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Man, I wish I would have been there - I'll be sure to be at his 2020 Inauguration!

In 1789, Thomas Jefferson wrote that, “Wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government.”

Abused by the media nearly as much as President Trump himself, Trump’s supporters have withstood constant attacks on their character, patriotism, intelligence, and more. The message from the media elite is clear, “If you don’t think and vote the exact way we demand, you are not informed.” However, what does informed mean here in this context? And does informed mean the same as Thomas Jefferson meant it in 1789?

The  difference between Jefferson’s use of the word informed and the media’s is the difference between fact and opinion. Regardless of how popular certain political opinions are in Hollywood,  knowledge of how our democratic republic works to deliver self-government is the most important foundation of being civically informed. Certainly, there are degrees to which political ideas can be right or wrong, but these are fiercely debated, and very rarely concrete or clear.

For example, while the medial elite can (and do) argue that socialism is working for Venezuela, or that tax-and-spend policies are working for Zimbabwe, knowledge of the specific structure of our U.S. government is unambiguous and clear. Voters that know how government works are informed in the most important and foundational way that citizens must be. For example – a fact: On November 8th, Americans didn’t just vote for President, they also voted to elect a Representative – their elected official in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. This is done every two years.

Survey Findings

A recent poll by Haven Insights shows that Trump voters have a distinct and consistent edge in civic knowledge over their Hillary supporting and 3rd party supporting counterparts. In stark contrast to the media narrative, Trump supporters are not only more informed than the general public, but also more than their political rivals.

  • Trump voters were more likely to know the name of their U.S. Representative than Hillary supporters (45% to 38%).
  • While 66% of the public know that their U.S. Representative is up for election 2 years, slightly more (68%) of Trump voters knew this simple fact. However, as embarrassing as it is, Hillary supporters performed the worst in this simple question (65%)!
  • A shocking 23% of the public voted for their U.S. representative without even knowing their Representative’s name. However, Trump voters – educated and civically responsible –were the most likely to walk into the voting booth informed and knowing the name of their elected representatives. Hillary supporters performed the worst.
  • Embarrassingly, nearly a third of liberals (30%) went to the voting booth having no clue who their U.S. Representative was – while only 21% of conservatives had a similar struggle in the voting booth.

Trump voters consistently had the edge over both the general population, and their political opponents in basic civic knowledge – who their Representative was, what party they belonged to, and if they were even on the ballot.

The Trump Edge

It isn’t enough to just go out and go through the motions of voting – voters have to have a baseline understanding of who and what exactly they are voting for. Trump supporters systematically outperformed everyone in knowledge of their Representative.

The real-world result of this knowledge edge was that Trump supporters and conservatives succeeded in specifically delivering their support to conservatives and Republicans in key narrow races across the nation. One example is in Maine, where Rep. Bruce Poliquin, soundly beat his opponent – a well funded disciple of Nancy Pelosi named Emily Cain.

As Tea Party Leader, Matt Kibbe, famously declared, “Government goes to those who show up.” Trump supporters simply know more about their government than any other slice of the electorate. This allowed them to make their opinions heard, even over and above the scorn and abuse heaped upon them by the media.

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When a retired Air Force veteran turned to Facebook to release his frustrations about the Trump protestors, he never thought this would happen.

Dionne Alexander is a professional comedian, a military veteran, and entrepreneur and now we can add Internet viral sensation to his list of accolades.

After watching the “crybabies” whine over the fair and democratic election that made Donald Trump the president elect, Alexander took to Facebook to let the world know it was time to remember that we are American First.

If you watch the video, you will know why it is resonating with so many people.

At last count, the Facebook video has over 20 million views and a dozen articles about the “epic rant”.

When speaking exclusively with Liberty News Now, Dionne Alexander said this is the most important thing.

“We have to remember what we have in common and not what makes us different. We are American first.”

When asked what the first step is in making a difference, Alexander said, “We have to treat each other with respect.”

He couldn’t be more right about that, I don’t know about the whole running over protestors in the street with his car, but he is really on point.

Liberals will try to say that Dionne is inciting violence against protestors by calling for people to run them over. I can see the Washington Post article now.

Some people can’t take a joke; remember that Dionne is a comedian.

We have to remember that Dionne is a lot of things. He is an African American male who believes in Jesus. He is an Air Force Veteran. He is an entrepreneur and a father. He rides motorcycles, enjoys prepping and is one guy you don’t want to mess with.

He is also a very wise and outspoken defender of America.

Dionne Alexander has started a movement called the American First Movement and encourages us to remember that we are American first, who happens to be ____________ (fill in the blank).

The Facebook rant from Dionne has become epic. Mr. American First did an interview with Fox & Friends Monday morning and is scheduled to be on the Fox Business Network on Tuesday at 8:00am.

Dionne Alexander is getting a lot of press, and he should. His message needs to be heard by all Americans.

What is next for Internet sensation? What about president? Dennis Miller thinks it is a good idea.

Right now Dionne is using his recent Internet stardom to get people together and join the American First Movement. He is the founder, but once there are enough people interested, then together they will decide how to move forward and help remind everyone in the United States that we are united when we remember that we are American First.

Join the movement here.

Did any part of Dionne Alexander’s “rant” resonate with you? Which part? Let us know in the comments below.


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