Sunday, June 25, 2017


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The left wants to paint everyone into little boxes and then label them. Now if you are part of the alt-right, then you are a racist.

Turn on any corporate media channel and you will see a story about how the alt-right is racist and full of white supremacists. They claim that Trump’s advisor pick in Steve Bannon is racist.

Everything that Trump does is racist and all his supporters are racist according to the media and their attacks on the alt-right.

What is the alt-right? Watch this clip to get a “Reality Check” about who Steve Bannon is and what the alt-right stands for.

Just like there are racist, wannabe cop killers in Black Lives Matter, there are some racists in the alt-right movement.

The thing is, Hillary and the DNC wanted to lump everyone they disagree with into the alt-right. Listen to Hillary’s statements back in August about tying Alex Jones to the alt-right and see Paul Joseph Watson just destroy her claims.

There are no members in the alt-right. There are no meetings and there isn’t a leader. The alt-right is a name thrust on people that are not happy with the Republican or Libertarian Parties, but support conservative thought.

There is no organized alt-right, and the term is so loosely interpreted, I doubt they will ever be organizing under that name.

Trump and Bannon have denounced the alt-right due to the limited ties to one hate group, but it doesn’t matter.

Nobody that self identified as alt-right before it was all tied to white supremacy by the corporate media, is changing what they think. The name will change.

The group will get organized, but without the white supremacist ties and that is a good thing. Something tells me that even if a new group rises out of the alt-right ashes, the left will still call them racist.

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Back in the 90’s Hillary blamed her and Bill’s problems on the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, but now she has a new a new conspiracy she it pitching to America.

Hillary Clinton wants you to believe that there is a huge “alternative-right wing conspiracy” that has organized to reject the Republican Party and stop Hillary.

See her speech here.

She portrays the “alt-right” as racists and anti-America.

Of course Trump had something to say about it. See his response here.

There is only one problem. There is no “alt-right” conspiracy.

There are “alternative” media outlets that report on topics that won’t get covered by CNN. How about not reporting on Hillary’s health and being silent on the George Soros leaks are great examples.

Hillary blames people like Alex Jones for his reporting, but Alex Jones just wants Hillary to stop killing people.

The reason there is an alternative right is because there needs to be. The major media outlets can’t cover the news without slanting or bending the truth, but that doesn’t mean the random news websites are working together.

Hillary is mad when people try to expose her corruption. Even when Bill was in office she blamed all the corruption on the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

At some point she is going to have to stop blaming the “alt-right” and will have to start defending her policies and record. That won’t help Hillary though, so she will continue to call people racist and blame the “alt-right” as long as she can.

Do you believe Hillary about the “alt-right” conspiracy? Let us know in the comments.


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