obama, is out courting Republican support to win re-election.

Facing an uphill election battle against another Democrat, Emanuel is trying to portray himself as the lesser of two evils. The more moderate Emanuel faces a far-Left county commissioner, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

Emanuel is hoping that votes from Republicans, who compose roughly 20% of the city’s population, will be enough to put him over the top.

So far, several big name Illinois Republicans have come out in favor of Emanuel.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk warned that, if Garcia is elected mayor, Chicago could collapse under debt and go the way of Detroit. And Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is working hard behind the scenes to solidify support for Rahm Emanuel’s re-election campaign.

Right now, Emanuel is walking a tightrope: he has to appeal to Republicans, without alienating liberal and minority voters.

But overall it seems to be working: according to a recent Ogden and Fry poll, Emanuel is up 47% to 37%. While it’s dangerous for any incumbent to be polling below 50%, it’s clear Emanuel has at least a slight edge before the April 7th election.

No matter what happens, this Chicago mayoral election has significance nationwide: it will be the first election of the 2016 cycle to pit a more moderate “Wall Street Democrat” against a far-Left populist candidate.

With Hillary Clinton stumbling in recent weeks because of her email scandal, it’s getting increasingly likely that she’ll face an opponent in the Democratic primary. Since Hillary has a virtual lock on Wall Street money–and, like her husband, is seen as more moderate than Barack Obama–that challenge will almost certainly come from the far-Left.

Whether that challenger is liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren, or self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, or another lesser-known figure from the Left, this election in Chicago could pave the way for the future of the Democratic Party–and their presidential prospects in 2016.

  • Robert Schundler

    I think Republicans should let Emanuel fall, and let the city deal with their new Very Left Democrat.
    Let the far Left demostrate what they can do …. It will be a good reminder to the voters just what it means to have far Left leadership.

    • Lou

      Let them wallow in their own swill.

    • J.W. Noord

      They aren’t republicans, they are hand puppets. Bought and paid for. ALL of them whether D or R after their name all are crooks.

  • J.W. Noord

    So “Republicans” now include the rinos Rauner and Kirk? What a couple of pieces of work. Not republicans more like progressive liberals. LIES and more LIES!

    Are they racists or what? The Hispanic Candidate would probably do more for the city and such. Not an insider like Rhambette, Rauner, and Kirk that is for sure, that is why the filth from both sides of he aisle are ready t sink him.

    Just like Herman Cain, and Allen West, and Ben Carson, and many others who would fix things. Ross Perot for that matter. Ross made more in a year than these fools in their whole lives.

    Get it straight, that is the issue here. Political insiders and under the table deals trump normal people, duty, honor, and morals.

    Political Parties are just for show. the criminals slither to the same bars and house s of ill repute every night and laugh at the masses.

    Kirk is “buds” with Whacky John McCain. Helped torpedo the PTSD for MST *(Military Sexual Trauma) legislation too int he senate. Listen to Kirk and you are a Jerk!! Rauner is a clown.

    Best thing for Illinois….SELL CHICAGO-LAND or give it away! Either way without that “freak show” we’d be money ahead.

    Chicago is the biggest millstone around the neck of a state than New york! there are only 3 counties in Illinois that elected Chicago thugs (like Rauner, Kirk, and Emanuel) East St. Louis, Jo Davies, and Cook. Rest are RED!! Not necessary Republican but conservative.

    We work hard for our money, and Chicago blows it all on itself.

    If it’s a problem, we will rename our portion of the state no problem, just get rid of the Chicago land free loading menace to the hard working citizens of Illinois.

  • Brian Dechert

    Let him fall, he escaped the tail feathers
    of Mr. Obama after he helped create this
    mess we deal with in D. C.
    Allow the voters to live with their dreams,
    Until they return to their senses of their own accord they will continue to blame conservatives.
    Time for Tough Love, Liberals are just children too old to live at home.

  • John Cheves

    Although electing a far-left socialist mayor would be disastrous for Chicago and bad for America, in the long run, it might be a good thing. Maybe facing bankruptcy and economic disaster is what’s needed to bring the city back to reality. If not, it can still serve as a learning experience for the saner parts of America.

    I think the Republicans should just sit back and watch the train wreck. The ensuing disaster may open the door for a conservative mayor like Giuliani. As I understand it, that’s pretty much how Scott Walker got elected in Wisconsin. The more often conservatives clean up liberal messes, the harder it is for the liberal media to successfully peddle their liberal propaganda.

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