Reddit Nerds Apoplectic over Net Neutrality Loss

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Net Neutrality

Commenters on the popular forum Reddit were left shocked after the release of a study by the Sunlight Foundation proving that one group, American Commitment, was able to organize nearly 800,000 public comments to the Federal Communications Commission opposing regulation of the Internet.

Reddit was an official participant in the “Battle for the Net” which supported Internet regulation.

Reddit fans, known for their mob mentality were quick to question the report despite the facts presented in the report.

One Redditter, K7Avender, commented, “How could they by themselves have gotten more comments than the popular social medias combined? How could there be more comments by people who don’t understand the internet—who barely use the internet—than comments by people who do understand the internet and who use it the most?”

Another comment of the 1,300+ on this single thread piled on the stereotype that the people opposed Net Neutrality are essentially luddites:

“You don’t need bots when you can use a few well chosen trigger words to mobilize an army of the ill-informed. They may not know much of anything about the internet, but they sure as hell don’t want ‘Obama to regulate and tax it.’”

As the comments scrolled on, one post by KBassma made it clear why Reddit fans are so passionate about the issue, “I am only as smart and as well read as I am because of the internet. If I lose it I lose myself.”


In reading through just a portion of the 1,300 posts, a dominant theme began to form.

The supporters of Net Neutrality on Reddit have no clue what they’re talking about.

Some claim that censorship will be increased if the government DOESN’T take control of the Internet. Huh?

Others cite the well known “fast lane” argument yet would prefer advancement of Internet technology be left for the approval of government bureaucrats.

Few Reddit users can come to the simple realization that restricting the Internet under telecom regulations from the 1930’s may actually harm their ability to watch cat videos on YouTube.

In the event that President Obama is able to ram through Net Neutrality, Americans can expect innovation and advances of broadband delivery to come to a screeching halt.

Under the same Title II regulations that the President is pushing for the Internet, Caller ID took seven years to approve.

Would the left-leaning lovers of the Internet have accepted a seven-year delay to incorporate voice chat into their World of Warcraft sessions?

While many Reddit users enjoy using their time to whine amongst themselves in between eating Cheetos in their mother’s basement and producing low-quality cat videos, they should take time to educate themselves on this debate before they have a hand in destroying the thing they love the most.

  • worn out 123

    Keep government out of my living room and my supposedly private conversations.

  • 4b4mac

    Seems the Reddits problem is (that) they are primarily narcissistic if not / or they are in formal collusion and/ or covert employes of our government or corporate entitities. Tough to lose an employment plum when you’re sure it’s in the bag. As always, we deserve to hear the whole, REAL truth. With government being what it has become we should feel lucky that the “decision” came down as it did. However NEVER trust the system. End (illegal) runs are all the rage.

  • gitarzan57

    Okay, Reddit asswipes: We whom are against Obama’s attempted takeover of the ‘Net are NOT dumb: Most of us hear just fine and the rest of us who cannot hear are offended by you shitty attitude. Blow it out your collective asses, you leftist pussies. The word you are actually looking for is stupid, which fits you bastards to a “T”.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    We don’t need more regulation or Reddit.

  • AllenBarclayAllen

    They lost ?? A comment from the movie called ” Holes ” ” Thats too DAMN Bad”

  • rhubarb

    What I’ve observed is that those who are FOR “net neutrality” are too young to really understand the kind of BS–not to mention taxes–that are involved when the feds regulate utilities. If “net neutrality” is implemented they will be screaming bloody murder at what happens to the net, but then it will be too late.

  • Bill

    What the FUCK do you expect from a bunch of WHINEY FAT LOOSER SLOBS that have a SHITTY EXISTENSE in their parents basements… Just sittin on their ASSES playing RETARDED VIDEO GAMES!!!!

    • SonofLiberty7

      Wow. While I agree with the sentiment, I object to your lack of discretion.
      I’m angry about what’s going on in our country,, too, but dropping verbal incendiaries is part of the problem, not part of the solution.
      Split some wood, go for a run, do whatever gets your heart rate up in a healthy way.
      If you don’t, that stress will kill you.

  • nunvyabiz

    Reddit? Ha! Sounds like the name for an inflammatory STD….

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Sounds like something a commie-ass frog would say. Not YOU, TFP, but a commie one.

  • AllenBarclayAllen

    Steve Jobs Family and Xerox in Japan own the internet by International Patent European standards. What the hell made these Hitler Wannabes think taking it upon themselves to regulate or tax it was possible when we have a free trade treaty GATT and NAFTA that are only decided by our Congress and the leaders of other nations that Signed and entered this treaties with us. Just who the hell do these AL Gore Types think they are ?????

    • SonofLiberty7

      They think they are Jordan Collier.

  • markypolo

    Anyone whom believes more Government Regulation will be Good for them are fcking Morons. Just the way it is.

  • N_mag

    Reddit is not the problem, it’s the many ignorant people, just like there can be anywhere, that seem to be the loudest… So I don’t care for the blanket statements of foolish Reddit users when I am a Reddit user, Tea Party member, and a giver to a few conservative foundations other than specifically the Tea Party. I’m not tooting my own horn by any means but keep in mind “we” are in many places just like retarded liberals are. We are not all “Reddit asswipes,” you fools. “Conservative” websites like this are what give us a bad name doing the same thing liberals are doing, screaming about what they think without providing a decent intelligent argument for persuading those who may be momentarily interested in coming to the good side.

    • SonofLiberty7

      I agree with you that Reddit users fall over a wide arc on the political spectrum.
      However, after a few visits or even casual use, it is hard to escape the impression that the majority are liberal, low info millenials. (That is not to say that all millenials are liberals or low info; I know many who are conservative and well-read in the realm of books as well as the Internet.)
      Generalizations are not absolutes; they should neither be intended nor received as such.
      There are always exceptions to the rule.
      In light of that, it hardly helps your argument to call the commenters here “fools” — all while keeping in mind that, perhaps, you were just generalizing?

  • Seldena

    Don’t want anymore of government intrusio in my life! I am proud we won this one!!

  • Yeshuafriend

    Satan loves blind people, they can’t see what he is doing. Shalom!

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      THAT’S a big 10-4, Rubber Duck!

      Shalom Aleichem.

  • KingDon


  • tom2

    No need to let Mr. Mommy Jeans kill the internet too.

  • Sky Young

    Isn’t this the same as “not reading a bill in the house of congress” and passing it, like REP nancy Pelosi once said, “so we can see what is in it”?
    If the same morons are just as clueless at reddit, as the ones serving in the house of representatives on capital hill, then this country has already gone down the progressive rabbit hole of despair.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    What’s a reddit and who gives a rat’s rump what they think?

  • frankenbiker

    If they ever pass this sht, I’m dropping my internet access. I don’t need more regulations, or taxes, or eyes spying on every site I go to.
    These punks are out of their minds if they think more government is the answer. Obviously they haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on around them now, why would they in the future?
    Fcking morons.

  • SonofLiberty7

    Over the years, I have frequented Reddit on a few issues. There are many with a mob “we- must- make- you- do- the- ‘right’- thing” mentality.
    However, some do value liberty.
    Still, the frequent notion among them that literacy began with the Internet is amusing, at best.

  • freedom

    For those that are unwilling to fight for freedom, don’t deserve it..!!!!

  • Ibcamn

    it reminds of the die hard movie,the mothers basement dweller(smith)had to resort to generators,lots of generators to keep his computers up n running!but then had a CB radio to communicate with people!!,so these reddit people are the ones that think the internet on their end,and only on their end wouldn’t be effected by obama’s over reaching hand?!?!,they would still be able to freely say what they want to?,this really hurts my head trying to think how liberals(reddits fans)think the net nuetrality deal was only going to effect others!like they had a shield that was cloaked around them because they agreed with obama!(like in a video game)wait!!i’m starting to see a picture here!they think because their supporters that they are on a special list of people who the gov’t won’t mess with….nope,…lost it!must have been just me…..never mind!
    Hey,this reminds me of harry reid and not letting like 400 conservative bills see the light of day because he didn’t want the whole country finding out the truth about what the whole country is really thinking about and want!,yeh…kinda like that!,wait….what were we talking about?sorry reddit guys,i’m simple and don’t understand how it works!……………..(“/sarcasm”)i was told i have to but this in because my sarcasm doesn’t come through in the way i talk on the typing part of my comments!…… i have to but that in again?…..i wish laptops had sarcasm keys!

  • JBRoux

    The left loves to use confusing buzz words of phrases to disguise their intentions “net neutrality” sound like Switzerland, doesn’t it? But it may end up like USSR or now CCCP.

  • Francisco Machado

    Recognizing the even handed concern with which the IRS impartially helps conservative tax exempt organizations, the efficient, smooth running popular Obamacare and the overwhelming success of Obama’s foreign policy, it’s no wonder Reddit wants government control of the internet. I’ll bet they can make it as economically sound as the USPS. And the government Consumer Protection agency will prosecute any conspiracy to commit fraud once the evidence becomes as clear as on the Obamacare bill.

  • JohnB

    What is reddit? Sounds like a noise that frogs make.

  • Sounds like the same nexus of arrogance and ignorance I see every day as the signature of the progressive in the global statist war on the greening gas , CO2 .

    • DavidAppell

      Why do you think “greener” is better?

    • DavidAppell

      Armstrong is in no position at all to judge the science done by experts. I’ve looked at Armstrog’s work in detail, and it is laughable. His understanding of “quantitative” science is not even at a high school level. He uses equations where the units don’t balance. He thinks the solid angle subtended by the Earth doesn’t depend on the Earth’s size. He can’t even do basic algebra. And these are just the beginnings of his very many errors…..