Reid Rams through 88 Judicial Nominees in Last Days of Senate

by -
Harry Reid

With nothing to lose as Republicans prepare to take over the Senate on January 2, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a “lovely parting gift” for the American people – the Senate confirmation of up to 88 new federal judges nominated by President Barack Obama.

First, some background.

The Senate rule governing confirmation of presidential nominee once required a super majority of 60 votes on a procedural vote (Cloture) to end debate on the nomination.

If the nomination cleared this hurdle, the matter would go to the floor for a final vote of a simple majority for confirmation – at least under the old rules that governed judicial confirmations since the beginning of the 20th Century.

In November of 2013, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scraped the super majority 60- vote cloture rule because, he complained, Republicans were using it to slow or even stop dozens of President Barack Obama’s nominees from confirmation.

This was especially true for nominees to the federal bench – lifetime appointments – and a tactic that Senate Democrats used to slow or stop the confirmation of nominees made by Republican Presidents for more than a century.

Fast forward to today and the “scorched earth” strategy he is using to cement President Obama’s legacy on the Judicial Branch.

With the supermajority cloture rule gone and just days remaining until the Senate changes hands, Majority Leader Reid – backed up by 8 lame duck senate democrats – is pushing as many as 100 presidential nominations through to confirmation as possible – including 88 nominees for the federal bench.

This is enormously significant for the Democratic Party that regards the separation of powers with such contempt.

Right now, we have:

  • A president who has pushed the envelope of executive power beyond the breaking point with moves such as “executive action” on amnesty, changes to the ObamaCare law and the selective enforcement of laws by the Justice Department,
  • A Senate majority that decided to break the rules rather than obey them to get their way; And,
  • A federal judiciary filled with activist judges – including four currently serving on the United States Supreme Court – that sign orders and issue decrees that void state laws on issues like immigration and ballot questions like gay marriage voted down by lopsided majorities in the states.

We will forward updates as 2015 unfolds.

  • Spark1845

    Someone should RAM Hairball through a BLENDER. PERIOD. He is a PUNK.

  • sherri palmer

    I hope the next admin does everything to muck up the works for dems when and if that happens

  • Carol Hadenough

    Surely the HOUSE will also have a say in this matter. The Senate can’t do this alone. Let’s not panic yet.

    • USAtakeback

      Not true, the Senate confirms Presidential appointments (supposedly a CHECK on the Executive Branch) and the HOUSE has to initiate MONEY BILLS (again a CHECK). But when the wimpy Senators in the Senate allowed Harry Reid to totally CONTROL THEM, that CHECK is gone. Technically ObamaCare should be thrown out because that bill did not originate in the HOUSE. But the wimpy Moderate Republicans did not file in the courts to stop this. So it looks like we are stuck until Jan. THEN if the Republicans do not do their job, then we should not forget in 2016 elections for 1/3 of the Senate and ALL the HOUSE members. Keep track of their votes. The Republican Senate should be able to get enough votes from the Dems to OVERRIDE OBAMA’S VETO since he is a lame duck prez and the 1/3 Dems Senators up for re-election need to worry about being re-elected if they support Obama.

  • danstewart

    The repubs should make obummer prove he is a legal potus. He is NOT, even if he was born in Hawaii, he is NOT a natural born citizen. I don’t think he is even a US citizen. This needs to be pushed, it would make all the crap he & the dems have pushed through, null & void. Including obummercare & all the crooked judges he has put in.

    • Stephen

      Your statement is erroneous and without merit. Anyone from any country can be the president of the united states corporation. The united states has been an corporation since 1871 and all your dreams of America died that very day. There hasn’t been a Judge since then and by Law, article 3 section 2 clause 3 the impartial Jury is the body who Judges all criminal trials, not a black robed attorney, known in law as a ministerial trustee. The magistrate, or ministerial trustee cannot be in the courtroom by law less he or she be charged with Jury tampering, barratry, obstruction, etc etc… Corporations have no rules of what country one must be from to run for the corporate office, no different than wal-mart. The constitution is only used from 9:00 AM on voting day to 9:00 PM, then it is back to corporate fascism under the act of 1871 and the national security act of 1947, The people and their word mean nothing. Anyone that doesn’t understand this by now either cannot read or merely chooses stupidity and hence the loss of their rights and country. Because they, the dumbed down drugged up masses, cannot listen to people like me who try to tell people what the united states is. It is not a country, it is a colony of the queen of England, period. Corporations are colonies and the people who work for the corporations are the subjects, subject to codes and revised statutes and they get benefits and privileges under the 14th amendment, not rights. So if you have to go to court, do not claim to be a citizen unless you like fines and jail time. “Your honor”, But I call fake Judges Sir, as to not appoint them judge over me.. Sir, I do not plead to courts of contracts. I am a man, not a person. compare to Hale VS Henkel. I require that this complaint be discharged unless there is a verified complaint with a competent witness who will take the stand under oath or affirmation. If there be a verified claim before the court I am here to pay it. Thank you.

      • Will

        You are the one that doesn’t know a thing about what you are saying! IDOIT!!!
        BTW: YES, one DOES HAVE to be a US Citizen to run for Presidency. Let alone become the President!

        • Stephen

          I rest my case..

      • danstewart

        Your rambling makes NO sense at all.

  • peter

    “Crime Does Pay” in America these days which is the lesson our children have learned thanks to the likes of Reid,Obama,Pelosi,Schumer and most of the Political hacks,crooks on both sides of the aisle!

    One can justifiably argue that America was forever changed when J.F.K. was murdered and the obscene,impotent,crooked Warren Commission buried the truth beside him!

    Lyndon Johnson was a criminal of majestic proportion who broke the oath he swore,eviscerated the Constitutional Republic,the Constitution,used racism and class warfare as policy as Americans once united were split into the source of tyranny,the beginning of the Cancer that has metastasized over the last 50 years!

    Obama and the three branches of government are all complicit in the Tyranny we live under as opposed to Freedom,Opportunity,Independence,Unalienable,G-D given rights which generation after generation worked,fought and too often died to protect,to defend,to pass on to future generations and they did UNTIL Now!

    There can be NO Freedom,No Opportunity,NO Independence where there is NO Law,NO accountability,NO Constitutional Republic and No One elected,appointed,paid,sworn to enforce and defend the Constitution,Federal,State and Civil law which is the ONLY reason they exist!

    It was/is up to the people to defend freedom,to punish those who break the law,violate the Constitution which has been exponentially betrayed or the American Dream turned Nightmare will consume us all!!

    • KingDon

      You neglected to include Boehner in your “crime does pay” list.

      • peter

        Boehner is NOT someone I have any respect for. I mentioned those who have in my opinion transcended the rest of the vermin as party is meaningless to me.

        If your comment is about political parties and stupidity then your opinion is meaningless to me as I believe a person can be liberal on some issues and conservative on others which is after all what America is supposed to be all about!

        I said on Both sides of the aisle!

        • KingDon

          Down boy! Not disagreeing with you. I just like to get my jabs in about Boehner whenever possible because he’s one of the most , what I would consider, traitorous people in politics. A prime example of what’s wrong with our so called leadership.

          • peter

            To me Boehner is a lush,a political animal who is not interested in the people but about money,power,himself,his control another Republican dummy but not as corrupt,vicious as Rove and others we have suffered!

            The system has Failed and has been exponentially failing for decades! One might justifiably argue that No politician,No President,No Attorney General and exponentially NO one wanting to hold the scepter who is honest,a “servant” of the people,the Constitution,the country but only serves himself/herself .

            The two party system is a gathering of thugs all similar,all dirty,all greedy,all totally dishonest as it has been for decades. Nixon only escaped justice because he knew there were enough votes in the Senate to impeach him so he made the unholy deal to resign then be pardoned by Gerald Ford ,the unelected,prince in waiting whose first act was to pardon Nixon. Clinton Was impeached in the House but not in the Senate proof positive that America had failed!

            America is bankrupt,the American Dream a nightmare for most stripped of Constitutional,unalienable rights,G-D given rights.

            The system must change or die as it is perilously close to right now! What worked for a few million people so long ago has Never worked in my lifetime as the very worst of us,the would be tyrants,the thieves,those who bribe,extort,threaten and lie for a living are what we now suffer as 50 million need food stamps to survive,the once dynamic economy can not createthe jobs to support a system predicated on a quality of life,a present and a future we No longer have!

            As history proves,in the end it’s up to the people to demand,stand up for the system the founders and framers created and as always if they don’t,they end up in the grave they dug!

    • Stephen

      This all started in 1860 or thereabouts..President Kennedy had nothing to do with anything. In 1863 the Leiber Code was drafted for Lincoln and it is the law of war against the people. Your remedy in court for almost anything is section 1 article 11 of the Leiber code. James Leiber. This is the code the police and courts are under. America became full blown fascist entity in 1871 when it became a fictional corporate entity. We have not been a country since then and your rights were replaced with benefits and privileges, corporate. never claim to be a citizen in court. The reason it doesn’t matter where Obama was born, is because anyone from any country can be CEO of any corporation, just like wal-mart, no difference,.

      • peter

        I would argue your thesis but suffice it to say that it Does matter where Obama was born. Obama is the result of the failure of the three branches of government to “check” each other meant to be the Fail-Safe to ensure that tyranny,an Obama could Never happen here!

        I am 66 years old and can unequivocally say that there has been No President,No Legislative Branch,No Judicial Branch elected but mostly appointed by the thug at the time that has honored the oath they all swear! Johnson,Nixon,Clinton and Obama all committed heinous crimes against the people,eviscerated the Constitution,defied their charge to serve the people,defend and enforce the Constitution and as a cancer left to metastasize the end game is death!

        It’s happened for centuries in one form or another mostly the nail in the coffin of civilizations,countries,societies who allow it and ignore the obvious which is the State Of The Union Today!

        We will die as a free people with a present and a future,unalienable G-D given rights ifwe do not face the tyranny,the pathological Liars,the “Devil’s Advocates” who are always out there planning,plotting,waiting for the their opportunity to create tyranny,totalitarianism,Fascism,dictatorship,abusive,inane foreign and domestic policy if any at all which is why the unconstitutional,illegal.”high crime and misdemeanor”,the Not Great Society,a sick megalomaniac by his policies,his dictates his use of Racism,Class warfare todivide the country and change America forever!

        I waas born Free! The gift of millions and millions of “legalo immigrants who shed their blood,sweat and tears to build this country,protect this country,too often die to protect this country from infamy,tyranny for generations.

        I am the American Dream and will die a free man rather than betray the hard work and sacrifice of my family and millions and millions like them who Earned citizenship through an arduous process that gave them the gift they could never have before.

        We will NOT go silently into the night is my hope,my pledge which makes me feel proud and hopeful the majority of people(American citizens) feel the same!

        Life is finite! Freedom must live on forever!

        • brian spencer

          all i got to say is..i wore a white pride shirt with an American Flag shirt one day and almost got killed, then i wore a “GaY Pride” shirt and was treated like a king..or Queen…then decided to wear a Brown Pride shirt to see the outcome….I got a job making tree fiddy a week and a movie contract to boot 🙂 Our poor nation is doomed and in need of a REVOLUTION

        • Stephen

          I second the your motion. The government failed long long ago. But we will have a free country as promised. I am part of the national liberty alliance and we have formed 50 grand juries and now have rep’s in every county of every state. This is good news. Although being a realist, I see no remedy until the psychopaths in power are either killed or put into prison, which means most likely a nasty world war and the worst depression ever recorded and not to mention the biblical style Armageddon from space that is almost here. Everything the psycho’s that be have been doing is to obfuscate the incoming constellation that is now between Earth and the Sun. It consists of 10 planets and three small Suns, one dwarf and one blue and one tiny yellow dwarf. These can be seen only with infrared equipment, so very few people have the ability to monitor this stuff. But this explains the 130 underground cities and insane weather and earthquakes/volcanoes. The huge seed bank built in league with all other countries and is now stocked with every know seed on planet earth. It also explains why they let the world economies implode and many other issues as well, like why they haven’t done squat all to stop Tepco’s three melted down exploded nuclear reactors from killing the pacific ocean in Fukushima Preficture Japan, which in fact all 6 melted down, but they lied about that too., which is what has happened for the most part the Pacific is now dead/dying very fast. They stole trillions to do all this stuff while they have the people fighting over Obama’s birth certificate and gun control..The Psychopaths running the planet earth are very intelligent, they just lack having empathy or a soul, if a soul exists, which I am still very skeptical.

  • Jane

    I agree with you Peter. Please be aware of the Convention of States that is being formed. If and hopefully when the Convention of States happens, real changes could be made.

    • Florio Vino

      Jane! Thanx for making an old MAN happy. Was not aware of this Convention and the formation. Where can I get more information. We need something like this to hasten the departure of the Illegal Alien occupying the White House when is not on OUR Airforce one flying his wife and her friends all over the WORLD. He has proven that He is not a leader, but a figurehead of what is wrong with this COUNTRY. Why do we allow this to continue. He has taken every advantage of his position and continues to name Cabinet officers that are not only unqualified, but absolutely no experience in the area to which He was appointed. This is not unusual! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • D.C.J.

    If the Convention of States actually takes place I hope there’s an Amendment for the powers that any future President can have or wield. President Abraham Lincoln started this Executive Orders crap & the Supreme Court basically said nothing. FDR ran wild with it, tried to up amount of Judges in SCOTUS when they ruled it unconstitutional, & then SCOTUS caved in 1937. It’s called, “Switch In Time That Saved The Nine” (U.S. Supreme Court). The POTUS has had way to much power turned over to them. It’s time to reel them back & if needed, IN.