Stylish White Crowds Ravage in Berkeley Riots

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Rioting continued into the night on Monday in Berkeley, California.

In a video released on Tuesday, what appears to be white male teens ravaged the streets of Berkeley chanting, “We can’t breathe.”

Thanks to police tear gas that flooded the streets, they were probably being quite literal in their chant.

The kids, who were assumedly protesting the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were about a week or two delayed in their supposed outrage.

A possible reason for the delay was late shipping for the matching bandanas and black hoodies that many of the protesters wore.

Note to protesters: Amazon Prime is on sale for students. On time bandana shipping = On time protests.

  • Can’t breathe? Take off the masks and get a life!

  • Che crowd 50 years on…and on…

  • Pig1

    Enough is enough. It is time to start shooting these thieving, lazy bastards. They have no grievance anymore now they are just thugs and criminals.

  • Jeff R

    The California Universities are turning out well indoctrinated communist atheist liberal militants.