Wednesday, June 28, 2017


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Beyonce named her new clothing line after her daughter and where she grew up in Houston, but the megastar is having the clothes made in sweatshops in Sri Lanka.

According to The Sun, Beyonce partnered with a British retailer to sell her new line of clothing called Ivy Park, but the UK publication found that the clothes are being made by people in horrible working conditions.

One woman, 22-year old revealed, “all we do is work, sleep, work, sleep.”

Most of the women who work in the factory making Beyonce’s clothes live in a 100-room boarding house and work over 60 hours a week. They are paid reportedly only the equivalent to $6.17 a day.

The woman told The Sun, “we don’t have our own kitchen or shower, it’s just a small bedroom. We have to share the shower block with the men so there isn’t much privacy. It is shocking and many of the women are very scared.”

She makes roughly $235 a month and spends most of it helping her family and paying rent.

According to Sri Lankan law, the owner of the factory, MH Holdings, is not breaking any laws and are paying the workers the legal minimum wage.

Beyonce is not in trouble legally, but a lot of people look up to Beyonce as a powerful woman. Her female fans call her empowering, but the workers in Sri Lanka have a different view of her. So will America after this story breaks.

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Tomi Lahren is probably not a name you’ve heard unless you’re a fan of Glenn Beck’s Blaze Network.

But after a two-minute rant against Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, the young blonde talker has been the most talked about figure within the black community . . . and not in a good way.

Tomi spent a few minutes ripping apart the “privileged Hollywood” performer, then closed with “Your husband was drug dealer . . . for 14 years he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods, start at home.”

As you can imagine, Tomi’s words didn’t sit well with defenders of Beyoncé’s Black Panther performance.

Here are just a few of the hate messages that Tomi has received in the last few hours:

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In case you missed it, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 appearance was the most political performance in the history of the half time show.

Make no mistake, the performer put a great deal of effort to overtly send a message to the black community on the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther party.

Her all-black dance troupe wasn’t just clad in black outfits, every single dancer that walked onto the field with her was African American.

Dressed in sexy but militant style black outfits, topped with a black beret, the only thing the dancers were missing were Black Panther patches and they would have put a smile on Huey Newton’s face . . . if he had not been gunned down by a black drug dealer in 1989.

But Beyoncé wasn’t just going for style points; she was going for political points.

There is no mistaking the intent of her performance as the dancer’s took to social media celebrating their victory:

Aside from the outfits and actions off the field, the choreography included forming an “X” on the field as a shout out to Malcolm X along with the song itself, which is an ‘ode to the Black Lives Matter movement. The uproar over the performance was immediate led by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but many from the black community weren’t having it:

While the black community remains up in arms about the lack of black nominees at the Academy Awards – which is performance based – they fail to see the intentional racism in Beyoncé’s performance.

How the NFL could have missed this has football fans scratching their heads, with some even calling for the firing of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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