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Bernie Sanders

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Violent Supporters
'I'm just a peace loving hippy (who called for Political Revolution). Don't blame me!"

On Wednesday, Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took the Senate floor to condemn the horrific shooting at the Republican baseball practice just outside the capital city. Sanders was quick to disassociate himself with the suspect involved in the shooting after it was discovered that he was a volunteer for the Senator’s presidential campaign.

According to police reports, James T. Hodgkinson, 66, from Belleville, Illinois, started shooting at the Republican baseball practice in Virginia, on Wednesday. Hodgkinson managed to shoot five people, including two officers from the Capitol Police, and House Majority Whip Scalise.

While a spokesperson for the congressman said that Scalise is in a stable condition, President Trump confirmed that Hodgkinson is dead.

Early investigation efforts have revealed that the shooter was a staunch left-wing supporter.

Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic nomination for president to Hillary Clinton last year, said on the Senate floor that he had just found out that the suspect had volunteered for his campaign. Sanders further condemned Hodgkinson’s actions.

“I have just been informed that the alleged shooter at the Republican baseball practice this morning is someone who apparently volunteered on my presidential campaign,” Sanders said. “I am sickened by this despicable act, and let me be as clear as I can be: Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.

“Real change can only come about through nonviolent action, and anything else runs counter to our most deeply held American values,” he continued. “I know I speak for the entire country in saying that my hopes and prayers are that Rep. Scalise, congressional staff and the Capitol Police officers who were wounded make a quick and full recovery. I also want to thank the Capitol Police for their heroic actions to prevent further harm.”

Sanders’ campaign’s former communications head, Michael Briggs, told a local news station that, “our computer records show that he volunteers for one debate watch party in Iowa. He was not on the payroll. We never interacted with him. I talked to people on the Iowa campaign this morning who have never heard of him.”

The annual congressional baseball game went ahead as scheduled, and took place on Thursday evening.

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Useless Sign
Without a strong right to bear arms, we are all sitting congressmen, er, ducks...

Dana Loesch, host on TheBlaze TV, while on a show with Martha MacCallum on Fox News, debated with gun control advocate Mark Glaze following the horrific shooting on Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice in Virginia.

“First and foremost,” Loesch began, “obviously our prayers are with Congressman Scalise and those individuals who were wounded in this attempted political assassination. And bravo to the Capitol Hill Police who as you heard other congressional members say, if Representative Scalise had not been on that field, with those two officers who are afforded to him as a perk of being a member of leadership there in the Republican Party in the house, they would have been sitting ducks. All they would have had was their gloves and their baseball bats with which to defend themselves which seems, it’s amazing to me.”

“This isn’t a gun issue,” Loesch declared. “The good guys saved the day. Guns save lives. That’s what the story proved.”

“But furthermore, this isn’t an issue, Martha, about firearms,” she continued. “This is an issue about rhetoric. Martha, this is an issue about a guy who has been feeding off the poison that has been coming from comedians and Shakespeare plays of assassinating presidents that are playing in the park.”

“This has been coming from vitriolic rhetoric from the DNC chair,” she added, “and the California Democrat Party who say ‘blank the Republicans, they don’t care about you.’ And individuals like this feed off of this poison, and what’s the result? The result is that these four individuals, their lives were, five individuals now, they were affected by this, and we could have lost a loyal public servant, a husband and father.”

“Well you know politics may have had something to do with what happened today,” Glaze admitted. “But for context, in San Francisco today, four people were killed in a U.S. postal service facility, or a UPS facility, tomorrow, 93 more Americans are going to be killed with guns, and the next day, and the next day.”

“And by the way,” he continued, “the way people in the United Kingdom do politics makes it look like patty cake here in America, but we have 25 times the gun murder rate of people in every other Western country and the reason is, we will give guns to just about anybody. We have to address that.”

MacCallum then indicated that Virginia has quite relaxed gun laws. She asked Loesch why she thought that was a strong argument to explain gun violence.

“No, no,” Loesch responded, “I would obviously have to disagree with the statements. And first off, I think it’s kinda silly to compare us to the U.K., specifically because they also classify crimes differently, and we could get into the weeds all day on that, and I welcome any, all and all debate on that, and I’ll be there anytime anywhere.”

“But with that point, what happened in San Francisco is also awful,” she continued, “but I want to point out that the CDC report commissioned by former President Obama in 2013 just proved what we all knew: it’s that defensive gun use by law-abiding Americans, Martha, greatly outweighs criminal abuses. I definitely don’t want anybody to be made a sitting duck just because the only argument is that a criminal may abuse something that they have every right to possess. Guns save lives, and guns saved the lives in Alexandria, Virginia.”

Glaze counter-argued with more facts and figures about gun violence in America. “Last year and just about every year in America,” he said, “we have some where around 32,000 gun murders and we have about 214 justifiable homicides. Everybody sort of knows that there’s a public health epidemic around guns, and you know we through out this claim that self-defense is a significant factor in America, it’s just not.”

“What’s the number for how many people’s lives are saved by someone who steps in with a gun?” MacCallum interrupted.

“Well, we don’t know,” Glaze responded, “part of the reason is that the NRA won’t let us do the research.”

“We do! That’s a lie!” Loesch interjected. “That’s an absolute lie. [The] CDC report commissioned in 2013 proved it was anywhere from 2.1, actually 500,000 to 2.3 million instances annually, so don’t lie and say that the NRA stood in the way of that. It disrupts your narrative, and you refuse to acknowledge it, and at the same time you’ve had the audacity to claim that you’re for gun safety.”

Commissioned by the Obama administration, the CDC report released in 2013, determined that self-defense “can be an important crime deterrent.”

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Democratic Party

The left camp’s anti-Trump front has split over Trump’s airstrikes on Syria, clearly dividing establishment Democrats into antiwar progressives shocked over the possibility of greater involvement in the Middle East and those who applauded the military action.

Dem Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent who contended for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, broke out with the party’s leadership by vocally opposing President Donald Trump’s military action in Syria.

“What can we say about somebody who gases men, women and children in his own country? It is disgusting beyond words,” Mr. Sanders said, referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“But what we have got to do is be smart and figure out what is the rational solution. Is putting 50 missiles into Syria going to solve that problem?” he said. “At the end of the day, in my view, we’ve got to learn about the failure of our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, not repeat them.”

His message differed from that of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who said the military action was “a proportional response to the regime’s use of chemical weapons,” and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, who praised Trump’s decision as “the right thing to do.”

Rep. Henry Cuellar, Texas Democrat, remarked regarding last week’s missile strike, “no authorization was needed at all. But if he escalates, then it might be something he needs to talk to Congress [about].”

“What he [Mr. Trump] did was appropriate,” Mr. Cuellar said. “Like all Americans, I was horrified by what he [Mr. Assad] did to his own people.”

However, at the other end, Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Edward J. Markey warned that the military action could end up in “a quagmire for the United States for a generation that we would regret.”

He said they needed a “comprehensive debate on the floor of the United States House and Senate.” He added that he would still be a strong opponent of military action even under those conditions.

“I would not vote to allow him to do it. But the least the American people would be entitled to is that full debate,” Mr. Markey said.

Left-wing protestors staged demonstrations against the military action at several protests in major US cities over the weekend. However, that wasn’t quite supported by Mr. Cuellar. “Whether it was President Obama or President Trump, we want to be supportive of our commander in chief,” he said.


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Hillary Clinton has been quiet since her devastating loss back in November, but some are saying that her political career is not done.

There have been rumors that Hillary might run for Mayor of New York City, rumors the Clinton camp hasn’t officially silenced. A Hillary Clinton insider told the New York Post that Hillary is “50-50” on running for mayor of New York.

Hillary may not want to get out of politics yet, but what does the DNC think about that?

The DNC could be for the run since they have yet to apologize to the millions of Bernie Sanders fans that feel cheated by the Democratic National Committee from the information found in the DNC WikiLeaks.

The Party marginalized Bernie’s supporters in 2016 when it worked behind the scenes to support Hillary and torpedo Bernie. There are millions of Democrats that are still upset that Bernie didn’t the nomination.

Even with the shocking defeat on election day, the DNC doesn’t seem to be changing it’s course and neither does Hillary.

When Mitt Romney lost to Barrack Obama, he didn’t take to Twitter to throw jabs at the president. Neither did John McCain. Normally, when a candidate losses in a big election they remain quiet and resist the urge to take shots at their former rival. That is not the case for the latest Democrat candidate who might be eyeing a Hillary 2020 run.

When Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven countries in the Middle East and Africa lost for a third time in court last week, Hillary took to Twitter to throw a jab. Some would call this trolling.

Is Hillary even out of campaign mode? Is she just taking a shot, or does she still have ambitions to square off with Donald one more time in 2020?

Politico and Huffington Post both published articles over the weekend that had Hillary 2020 in the title, and offered up reasons why they think Hillary could be contemplating another run.

Hillary, after all, never said in her concession speech that she would not run again. She left it open. If she ran again, she would be 73 years old, and in all fairness, Bernie was 74 when he ran this past year.

Hillary may have a desire to get back into politics, but is it a good idea? Hillary lost to Barrack Obama and to Trump. Two very different candidates handed Hillary two unexpected losses. She went into both elections as the clear favorite, but it never worked out. Maybe what she needs is to be the underdog, which she would most certainly be if she decided to run again. Or maybe the Democrats need to find a new winning solution that doesn’t include Hillary.

Do you think Hillary should run in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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From the 2016 Election, a new breed of liberal has emerged from the dust of Bernie Sander’s campaign and the sponsored riots that took place at Trump Rallies.

With the Left now shopping at gun stores and taking on prepping activities, in addition to aggressive and illegal protests, do you feel threatened by them?

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Voting Machines

When the DNC emails were released proving that they conspired to knock Bernie out of the race, it was proof they would say anything to help Hillary win, but would Hillary and her supporters do anything they could to win?

Like rigging an election?

Donald Trump thinks she cheated, but he says a lot of crazy stuff right? Well, we are not taking his words for it, but instead looking at the dozens of lawsuits and claims that the voting machines were rigged in several states to make sure that Hillary won.

In Iowa, during the caucus, the first vote had sanders with 215 votes and Clinton with 210. After a second count, by people wearing Hillary for president shirts, the totals were a little different. Hillary had 232 and Sanders had 224.

Something doesn’t add up right, here is a video showing the influence of the Hillary team to make sure that Hillary won.

The caucuses are easier to rig than a primary because they only needed to add a few votes to give Hillary the win.

In other states, where voting machines were used, a troubling discovery shows that Hillary does best on the machines that flunk the hacking tests.

In the states with the hackable machines, Hillary missed her exit poll projections and missed big. In South Carolina exit polls had her winning by 37% but ended up winning by 47.5%. That is a large 11.5% mistake. How did that happen?

It happened in many states that had the voting machines that failed the hacking test, and the exit numbers never went backwards for Hillary. She always ended up with a lot more than what people were saying.

Polling isn’t always correct right? True, but the exit polling for the Republicans taken on the same day, by the same people were dead on in all states. Only the numbers for Hillary were inflated from exit polling.

In Alabama there were three counties that had the hackable machines and Hillary did extremely well in those, but in similar counties with similar demographics, the numbers between Hillary and Bernie were much closer.

If you want more details in a humorous fashion, you should watch this video as comedian Lee Camp shows how Bernie actually won the election.

It has not been proven that the machines were actually hacked in favor of Clinton, but all indicators point to fraud.

The real question is, if she did rig the election, can she do the same for the general election?

Donald Trump thinks so, and for once we tend to agree.

Do you think Hillary cheated and rigged the voting machines? Let us know in the comments below.

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Normally when a primary season is over, the other candidates rally their support for the nominee, but not this year.

Obviously Trump has not had the support of all 16 of his competitors, but he is getting some support. Hillary on the other hand, really only had one competitor and he has yet to throw his weight behind the former secretary of state.

In fact, Bernie has said that he will do his best to stop Trump, but right now that doesn’t mean joining sides with Hillary.

The Hillary camp is worried. Not only did the Democrats get seven million less votes this primary season than in 2008, this primary has been much more divided.

Bloomberg recently released a poll that detailed what camp the Bernie voters are gravitating towards.

Right now, only 55% of Bernie supporters say they will vote for Hillary.

22% say they are going to go for Trump instead of the Democratic nominee.

Surprisingly, 18% say they are going to vote for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.

One person who participated in the poll and was a fierce Bernie Supporter had this to say about Hillary Clinton.

“She’s a corporate candidate. I don’t vote for corporate candidates. I don’t do the lesser of two evils.”

The Clinton camp is really worried. Especially because Trump is closer in the polls than what the national average is showing.

Currently Hillary has an 11-point lead nationally, but in some of the battleground states like Ohio and Florida, the spread is much closer.

If Hillary loses Ohio and Florida to Trump, it could give him enough to win.

Despite her “huge” lead she is in trouble and the Democrats know it. They want to get Bernie on board behind Hillary, but he has yet to endorse her, and his most loyal fans are saying they are going to “crash” the convention.

The threats are so numerous surrounding the convention, that the Democratic Party is adopting Trump’s idea and they are building a wall around the meeting for July to keep the riffraff out.

Unless Hillary can find a way to start really appealing to the Bernie fans, she may have a much harder time winning this election than she thinks.

What do you think? Should Bernie support Hillary and get his follower to fall in line? Let us know in the comments below.

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Today is the day. Despite the reports yesterday that Hillary has clinched the nomination of the Democratic Party, the announcement was premature.

She has enough delegates if you count all the super delegates, but she doesn’t have enough to win the nomination outright… yet.

Today could be the day that she really clinches the nomination with a big primary win in California. Bernie though could pull off a miraculous upset and win California.

Even if Bernie wins California, he will still be down in the delegate count and the big question will be, “what will Bernie do next”? Will he pull out of the race and support Hillary?

Will Bernie keep fighting all the way to the convention and divide the Democratic Party and roll out the red carpet for Trump?

If Bernie loses California today there is a great possibility that he will suspend his campaign only to return if Hillary goes to prison. (Which is a possibility.)

If Bernie wins though, there could be a big battle leading into the convention in August. Even if Bernie does not have enough delegates to win, he and his socialist policies will be front and center during the convention.

The challenge for the Democratic Party is to figure out a way to not completely disenfranchise his avid supporters and bring them into the fold somehow.

The longer this drags on, there is more and more of a reality that Bernie could end up the running mate of Hillary. If nothing else, it she may select him just to appease his supporters.

Regardless of what we speculate what will happen, it all comes down to California for Bernie Sanders. He needs to make his final stand and he is looking like he is in good shape.

Sanders has campaigned ferociously in the state for a couple of weeks and was down as much as 13% in the polls during the winter and is now leading the former secretary in some polls.

This is his last stand and he is giving it his all, but will it be enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last night Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a very important debate leading up to the New York primary next Tuesday.

New Yorkers will decide if they feel the Bern and keep up the democratic socialist’s incredible momentum or select Hillary Clinton. Clinton, as you may know, is the candidate under criminal investigation by the FBI and leading in all polls.

It is crunch time and we have not seen fireworks like this from the Democrats in quite some time. Bernie and Hillary go at it and Hillary looks to get very mad. Very, very mad.

Take a look and watch it for yourself and then let us know how mad she got!

How mad do you think Hillary Clinton got during last night’s debate?

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Since the Democratic Party and voters decided to go with Barrack Obama in 2008 there has been an overwhelming feeling on both the right and the left that Hillary Clinton would be the president in 2016.

Last spring she had commanding leads over all her competitors and she was making more money than all of them combined. Everyone thought that she had it wrapped up and just had to go through the motions to get the nomination.

That wasn’t the case. First it was the email scandal, then Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist from Vermont, started to gain a little traction with his attacks on Wall Street. We started to see a little smoke.

Then the Democratic debates finally started and Bernie started captivating America and raising money from more people than Hillary. We started to see people “feeling the Bern”.

As the elections rolled around, Bernie was raising more than the Clinton machine and the youth of America started to get behind Bernie. Suddenly thousands of people were coming to hear Bernie speak and the crowds for Hillary started dwindling.

When the primary voting started, Hillary won most of the early states but Bernie’s wasn’t too far behind and even won some. Then something happened and Bernie has gone on a tear lately. He has won 10 of the last 12 states and New York is up next.

New York could shift the entire momentum of the race and go down in history as one of the most amazing political turnarounds in history.

Hillary was sitting with a nice comfortable lead of around 11% in the state where she was Senator, but people forget that this is Bernie’s home state. Bernie was born and raised in Brooklyn, home of Anne Hathaway, Michael Jordan and Norman Rockwell.

That 11% lead looks to be diminishing ahead of the primary coming up on Tuesday and the momentum is behind Bernie right now. 27,000 packed into Washington Square park in Manhattan on a Wednesday night to hear Sanders speak.

The park was filled with thousands of cheering fans and many holding signs that carry the word “revolution” which is a symbol of what is happening.

First it was the word “change” that haunted Hillary in the 2008 primary, but now it “revolution” and maybe “email” that is making her panic now.

Bernie is coming from an authentic place while Hillary is just saying whatever she can to be elected, and people are seeing through it. Bernie has been in the political trenches fighting for what he believes almost his entire adult life. Voters appreciate his honesty.

Democrats are starting to think he could actually win and that scares Hillary the most. Hollywood stars are coming out in support of Bernie and if this keeps up, we could see Hillary lose again.

Most of the attention has been on the right this political season with Donald Trump, but now the focus is shifting to the left with the possible revolution going on.

For most people though, especially on the right, it doesn’t matter if it is prison or Bernie Sanders that stops Hillary, something needs to.

Do you think Bernie will win NY? Let us know in the comments.


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