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Al Gore

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Bill Clinton got a lot of help in the 1992 elections when George Bush’s Defense Secretary was indicted on the Iran Contra scandal.

A video has resurfaced of news broadcasts from 1992 that proves the FBI reopening the email investigation is not “unprecedented” like Hillary claims.

Back in 1992, Bill Clinton had a good lead according to the polls, but George Bush was surging down the home stretch.

That was until an indictment came down to one of Bush’s top cabinet members, his Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.

Corruption was linked to the White House and Bill Clinton seized on some opportunities to drive home the message of corruption.

See the video for yourself.

It is funny that the video shows Bill talking about “corruption” and Al Gore talking about “trust” when 24-years later, Hillary’s campaign is facing the same issues.

Hillary clearly came out in her speech and said that this move by the FBI to reopen case at this time is “unprecedented”.

See the full Hillary Clinton press conference on Friday below.

Note that the entire press conference lasted only four minutes. It was her first press conference in almost a year and she only took three questions.

She was pretty quiet over the weekend, but there is only eight days until the election and this could really hurt Hillary at the polls next week.

Maybe it won’t sway voters, but it may discourage some of her former fans form going out to vote.

Her campaign was clearly shocked when the news hit on Friday and looks to find new footing after a disastrous week. She won’t win people over by having four-minute press conferences and lying about the “unique” nature of the FBI’s investigation.

Is the FBI reopening Hillary’s email scandal so close to the election “unprecedented”? Let us know in the comments below.

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America is free because we allow for open discussion, criticism and opposing views. What happens when one party tries to criminalize opposing thought? We could find out soon.

This year the Democratic Convention is going to be unprecedented for two reasons.

1. Thousands are expected to protest outside in support of Bernie Sanders.

2. For the first time the DNC is going to propose the Department of Justice criminally investigate corporate climate change deniers.

See for yourself. The DNC posted this on their website to outline the platform Hillary will stand on.

“Another joint proposal calling on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change was also adopted by unanimous consent.”

Despite the fancy phrases to distract you like “corporate fraud” or “unanimous consent”, the idea is to prosecute those who don’t agree with climate change.

How can they even say things like “unanimous consent”? I’m no ecologist, but I am positive that there are scientists who don’t agree with climate change.

15 years ago Al Gore said the east coast would lose the beaches due to rising seawaters. That didn’t happen. There has to be some disagreement, right?

Not according to DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz who is leading the team drafting the platform. She and the DNC now believe corporations that question climate change will be prosecuted.

How far off is prosecution for citizens who don’t agree? How is this possible in America?

If there is condemnation for those who “mislead” the public on climate change by questioning the severity, then shouldn’t the other side be prosecuted as well?

If climate change is a real, then shouldn’t people who overhype it and sensationalize the effects to scare people also be prosecuted? Al Gore should be prosecuted for sensationalizing global warming with his movie An Inconvenient Truth.

The thought that one political party will try to silence an argument by prosecuting those who don’t agree is unfathomable. It is un-American and the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

What is really sad about the DNC platform is that it will become a reality if Hillary wins in November. You better question climate change while you still can.

Do you think climate change is real?

Let us know more on the matter in the comments below.

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An unexpected candidate might challenge Hillary for the Democratic nomination: former Vice President Al Gore.

That’s right: the global warming huckster who came just 537 Florida votes away from the White House fifteen years ago might be throwing his hat in the ring, and challenging the wife of his former boss for a shot at the big time.

Gore’s supporters have already started the chatter, apparently.

Buzzfeed reported that an anonymous top-ranking Democrat confirmed Gore might be interested. Gore and his supporters are apparently “figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically… It feels more real than it has in past months.”

The claim that Gore might be readying a presidential run comes as Hillary Clinton is under increasing scrutiny over her email scandal–and terrifying Democrats as her star continues to fall.

This past week, the FBI seized Hillary Clinton’s secret email server–amid reports that, contrary to what Hillary has claimed, “top secret” documents were emailed on the private server, in clear violation of federal law.

Worse, as Americans continue to lose trust in Clinton, she’s seen even massive drops among Democrats: Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-styled socialist Senator from Vermont, now leads her in polls for the must-win New Hampshire primary.

While Hillary remains the Democratic frontrunner–and the likely Democratic nominee–it’s clear that she might be drawing stronger challengers, despite months of clearing the path for her nomination. Vice President Joe Biden is also rumored to join the 2016 fray.

Despite Hillary’s hope to skip through the primaries as a “coronation,” it’s clear that she’ll have a much tougher road to the nomination–and much more of an uphill road back to the Oval Office–than anyone anticipated.

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Considering the Middle East’s appalling treatment of women and Jews, this might go down as the least shocking news ever.

Al Jazeera America–the news service owned by the Royal Family of Qatar–is facing a $15 million lawsuit for discriminating against (you guessed it) women and Jews.

A former employee, Matthew Luke, who started working for the network back in 2013, filed the lawsuit in New York on Tuesday.

He alleges that his supervisor, Osman Mahmud, the senior vice president of broadcast operations, engaged in systematic discrimination.

Mahmud allegedly removed female employees from projects, cut them out of emails and meetings, and made heinous anti-Semitic remarks, like, “Whoever supports Israel should die a fiery death in hell.”

What, your boss never condemned you to the pits of hell for your political beliefs?

Luke went to HR, where he says he was told he wasn’t a good cultural fit and fired. Presumably because he supported Israel but did not want to die a fiery death.

Al Jazeera America launched in late 2013, after buying Al Gore’s seldom-watched Current TV.

But while Current TV was infamous for its inability to attract more than a handful of viewers, Al Jazeera America has done even worse. Shortly after their launch, they were attracting just 13,000 viewers a day–ratings so low that the Nielsen Ratings just declared them a “scratch” and eventually stopped reporting altogether.

Since then, they’ve been laying off workers left and right, and apparently condemning other ones to death.

Al Jazeera America had no comment on the pending lawsuit, except to underline how much it loves women and Jews. Like the rest of the Middle East.


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