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American Commitment

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Best Non-Profits

For many non-profits around the nation, the last few days of the year are when the push is on to attract donors to give . . . and give big with tax-deductible gifts.

Supporters of organizations will be hit with a deluge of postal letters and emails from now until New Year’s Eve.

Unfortunately, most of these organizations have little to show for their accomplishments.

Many have made efforts to rally support, write Congress and get their pundits on Fox News, but very few have verified results.

Here’s a list of groups that deserve your donation due to the work they have accomplished:

Project Veritas: This is the group started by James O’Keefe, the filmmaker who shut down ACORN, instigated a vote to defund NPR, and has generally been the bane of the corrupt for years.

While James did start a sister group, Project Veritas Action with jaw-dropping results, donations to that group are not tax-deductible.

Focusing on the tax-deductible “c3,” James was able to . . . .

  • Shut down “Battleground Texas” offices that were illegally collecting data on voter registration drives.
  • Force the resignation of a corrupt state senator . . . a republican.
  • Uncover Hollywood hypocrisy on fracking.
  • Highlighted border insecurity by crossing the border dressed as a terrorist . . . twice.
  • O’Keefe found and interviewed the citizen journalist who caused “Grubergate.”

This is on top of the work done by the new group, Project Veritas Action, which exposed voter fraud in half a dozen states.

By the numbers, Project Veritas is the best value for your charitable gifts. Since they began just a few years ago, they have put politicians and governments on notice, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.

In 2012, Project Veritas raised only $738,000. Given that James has saved Americans $54 million with ACORN alone, and with backing of Congress, could have saved another $28.8 million annually by defunding National Public Radio, the impact ratio is staggering.

For every $1 donated to Project Veritas, this tiny group has the potential to save American Taxpayers $112. That’s a steal of a deal.

American Commitment: This is another small group started by free-market policy analyst Phil Kerpen that is making a huge impact.

When Kerpen saw that Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet was gaining steam, American Commitment stepped into the fight and crushed the opposition.

As a result, the Federal Communications Commission was forced to waive off their plans due to a new surge of opposition to Net Neutrality.

Kerpen’s organizing capabilities shocked groups on the left who are still reeling over the defeat.

While donations to American Commitment are not tax-deductible due to the organization’s “c4” tax status, if you want to make a big impact in 2015, this is another group to give to.

Judicial Watch: This is an organization that has been around since the 90’s and has instigated more legal fights than OJ’s entire legal team. The public benefit for this group is not necessarily in the legal battles they wage, but the massive amount of information they uncover in their investigative process.

Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch’s lead investigator, is a machine. Farrell, a former military intelligence officer, doesn’t just rely on his sixth sense for sniffing out corruption, he overwhelms governments with relentless requests for information.

Backed by a top-notch legal team, when the government fails to respond to one of Farrell’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, like clockwork, Judicial Watch’s attorneys pounce.

After years of facing Farrell and Judicial Watch, Government FOIA Officers are like trained monkeys. When a request comes in, they dance or face the consequences.

The result is a deluge of information and data that exposes corruption and hypocrisy in government.

Judicial Watch is a 501(c)3 organization so you can write off a portion of your donation with your taxes.

For those who want to expose or reign-in government, Project Veritas, American Commitment and Judicial Watch are the three groups to support with your year-end gift.

A measurable portion of liberty in America can track back to the resources each of these groups have at their fingertips . . . and the only way for them to advance liberty is by getting Americans to open their wallets and pitch in.

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Net Neutrality

Commenters on the popular forum Reddit were left shocked after the release of a study by the Sunlight Foundation proving that one group, American Commitment, was able to organize nearly 800,000 public comments to the Federal Communications Commission opposing regulation of the Internet.

Reddit was an official participant in the “Battle for the Net” which supported Internet regulation.

Reddit fans, known for their mob mentality were quick to question the report despite the facts presented in the report.

One Redditter, K7Avender, commented, “How could they by themselves have gotten more comments than the popular social medias combined? How could there be more comments by people who don’t understand the internet—who barely use the internet—than comments by people who do understand the internet and who use it the most?”

Another comment of the 1,300+ on this single thread piled on the stereotype that the people opposed Net Neutrality are essentially luddites:

“You don’t need bots when you can use a few well chosen trigger words to mobilize an army of the ill-informed. They may not know much of anything about the internet, but they sure as hell don’t want ‘Obama to regulate and tax it.’”

As the comments scrolled on, one post by KBassma made it clear why Reddit fans are so passionate about the issue, “I am only as smart and as well read as I am because of the internet. If I lose it I lose myself.”


In reading through just a portion of the 1,300 posts, a dominant theme began to form.

The supporters of Net Neutrality on Reddit have no clue what they’re talking about.

Some claim that censorship will be increased if the government DOESN’T take control of the Internet. Huh?

Others cite the well known “fast lane” argument yet would prefer advancement of Internet technology be left for the approval of government bureaucrats.

Few Reddit users can come to the simple realization that restricting the Internet under telecom regulations from the 1930’s may actually harm their ability to watch cat videos on YouTube.

In the event that President Obama is able to ram through Net Neutrality, Americans can expect innovation and advances of broadband delivery to come to a screeching halt.

Under the same Title II regulations that the President is pushing for the Internet, Caller ID took seven years to approve.

Would the left-leaning lovers of the Internet have accepted a seven-year delay to incorporate voice chat into their World of Warcraft sessions?

While many Reddit users enjoy using their time to whine amongst themselves in between eating Cheetos in their mother’s basement and producing low-quality cat videos, they should take time to educate themselves on this debate before they have a hand in destroying the thing they love the most.


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