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Black Lives Matter

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The students from the University Wisconsin-Madison want black students to be offered free tuition and housing, but everyone else has to pay.

A student organization submitted a resolution to allow black people the opportunity for a free education since the laws of the past-restricted black education during slavery.

Tyriek Mack, the author of the resolution and a representative of the Associated Students of Madison school organization said, according to AP, that the aim is to improve diversity.

“The university’s rhetoric suggests that it is committed to diversity and inclusion, so this legislation compels the university to move towards action – which is imperative. If no one challenges the university’s empty promises, then the racial composition will remain stagnant.”

The resolution the ASM presented to the university wants all black students to receive free access and for inmates. The cost comes to about $20,000 a year.

Although the idea is presented seriously, there was no serious plan attached on how to pay for the program.

Just fifty black students would cost the university a million dollars, but that isn’t the case. In the school of roughly 43,000 students, 5% are black already. Roughly 2,150 students would stop paying for their education. The cost to the university would be $43,000,000 a year.

University of Wisconsin-Madison is the same school that hit the streets to protest our democratic and fair election.

It is very unlikely the school will adopt the proposed resolution, primarily due to the financial restraints.

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A Facebook post of what appears to be young white man with special needs being hit, kicked and cut by Chicago teenagers flew across the Internet and cable networks yesterday.

The original video, allegedly posted by one of the victim’s abductors, Brittany Herring, showed a bound man beaten until blood poured from his scalp.

A second video that has been found shows the same four teens forcing the young man to drink from a toilet as they shout “F**k Donald Trump!”

According to the Chicago Police Department, the teens have been arrested and federal hate crime charges are being considered, although unlikely under the Obama administration.

As shown on the social media profiles of the teens, they were supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The disturbing and unfiltered video can be watch below.

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A new breed of leftist is being developed to counter the coming presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Calling themselves the “Anti-Fascist Left” they are bold, ugly and organized.

These are the same people who protested in Chicago, Oakland and in Arizona. They’re Black Lives Matter, Occupy and disruptive college liberals rolled into one but guided by liberal intellectuals who are attempting to lead the fray.

They’re first action for the Trump administration will coincide with the billionaire’s first day in office. They’re calling it “J20” and it’s a general strike combined with a protest with a heavy dose of anarchism.

One of the first to call for the general strike was Kshama Sawant. Sawant sits on the Seattle City Council and is a self-described socialist.

Her and her partner will refrain from working or shopping on January 20th because “General strikes scare the hell out of the oligarchy, because it is the joining together as one of the working people of this country, an act that threatens wealth of the wealthy, ruling class, and thus tends to get attention of the affluent and puts in jeopardy their wealth privilege.”

Sawant assumes that she and her socialist friends spend enough to be noticeably absent from the economy on January 20th.

But her call to essentially do nothing, has excited the anti-fascist activist community that is planning to descend on Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day, wearing black and carrying red flags.

The protesters will likely be met by at least 15,000 Trump supporters who will be rolling in to town under the “Bikers for Trump” banner.

The pro-Trump group was initially told there was no space for their permit available until the organizer, Chris Cox, told the Park Service, they’ll be coming to town anyway and they can either be given a spot or they’ll be happy to “mingle” with the anarchists and disruptors from Black Lives Matter.

The Park Service allowed them to submit an application for their event.

Note that on January 20, 2001, the new group, Democratic Underground, was organized to protest the swearing in of George W. Bush.

Aside from a small blip on the parade route, the group went unnoticed.

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Over the weekend, Baltimore saw a horrible shooting that left 9 people wounded including a little girl, but why were there not protests like Charlotte?

A group of people were hanging outside when three gunmen, two with handguns and one with a shotgun, intentionally ran up and started shooting.

During the ambush one woman and seven men were injured plus one little three-year-old girl. Everyone was given care and they all are expected to live, but where is Black Lives Matter?

In Charlotte, the police shot a man that had a gun and resisted the officers warnings, yet protests have continued six days.

Could it be that everyone survived in Baltimore or they didn’t have the organization to plan a protest?

Maybe nobody protested because it was three black criminals that shot up the barbeque. Maybe it was because this was possibly a revenge shooting, and the little girl that got shot was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The truth is, Black Lives Matter is not am organization that supports black people, it is an organization that is anti-cop.

The only time BLM organizes a protest is when a police officer, white or black, shoots and kills a black person.

It is obvious that Black Lives Matter doesn’t think that black lives matter because they would rather protest the 150 or so police shootings a year than dealing with the fact that over 50% of the murders in the USA are committed by 14% of the population.

Black lives do matter in America, but not to Black Lives Matter. The organization is more focused on attacking police than they are actually helping their culture.

Look at this video of the “peaceful protests” in Charlotte instigated and led by the Black Lives Matter supporters to get a better understanding of what happened in Charlotte.

It is time for America to reject Black Lives Matter until they start proving they really believe that black lives matter.

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“We out here like the Taliban” one protester shouted into a Facebook live video of Mills Shaka Zulu Gill as protests erupt after another police shooting.

Around 5:15 on Monday evening in Charlotte North Carolina, a black police officer shot a disabled black man waiting for his daughter to get home from school. Those are the facts we know for sure.

What we don’t know is weather the man was carrying a gun or was carrying a book.

Police say the man that was shot brandished a weapon and that is why the police shot him.

The family and eyewitnesses say that the man was carrying a book and the police had no reason to shoot and kill him.

The conflicting sides of the story and the Facebook live feed from a local resident named Mills Shaka Zulu Gill, is what fanned the flames of the protestors.

It started out as a few people hanging out and yelling at the police, but Shaka Zulu kept telling people to share his video and they did. At one point over 100,000 people were watching and the video received almost two million views.

People from all over kept showing up through the night. By 9pm the police had arrived with riot gear, but it wasn’t enough.

The crowd protesting for Black Lives Matter destroyed police cars, threw rocks and insults at cops and marched six miles to shut down interstate 85.

Twelve officers and at least one protestor were injured.

The protests lasted through the night and ended in the early morning on Tuesday.

Despite the good intentions of Shaka Zulu Gill, he was one of the main people that got into the faces of the police and antagonizing them.

He was the first one to start destroying one of the police cars. He was seen on Facebook live with a gun at one point and he smoked weed several times during the five hours he broadcasted.

At the end of the night, he went home and wasn’t arrested. None of the main agitators were arrested.

Instead, the police just stood their ground and launched tear gas and shot rubber bullets into the crowd.

The protestors looted trucks that they stopped on the highway, a Walmart that was along the way and countless other acts of vandalism.

The protest was not peaceful in any way. It was violent, only the police acted in a peaceful manner.

This isn’t going to stop either. The more black men that police kill, the crazier the protests are going to be until we see a full blown riot with dozens of police and protestors killed. It almost happened last night. It might happen tonight.

Charlotte is bracing itself for another round of protests and tonight people will be ready on both sides. The police will have their plan, but the protestors will be more organized and out in larger numbers tonight.

Hopefully peace can prevail, but after the way things went last night, tonight will most likely be a lot worse.

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Milwaukee burned over the weekend because the news spread that a white cop shot a fleeing black man in the back. The facts prove something different.

On Saturday afternoon, the Milwaukee police pulled over a suspicious vehicle and the two occupants immediately fled on foot.

One officer was in a foot pursuit when Sylville Smith started to raise a stolen gun.

The cop demanded the suspect to drop the weapon and instead continued to raise the weapon. That is when the officer fired on the man.

Immediately after the shooting, the local residents were angry with the police.

Apparently it doesn’t matter the police were trying to keep the neighborhood safe and a man with a stolen gun tried to raise a gun on the officer.

Apparently it doesn’t matter the cop was black, unlike the reports that spread like wildfire on social media.

Even as reports clarified some details on Sunday after the original riots the previous night, people took to the streets again on Sunday night for more “protesting” and burning cars.

The entire craziness in Milwaukee is due to false reporting and the spread of lies on social media. If the initial reports said a black man with a stolen gun attempted to fire on a black officer during a foot chase, and the officer shot him, then we wouldn’t have seen the riots.

Some people in America are reacting to these shootings too quickly and they quickly turn to violence.

As Americans we understand there is a problem when we see videos like the one below.

But, the problem will not get solved when people react violently to police who are actually doing their job. It is time to end the violence and find some peaceful solutions.

What do you think about the riots in Milwaukee? Let us know in the comments below.

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Democrats are doing their best to try and include the Black Lives Matter movement and the mothers of black men who have been killed by police, but we are seeing a shocking result.

On the day that the mother’s of slain black children spoke at the Democratic National Convention, a protest march was planned outside.

The “Black DNC Resistance March” was about to start in Philadelphia when an organizer took to the mic to demand that the white people get in the back of the line and the black people get up front.

Didn’t Rosa Parks show the world that this is wrong?

Why isn’t Hillary condemning this kind of speech?

Watch the video as one of the organizers sets our country back a few decades.

The liberal media is largely ignoring the protests and marches happening at the DNC, but they are getting worse.

There are a lot of people angry. You have Bernie fans angry with the DNC and mad at Hillary. You have Hillary fans who are mad at Bernie and his fans. There are groups that hate police and groups that are self-proclaimed communists and everyone is angry. (They also all hate Trump)

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All week the left has attacked Melania Trump’s speech, Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement and the “rock star style that is unconventional at the GOP convention. The liberal media isn’t talking about the many veterans and pro-police speakers.

Why is the left ignoring the many pro-police speakers? Why, because next week the Democrats are going to declare a war on police.

The democrats are not inviting military people to talk about ISIS.

The democrats are not inviting religious leaders to help heal this country’s divide.

The democrats are absolutely not inviting police who are facing a spike in crime and threats.

The democrats are inviting the mother of Michael Brown to speak. That’s right, the mother of a man who robbed a convenient store and charged a cop and fought to steal the officer’s gun is speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

Only after all of that, was Michael Brown shot and killed by police and that sparked a national movement against officers around the country. Riots broke out and Black Lives Matter was born in Ferguson.

Since then, every single black person who is killed by police is met with riots and protests, regardless the guilt of the police.

The democrats are not only inviting, Michael Brown’s mom, but also Trayvon Martin’s mom. Eric Garner’s mom and the mothers of several others who were shot by police are all speaking at the convention.

The Democratic Party is taking pandering to a whole new level.

Why doesn’t the speaker list include one of 350 black moms who lost their child to a murder in Chicago?

The democrats mocked “stolen” speeches, Duck Dynasty and Ted Cruz breaking his promise all week. The abuse online and on cable news has been relentless, but at the end of the day, a war on police wasn’t declared.

In fact, the Republicans went out of their way to stand for police and “law and order”. After all, Donald Trump is the law and order candidate if you missed his speech.

Hillary is not for law and order, and by inviting all the moms of the victims of police shootings; it sends a sign to police everywhere. It will fuel the fire that forces some to act out and shoot police.

After the Democratic Convention, shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge may just be the beginning. If that is what happens, the Democrats will be to blame for declaring war on police.

What are your thoughts about having the moms of people killed by police on stage during the Democratic Convention? Let us know in the comments below.

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All eyes are on Texas today.

Five cops are dead at the hands of the black radical movement.

The shooters, who appeared to be trained by Call of Duty, with a run-and-gun style, targeted law enforcement as they kept the peace at an illegal “Black Lives Matter” rally.

They made a mistake.

Before I go on, keep in mind that this column is likely to offend most readers.

I can get away with that as, first, I’m a Texan . . . born and raised. I’m also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and . . . least significant in my life, I’m a minority.

Yes, I’m Native American, not in the Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” sense (although my great grandfather insisted the Powhatan Princess is an ancestor), but in a recognized tribe sense, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

With my “right to offend” noted (although no one needs a right to offend . . . it’s fun for all), let’s discuss why the gaggle of black shooters made a mistake last night.

For those who have lived in Texas but stepped out of it long enough to reflect on the state, they know that Texans are straight up crazy as hell.

That’s no joke.

The state slogan, “Don’t Mess with Texas” was a tongue-and-cheek way to take on littering in the 80’s but it should serve as a real, no B.S. warning to anyone stirring up trouble among its residents.

You simply don’t mess with Texas.

Going back to Texas’ roots, a little Mexican named Santa Anna messed with Texas once.

Few Americans are unaware of the story of the Alamo.

In 1836, the Mexican Army marched on the Alamo Mission, which was occupied by around 185 Texians. The world knows the rest of the story, but they may not know the details of what happened next.

Sam Houston and his men turned their anger inward and calmly prepared like an army of psychopaths itching for blood.

When the Texians faced Santa Anna again at San Jacinto, Sam Houston’s men were still outnumbered by 40%, but their lust for revenge doubled their strength.

Knowing ethics don’t apply to war, Houston ordered his men to attack during the Mexican’s afternoon nap-time.

Eighteen minutes later, 650 Mexicans were dead or fatally wounded and the Texas Army was victorious, losing eleven soldiers.

The men who formed the foundation for the Republic of Texas were literally merciless. They shot, hacked, and clubbed the Mexicans as they cried out. Many Mexicans were even drown in their own blood as they attempted to flee across the San Jacinto River.

Santa Anna was found cowering and posing as a low-ranked soldier when one of his men gave him away by saluting.

The Texians stole Santa Anna’s wooden leg, kicked him in his paunchy ass and sent him hobbling back to Mexico to live with his defeat.

The Battle of San Jacinto is one to study if you ever want to mess with Texas.

Clearly, the Dallas shooters never bothered to study that particular history.

While the Black Lives Matter movement can take over cities, illegally gather and obstruct society with fear and intimidation . . . that will never happen in Texas again.

Tolerance for the hate riled up by the BLM movement is over.

While the media and many politicians will attempt to disassociate the BLM movement from the Dallas shooters, they are one in the same.

When you foment hate and advocate violence for another group, you’re responsible for the consequences.

While there are instances in our history were violent acts were justified, the Revolutionary War for example, this is not one of them.

The act that sparked the BLM movement, the Ferguson thug-child who attacked a cop, deserved to get shot, making the entire movement a fraud. That fact is something the lower class and academic members of the black community will never admit.

But in Texas, that will never matter again as the Lone Star State is a very unique place.

Geographically, Texans see them surrounded by drunken Indians and lesbian hippies to the West, fun-yet dumb cousins to the Northeast, and the Cajun swamp dwellers to the East.

To the South is Mexico of course, which outside of border towns, is seen as a docile neighbor (at least when I was growing up).

The perspective above is to make one major point . . . Texans don’t care what other states do, say or act. They are unapologetically independent and take care of their own business without the influence of the national media or national movements.

When racist black men take up arms and kill our peacekeepers under the banner of “Black Lives Matters” there will be no disassociation.

No BLM protester will be able to walk the streets of Dallas to spew hate speech against law enforcement and “whites” without the risk of a solid and deserved beating at the hands of a civilian, veteran or tough Texas chick who has had enough of the racism disguised as outrage.

Last night, Texans were the first in the country to wake up from the politically correct stupor to realize that the black rights movement (regardless of the name), when applied to today’s society is nothing more than an excuse to be a racist.

And if we’re lucky . . . as goes Texas, so goes the nation.

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Black Lives Matter

At a Donald Trump rally in Atlanta, a protestor thinks Trump is going to send black people back to Africa, but a young man puts him in his place.

Thankfully somebody recorded this conversation.

One black man who thinks that Donald Trump wants to send all Mexicans to Mexico and thinks that all immigrants are illegal had his world rocked by a couple of young Trump fans.

Watch as this angry liberal tries to spread lies about Donald Trump but ends up looking foolish.

What is wrong with people?

Do people really think that Trump is going to send black people to Africa? Do people really think that Trump’s wife is an illegal immigrant?

This video is shocking for two main reasons. One, it shows how ignorant some people are who believe the liberal media assertion that Trump is a racist.

The second shocking factor is that some youth are not falling for lies of the left. At one point the young black man even said that the “KKK was created by the Democratic Party”.

Clearly these kids did their research and sound more intelligent than any of the Trump protestors trying to shout them down.

This video gives hope to the future. Thankfully some children in this country are not fooled by the liberal media, and we desperately need more kids like them.

Do these kids give you hope for the future or are they what is wrong in the world? Let us know in the comments below.


Residents of Cypress, Texas, Pastor Lorenzo Martinez and his family were subjected to a home invasion by an unknown man in only his underwear....