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Bill Clinton

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bill clinton

A woman named Leslie Millwee is coming forward just weeks before the election to tell the world for the first time about what Bill Clinton did to her.

Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs are well known, and have been a major topic in this election and it is about to get a lot worse!

Leslie Millwee was a young reporter in Arkansas when she claims that Bill Clinton groped and assaulted her at work and two other instances.

When asked by Breitbart News about why she was coming out now, she said that she wanted to come out during the Monica Lewinski trial in 1998, but she feared for her children after she saw how the media treated the Bill Clinton accusers.

She has remained quiet, but no longer. Here is the breaking video interview of Leslie Millwee.

Breitbart News confirmed many of the details about Millwee’s employment at KLMN-TV with Karen Pharis who was Millwee’s Assignment Editor.

Pharis confirmed that Millwee would be the reporter to cover then Governor Clinton, she confirmed that she used the small editing room where the alleged event happened at work.

She also confirmed that the environment for sexual assault claims in 1980 where not the same as they are now and Millwee didn’t even tell her friend Pharis that the assault happened until 2015.

The accusation has been corroborated with at least one person so far, but it is just breaking. The Clinton camp has yet to make a statement and Trump hasn’t even tweeted about it yet.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Hillary before the final debate. This story is just developing, but you can on it being brought up tonight.

Do you believe the story of Leslie Millwee? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

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Bill Clinton has been on the campaign trail for his wife, but lately he is facing a huge backlash from people that think Bill is a rapist.

Bill was giving a speech to a few hundred people when a woman held up a sign/shirt that said, “Bill Clinton A Rapist”.

The allegations of rape stem from an accusation by Juanita Broaddrick that stated Bill raped her in a hotel room in the late 1970s.

Juanita made the claims on an episode of Dateline NBC in 1999. She waited a long time to report it.

When asked why, she said she didn’t want to have to testify about the worst night of her life.

There is no proof that Bill raped anyone, nor is there official charges filed against him.

He is a well-known adulterer and even Colin Powell hinted to Bill’s continued promiscuity when his emails were leaked.

Juanita has claimed that Hilary knew about the encounter and the former First Lady has continued to try and silence Bill’s former mistress.

The woman was escorted out of the rally with not other incidents reported.

In fact, more people are reporting on the sign that called Bill a “rapist” than news agencies are reporting on the words he said. We are sure that is not the message the campaign wanted to send.

Bill is has his baggage, but is he a rapist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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A rumor that surfaced in 1984 about Bill Clinton has re-surfaced and this time people are demanding a paternity test.

A former prostitute’s son is claiming that he is the “banished” son of Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton.

The rumors started in 1984 when Bobbie Ann Williams claimed to have a relationship with Bill when he was governor of Arkansas.

She claimed that her son, Danney Williams is the “love child” of the former president.

Danney Williams is now 30-years old and continues to demand a paternity test from Bill.

There was a paternity test done by Star Magazine 1999 and came up false, but many doubts have surrounded the test.

Now Danney has a new Facebook page and a new name. Danney Williams-Clinton’s story also appeared as the lead story on Drudge on Monday.

This isn’t the time that this story needs to surface, but hopefully Bill will be able to put these claims to rest.

It is very doubtful that Danny is the son of Bill Clinton, but it is possible.

If Bill turns out to be the father of Danney Williams, then that would be earth-shattering for the Clintons and Hillary’s campaign.

Do you think Danney Williams-Clinton is Bill’s son? Let us know in the comments below.

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deutsche bank

The world’s 11th largest bank paid the Clintons almost a million dollars while under investigation and now everything is falling apart.

The Deutsche Bank’s stocks hit an all time low on Friday before there were rumors that the bank had come to an agreement on a bailout. Then the stock shot up late Friday.

Now we are learning that things may be worse and how it could all be tied to the Clintons.

Over the weekend we learned that negotiations had not come to an agreement and did not even restart. This news is surely going to bring the stock back down on Monday.

We are also learning that the company is having a very coincidental “IT” problem that isn’t allowing people to get money from any ATMs.

Deutsche Bank is in a lot of trouble right now, and experts think it is because of the their derivatives exposure. A major exposure to spark a Lehman Brothers-like collapse and we could see a crash like 2008.

How is Hillary tied into all of this mess? Much like her husband’s housing policies during his time as president, it looks like Hillary might be involved in the fall of the Deutsche Bank.

Hillary received $225,000 and $260,000 for two speeches she gave to the Deutsche Bank. Bill Clinton was paid $200,000 and $270,000 for two speeches as well. All the speeches were given during October 2012 and October 2014.

They were paid just under a million for four speeches and this is while the bank was under federal investigation for “reporting inaccuracies” and self-regulation.

A former president and a future candidate for president were paid almost a million to speak to a foreign company that was under federal investigation. Why would they do such a dumb thing like that?

When somebody released the “Panama Papers”, a document dump showing the details of money laundering and tax evasion in Panama, they also released how Hillary is connected to the bank.

A free trade agreement was put into place in October of 2012 called the Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement. Hillary lobbied for this agreement despite being warned that it would make money laundering easier. Coincidentally, that is the first year and month that the Clinton’s started getting huge speaking fees.

The Panama papers prove that Deutsche Bank was skirting the laws and using loopholes to dodge taxes and potentially launder money.

Hillary made that a lot easier for them in 2012 and they gave her and her husband a lot of money, but that gravy train is about to run out.

Deutsche Bank is in real trouble and now that America knows about her connections to the failing bank, it is clear that she potentially helped cause this mess by making it easier for the banks to continue operating in such dangerous ways.

Deutsche Bank’s exposure could trigger the next major economic collapse and if that is the case, then Hillary is not beyond blame.

The irony is that Hillary attacked Donald for not paying any taxes, but she has helped the wealthiest in the world do a lot worse when she supported the Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement. Now we know why.

Do you think this will be her October surprise? Let us know in the comments below.

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When Comey, the director of the FBI decided not to charge Hillary Clinton, it looks like it had more to do with money than motive.

Director James Comey told the American people that Hillary did have classified information; she did delete state property and didn’t turn over all work emails.

Despite the apparent laws Hillary Clinton broke by having a home server for conducting federal business, the director of the FBI cleared her by saying she had no intent on breaking the law.

He called her reckless and that was the end of the email scandal. Well, until now.

A source close to the workings of the FBI and the Clinton Foundation has released his findings to the press.

It has come out that James Comey accepted positions and financial compensation for working as a general counsel for Lockheed Martin.

Comey worked for Lockheed and in one year, the first year Lockheed would become a major Clinton Foundation donor, Comey was paid $6 million in 2010.

The same year, Lockheed Martin won 17 private contracts from the State Department. Guess who ran the State Department in 2010? Hillary Clinton.

Lockheed Martin also joined the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt and the group paid Bill Clinton $250,000 for a speech in the year, 2010.

To take it a step further, James allegedly made sure his brother got in the loop too.

Peter Comey, the brother of the FBI director works as Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas for a company named DLA Piper.

DLA Piper is the company that performed the “audit” on the Clinton Foundation in November.

The employees of DLA Piper as a whole have donated a very large amount to elect Hillary Clinton.

In fact, DLA Piper ranks number five on the Hillary Clinton’s all-time “Top Contributors” list. DLA Piper comes in right above Goldman Sachs.

Ironically or coincidentally James Comey owns a mortgage on his brother’s house as a Private Party lender.

When looking at the way the FBI ran the investigation into Hillary, it is clear that someone was covering for her. The lead agent on the case resigned in the middle of the investigation and many think it was because he wasn’t allowed to do his job properly.

Agents were blocked from interrogating witnesses, blocked from serving search warrants for key evidence and even allowed the pay-for-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation to be swept under the rug.

We are finding out that the investigation was a mess from the beginning and now we are learning why.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation helped make James Comey and his brother rich! Why would he want that gravy train to stop?

Let us know your thoughts on the FBI director being involved in the corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton has played a big role in destabilizing Syria but is it because she wants a million Syrians here to help re-build America?

Bill Clinton, speaking at a Clinton Global Initiative event this year, Bill decided to forget about the millions in poverty here in America and wants to bring in Syrian refugees to help us rebuild instead.

Bill Clinton doesn’t want to give housing and jobs to the already hard hit people of Detroit, Bill wants to bring in Syrians.

These are Bill Clinton’s words below.

“Detroit has 10,000 empty, structurally sound houses—10,000. And lot of jobs to be had repairing those houses. Detroit just came out of bankruptcy and the mayor’s trying to do an innovative sort of urban homesteading program there. But it just gives you an example of what could be done. And I think any of us who have ever had any personal experience with either Syrian Americans or Syrian refugees think it’s a pretty good deal.”

Well it looks like Bill and Hillary have not had any personal experience with the people of Detroit.

The Motor City is filled with poverty and American citizens that need help and jobs, but the Clintons want to give them to foreign workers.

This story is breaking now after the quote didn’t get a lot of attention when he originally said it in February.

One of the reasons why Bill is getting the attention now is because one report says that Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan would bring in nearly 1,000,000 new foreign Muslims in her first term.

Almost one million!!!

Steve Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies explains his findings.

“Absent the kind of change in policy that Donald Trump is talking about, it seems likely under the existing system that 600,000 new immigrants from the Muslim world settle in the United States in the next four years. On top of that, Secretary Clinton has indicated that she would like to take in 65,000 refugees from Syria next year.

If that were to be repeated for the four years of her presidency, it would be an addition of roughly 215,000 immigrants from the Muslim world annually. So that the total number of immigrants from the Muslim world that might arrive in the United States is about 860,000 if Secretary Clinton were elected President.”

There are serious problems in America and we have poverty and a shrinking middle class. Maybe the Clintons would be better served if they started thinking about putting America first.

What do you think about the plan to bring in almost 1,000,000 foreign Muslims? Let us know in the comments below.

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Back in the 90’s Hillary blamed her and Bill’s problems on the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, but now she has a new a new conspiracy she it pitching to America.

Hillary Clinton wants you to believe that there is a huge “alternative-right wing conspiracy” that has organized to reject the Republican Party and stop Hillary.

See her speech here.

She portrays the “alt-right” as racists and anti-America.

Of course Trump had something to say about it. See his response here.

There is only one problem. There is no “alt-right” conspiracy.

There are “alternative” media outlets that report on topics that won’t get covered by CNN. How about not reporting on Hillary’s health and being silent on the George Soros leaks are great examples.

Hillary blames people like Alex Jones for his reporting, but Alex Jones just wants Hillary to stop killing people.

The reason there is an alternative right is because there needs to be. The major media outlets can’t cover the news without slanting or bending the truth, but that doesn’t mean the random news websites are working together.

Hillary is mad when people try to expose her corruption. Even when Bill was in office she blamed all the corruption on the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

At some point she is going to have to stop blaming the “alt-right” and will have to start defending her policies and record. That won’t help Hillary though, so she will continue to call people racist and blame the “alt-right” as long as she can.

Do you believe Hillary about the “alt-right” conspiracy? Let us know in the comments.

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Huma Abedin was an editor at a radical Muslim journal that claimed Bill bombed Iraq to distract the media from the Monica Lewinski scandal.

Huma is now the top aide to Hillary Clinton, but when she was a Muslim woman working at her mother’s radical Muslim journal, she had a different view on the Clintons.

The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs claims that Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of Iraq in the height of the Monica Lewinski scandal.

Too young to remember the Monica Lewinski scandal or need a refresher?

The claim that Bill acted militarily to distract from the scandal is really hard to prove, but makes perfect sense.

What does the Hillary camp say about Huma’s past job?

The Clinton campaign says that Abedin was not involved in the work of editing the journal publication, but instead she was “just on the masthead”.

The Clinton campaign would like us to believe that even though she worked there for 12 years as the assistant editor, Huma was just on the masthead and had nothing to do with the content.

It’s no wonder that 70% of Americans don’t trust Hillary and her campaign; Huma was on the editorial board that made content decisions.

Something doesn’t add up, like usual with the Clinton campaign.

Do you think the Hillary Campaign in telling the truth about Huma and her radical past? Let us know in the comments below.

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Vince Foster

In 1993 Vince Foster died from an apparent suicide, but the FBI report that says Hillary’s merciless scolding days earlier pushed him over the edge has now disappeared.

Vince Foster was a long-time friend of the Clintons and even worked as counsel in the White House until he killed himself in a park one afternoon.

The death of Foster sparked immediate conspiracy theories that the Clintons were more involved in the death than the media was reporting.

It was concluded that Vince Foster shot himself, but the reason why was discovered by FBI agents in the report that has gone missing.

The agents concluded that just days before the death, there was a big disagreement in the White House between Hillary and Foster.

The First Lady ridiculed him and viciously put him down in front of all his co-workers in a big meeting.

“You have failed us,” Hillary was reported saying to their long-time friend.

A few days later he killeed himself.

The FBI outlined their findings in a report that was attached to the case and stored at the National Archives.

When a FOIA request demanded the report, it could not be found. The report from FBI agents that connect Hillary Clinton to the death of Vince Foster has magically disappeared.

It would be informative to read that report, but lets be honest, this is the Clinton’s we are talking about and it is no surprise that the documents have gone missing.

What happened to the report that ties Clinton to the death of Foster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine is running with Hillary towards the White House, but that doesn’t change the fact that he said this about Bill…

The former governor of Virginia and vice presidential candidate for Hillary Clinton said that Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch recorded Tim’s statement in a 2002 article, but what has changed his mind?

Tim once thought that cheating politicians should resign, but now he has joined them.

Reports still come in that Bill is as promiscuous as ever, and crooked Hillary is known for a different kind of cheating.

Now, “America’s Number One Dad” is changing his tune and supporting the Clintons.

Tim Kaine has avoided scandals in his time in politics and he his is a good father and husband.

Tim is a respectable guy, but he doesn’t add enough credibility to the Clinton campaign to bring them back into the light.

What do you think about Tim Kaine?



When Comey, the director of the FBI decided not to charge Hillary Clinton, it looks like it had more to do with money than...