Friday, July 21, 2017

Berkeley Riots

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Rioting continued into the night on Monday in Berkeley, California.

In a video released on Tuesday, what appears to be white male teens ravaged the streets of Berkeley chanting, “We can’t breathe.”

Thanks to police tear gas that flooded the streets, they were probably being quite literal in their chant.

The kids, who were assumedly protesting the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were about a week or two delayed in their supposed outrage.

A possible reason for the delay was late shipping for the matching bandanas and black hoodies that many of the protesters wore.

Note to protesters: Amazon Prime is on sale for students. On time bandana shipping = On time protests.

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Berkely Riots
Photo courtesy of Jessie Lau

It was only a matter of time before rioting began in Berkeley, California over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The town, known for leading the nation in socialist policies, began to see the damage of outraged citizens over the weekend who protested under the mantra, “No Justice, No Peace.”

In stark contrast to rioting and looting in Ferguson and New York, the Berkeley protesters took the opportunity to loot their local Whole Foods and Radio Shacks.

There’s no word if the local Birkenstock dealer has been the victim of yuppie looting.

Police deployed tear gas on a crowd of 500 that marched along MLK Jr. Way.

In response, protesters pelleted law enforcement officers from the California Highway Patrol with projectiles and even with what has been described by police as an explosive.

The rioting that has resulted in widespread damage to the town, could not even be stopped by the Dalai Lama who visited Berkeley over the weekend.

Berkeley which was a haven for protests and riots in the 60’s hasn’t seen a good looting in quite some time.

One of the most significant protests took place in September of 1964 when 1,500 students occupied Sproul Hall in protest of the expulsion of an activist student. 773 of the students were arrested.


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