Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bad Prepper

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Bad Prepper

Bring a “prepper” is simply a way to be prepared for scenarios where you and your family would be at risk of harm in the event of a catastrophic event.

Zombie and werewolf outbreaks are rare, but thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards and even the occasional riot are part of the lives of most Americans.

Economic unrest, war, and government breakdown are also not too far off.

The prepper community is filled with great information on defensive tactics to stock up and prepare for the worst.

But what happens when those preps are useless and the plan breaks down?

Here are a few things from the “dark side” of prepping. These are things you need to be prepared to do in order to survive.

They are not pretty, and hopefully you and your loved ones will never have to do any of these things . . . but without them, you are not truly prepared to do whatever it takes to survive.



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