Thursday, June 29, 2017


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Since Donald Trump took office the stock market has reached new levels and there is a sense of optimism that many are feeling.

Millions of Americans think we are finally heading down the right road and Trump has even called it a period of optimism.

On the other hand, there are millions of Americans that think Donald Trump is going to destroy our country.

What do you think?

How Optimistic Are You About The Future Of America?

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Californians cried together after the divisive Trump train steamrolled through our hope for a future without hate. What choice do we have but to leave the USA?

What kind of nation have we become when we let a person who said the worst things about all kinds of people become our leader?

Don’t we have are right to challenge the man you call president?

We don’t feel that way over her on the left coast. We know that love Trump’s hate, but that didn’t happen on Election Day.

Somehow America voted against “the most qualified person to ever run for president”. (Not my words, but president Obama’s.) How sexist are we as a nation.

After the KKK endorsed Donald Trump, people still supported “billionaire”. His supporters have at least one thing in common with the KKK, but I am proud to say that I have nothing in common with them except the color of my skin. I don’t even want them in my country.

He said that he would ban all Muslims from entering this country, yet people supported him. Millions of people.

I could go on and on about what Trump said and who he insulted, but that doesn’t matter now. He is the president and we don’t want to take it. We don’t accept it. Trump is not my president.

I have friends who are here “illegally” and I don’t want to see them or their families deported. What choice do we have but to leave America? We don’t have a choice.

This week, the legal process has started for California to leave the United States and become our own country. We have everything we need right here. We have the best wines, beaches, tacos and even marijuana. We don’t need to associate with people that vote for hate. We voted for love. Love trumps hate.

We could have had the first ever-female president, but instead we got Donald freaking Trump. Of all people, your America voted for Donald Trump.

Here in California, we like our culturally diverse friends and our freedoms to marry anyone we choose, even if that is a Muslim from Syria. Trump cannot stop us; after all he is not our president.

Come to California and help us leave the United States. There might some speed bumps in the process, but even if we don’t have everything figured out yet, at least we’re not racist.

Do you support California leaving the United States? Let me know in the comments below.

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When a retired Air Force veteran turned to Facebook to release his frustrations about the Trump protestors, he never thought this would happen.

Dionne Alexander is a professional comedian, a military veteran, and entrepreneur and now we can add Internet viral sensation to his list of accolades.

After watching the “crybabies” whine over the fair and democratic election that made Donald Trump the president elect, Alexander took to Facebook to let the world know it was time to remember that we are American First.

If you watch the video, you will know why it is resonating with so many people.

At last count, the Facebook video has over 20 million views and a dozen articles about the “epic rant”.

When speaking exclusively with Liberty News Now, Dionne Alexander said this is the most important thing.

“We have to remember what we have in common and not what makes us different. We are American first.”

When asked what the first step is in making a difference, Alexander said, “We have to treat each other with respect.”

He couldn’t be more right about that, I don’t know about the whole running over protestors in the street with his car, but he is really on point.

Liberals will try to say that Dionne is inciting violence against protestors by calling for people to run them over. I can see the Washington Post article now.

Some people can’t take a joke; remember that Dionne is a comedian.

We have to remember that Dionne is a lot of things. He is an African American male who believes in Jesus. He is an Air Force Veteran. He is an entrepreneur and a father. He rides motorcycles, enjoys prepping and is one guy you don’t want to mess with.

He is also a very wise and outspoken defender of America.

Dionne Alexander has started a movement called the American First Movement and encourages us to remember that we are American first, who happens to be ____________ (fill in the blank).

The Facebook rant from Dionne has become epic. Mr. American First did an interview with Fox & Friends Monday morning and is scheduled to be on the Fox Business Network on Tuesday at 8:00am.

Dionne Alexander is getting a lot of press, and he should. His message needs to be heard by all Americans.

What is next for Internet sensation? What about president? Dennis Miller thinks it is a good idea.

Right now Dionne is using his recent Internet stardom to get people together and join the American First Movement. He is the founder, but once there are enough people interested, then together they will decide how to move forward and help remind everyone in the United States that we are united when we remember that we are American First.

Join the movement here.

Did any part of Dionne Alexander’s “rant” resonate with you? Which part? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tensions with Russia are heating up and this week they took a very dangerous step in letting us know they are serious.

A Russian fighter jet flew within ten feet of a U.S. Navy spy plane over the Black sea.

The jet carried out a maneuver called an intercept to harass and redirect the spy plane.

An official spoke on the condition of anonymity about the incident and said that the event lasted roughly 19 minutes.

He also said the maneuver was “unsafe and unprofessional”.

This is just the latest in several aggressions toward our military around the world.

Iran has been doing similar maneuvers with boats in the Persian Gulf.

A situation is escalating with Russia that is hard to deny at this point. Every day, it seems like, the government is telling us that Russia is hacking our systems and threatening our elections.

Now they are actually threatening American lives with such reckless and dangerous military actions.

All of this comes on the heels of a rough meeting between Putin and Obama in China for the G20 summit over last week that sparked a lot of comments on Twitter.

Obama and Hillary Clinton designed a new “Russian Reset” back when Obama first took office.

It is safe to say that no matter how much the Democrats try and tie the Russian problems to Donald Trump, they only have themselves to blame.

What do you think about the actions of Russia and the failed “Russian reset”? Let us know in the comments below.

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Coming to terms with personal responsibility is something that too many Americans shirk off.

Instead they turn to government and expect to keep themselves and their family safe from everything from disaster, crime, and poverty to the plague.

Liberals may not approve, but who cares? Most of these items you should own just to give them something to complain about.

If you’re into taking care of your own needs, here’s a list of 28 things that you should own in your lifetime:


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Top pop star Ariana Grande is getting a lot of criticism these days–after apparently yelling (on video), “I hate Americans! I hate America!” while in a donut shop.

The video, which was leaked a few days after the incident, also shows Grande and a male companion licking some donuts (which they hadn’t purchased) that were sitting on display on top of the counter at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California.

The owner of Wolfee Donuts, Joseph Marin, was apparently “furious” that anyone, especially an A-list celebrity like Grande, would exhibit such boorish behavior in his store.

“A customer out there could have got sick,” he explained.

Grande first gained widespread exposure in 2009, when she starred on Disney Channel’s TV show, “Victorious.” But she skyrocketed to fame as a singer in 2013–and, since then, she’s released five number one hits, which earned her the distinction of being the most successful music artist of 2014.

Shortly after landing in hot water, Grande took to social media to profusely apologize for her anti-American tirade.

“I am EXTREMELY proud to be an American,” she wrote. “What I said in a private moment with my friend, who was buying the donuts, was taken out of context and I am sorry for not using more discretion with my choice of words.”

Instead of stopping there, she continued, making a stance against obesity in America:

“The fact that the United States has the highest child obesity rate in the world frustrates me. We need to do more to educate ourselves and our children about the dangers of overeating and the poison that we put into our bodies. We need to demand more from our food industry.”

By licking donuts and unleashing an anti-American tirade, apparently.

According to Marin, Grande has not yet apologized to him or his employees, who served the “rude” Grande at Wolfee Donuts.

Wolfee Donuts has also been knocked down a grade by the health inspector, for apparently allowing Grande and her friend to lick the donuts in question. But things seemed to work out okay for them: they reported they’ve “tripled” their business, thanks to their role in the infamous Ariana Grande video.


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