Sunday, June 25, 2017


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A street artist in Melbourne Australia got in a little trouble when he painted a giant mural of Hillary Clinton in a bathing suit with $100 bills tucked into the sides.

The city threatened the artist with fines for breaking city ordinances about gender, explained by a statement by the city council’s chief executive.

“We believe that this mural is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, and it is not in keeping with our stance on gender equity” 

The artist decided to paint over the entire mural, but not all of it.

The artist turned the bikini clad presidential hopeful into a woman wearing a Muslim Burka.

The painting makes a strong statement and was a very creative way to combat the complaints of the city council.

The artists also added a quote to the second version saying, “If this Muslim woman offends you, you are a bigot, racist, sexist Islamophobe.” (We cleaned up some of the spelling)

Either way, Hillary seems more comfortable in a burka than a bikini.

What do you think of the artist and his painting of Hillary? Let us know in the comments below.

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Matt Damon

Guess which actor is promoting a movie with incredible scenes of gun fights but wants Americans to have their guns confiscated all at once?

We’ll give you a few hints.

This actor is worth over $115 million dollars.

This actor is the leading character in an action espionage franchise that has made over a billion dollars worldwide.

This actor played one of the founders of the CIA in The Good Shepherd with Robert De Niro.

That’s right, Matt Damon, also known this summer as Jason Bourne, is making headlines for his comments on gun control.

Damon was in Australia over the 4th of July weekend promoting his new Bourne movie when he was asked about gun control in America.

“You guys did it here in one fell swoop, and I wish that could happen in my country, but it’s such a personal issue for people that we cannot talk about it sensibly.”

In 1996 Australia banned guns and that is what Matt wants to happen here.

It it’s ironic to Matt Damon that he portrays a character who kills people on screen and is paid about 1600 times more than the average American, but he doesn’t want us to have to have guns to protect ourselves.

It is like the Democrats who staged the dramatic sit-in in the House of Representatives last month to demand a vote on gun control while they had armed guards outside protecting their lives.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

Do you agree with Matt Damon that the government should take away all our guns at once? Are you going to support Matt Damon’s movies in the future knowing this is how he feels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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An Australian libertarian senator is getting the last laugh about matters of free speech.

David Leyonjhelm clapped back at a self proclaimed, “anti-discrimination campaigner” with these words:

“Go f–k yourself you communist turd.”

What is important to understand about the statement is that Australia does not have the same kind of freedoms granted to U.S. citizens under the First Amendment. Instead of a blanket of protection Australians can be prosecuted for offending others. No doubt, this affects the quality of their stand up comedians.

Australia has instead, free speech codes that offer less protection than our Constitution does, but probably keeps people out of jail during the World Cup for what they may say.

Garry Burns got the Senator’s reply after attacking him for being for free speech. He told Leyonjhelm that if he does not like the terms of multiculturalism to “pack up the Mrs and the kids and f–k off out of our country” at the same time he accused the senator of being unpatriotic. He also went on to say that “there is no free speech in Australia”

In other comments Burns has compared Leyonjhelm and politicians of like-mind about free speech to the usual round of suspects like Hitler, of course –liberals love to call people Hitler– as well as calling him a bigot and other inappropriate terms that do not have much meaning anymore considering that anyone with a differing point of view to people like Burns is considered to be one.

Leyonjhelm was clearly unaffected by the slanderous comments. After a time he responded again:

Dear Gary,

It appears that you have not yet acted on my advice. Please do so. Go f–k yourself as soon as possible. The world will be a better place.


David Leyonjhelm

It took guts to stand up to someone like Burns without hiding behind politics or vague stances. I think our politicians could learn something from the senator about being direct and unashamed of what is right.

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Faced with a sky-high re-offend rate for pedophiles, one province in Australia might be set to do something drastic.

A government task force in New South Wales, the most heavily populated province in Australia that includes Sydney, is debating whether or not they should use drugs to “chemically castrate” pedophiles convicted of child sex offenses.

The task force consists of police, government agents, and victims groups–all of whom want to see, obviously, the re-offense rate go down.

By law, convicts are already allowed to voluntarily undergo chemical castration, but the task force is debating whether or not it could be a forced sentencing option in criminal courts.

Australia’s Justice Minister, Troy Grant, announced the proposal as just one of the options that the task force is debating.

“One of the worrying statistics that came out of our investigation is that up to 17 per cent of child sex offenders are likely to reoffend in two years,” he said. “We must do everything possible to reduce that figure.”

Chemical castration involves taking a drug that will render the convict sterile and impotent, and dramatically reduce their libido. The idea is that, if they can’t have sex to begin with, they won’t target children.

But some critics in Australia are claiming that chemical castration just simply won’t work–and that the task force is simply playing politics in the run up to an election.

Brett Collins, who works for Justice Action, an activist group that focuses on abuses of government authority, said the facts just simply aren’t there.

“We actually know that [chemical castration] hasn’t been effective for them anyway,” he said. “The issues are much larger… there are personality issues, there are issues involved with a range of self-esteem issues as well.”

Justice Minister Grant realizes that the issue is controversial–and explained that’s one of the reasons why the task force is debating the issue.

“I understand there’s some reservations by some in the medical field in relation to the effectiveness of chemical castration, or the use of anti-libido medication,” he said.

“It is working in other areas and I want it to work here, because we need to have every sentencing option to protect every child from the predators that are sex offenders.”

The task force will report its recommendation to the New South Wales government by the end of the year.


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