Tuesday, May 23, 2017


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Women fighting

Two women fight in a California parking lot, but things get crazy when they get in their cars. See the shocking video.

The fight happened in South Los Angeles and according to reports, the brawl started over an argument about a parking spot.

The LAPD are investigating the fight that went from two women in a parking lot throwing fists to two women ramming each other’s cars.

Several videos have surfaced of the incredible altercation and here is one that catches the whole scene.

Watch until the end to see the wet mess they leave behind.

Luckily nobody was seriously hurt. It is obvious from the videos that several people were walking around the parking lot as the two women drove into each other.

The scene ended with the white SUV driving over a fire hydrant and spewing water high into the air like a scene from a movie.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power came out and fixed the hydrant. Hopefully the police can identify the two women and send them the bill for the fire hydrant so the people of South Los Angeles don’t have to pay for stupidity of the two in the video.

Both cars and all suspects fled the scene before the police arrived. Police say they have opened an investigation after the video surfaced. No reports on the identity of the drivers or what charges will be filed when the pair are arrested.

I’m no police officer, but I would just call the BMW dealership and ask them to call back when they get a BMW SUV with a broken passenger door in for repair. From the video, that door and the poor fire hydrant got the worst of it.

When the police identify the women in the videos, what do you think should happen to them? Let us know in the comments below.


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