Monday, June 26, 2017


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Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte is an amazing swimmer but one judge in Rio thinks that he is a bad liar and it will cost him his passport.

Lochte and three other Olympic swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint over the weekend in Rio. The group said a cab driver held a gun to them and took their wallets and watches.

The strange thing is, just shortly after the suspected robbery, Lochte and his teammates went back to the Olympic village and passed through security with the watches and wallets.

After being investigated by the police and interviewed several times, the four swimmers could not come up with key details for the crime.

A judge that reviewed the findings doesn’t believe the swimmers and has called for a warrant to seize the passports of the suspected liars.

Lochte’s attorney said there is no question that the crime happened and the swimmer hire 24-hours security following the event.

It doesn’t look good for Lochte despite what his lawyer says, but will he be detained?

There has been a warrant issued, but Lochte can’t be found now. It is suspected that he left just before the ruling and is no longer in the country.

This is a strange story so check back often to see any updates as we attempt to locate Ryan Lochte and find out if he was actually robbed or not.

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This summer, the age-old tradition of the Olympic games will be held in Brazil, but there are a couple of problems. Big problems.

First of all, this weekend we are going to find out what is going to happen to the president who has been charged with multiple counts of corruption. Are they going to impeach her, remove her and vote, or just leave things as is through the Olympics?

The country’s entire government has been fractured and a lot is in limbo. There may not even be a leader of the host country for the opening ceremonies. But the political corruption isn’t the only thing that to be concerned with.

The CDC said that the Zika virus is worse than initially thought. The Zika virus was thought to only affect infants and pregnant mothers but it is looking much more complicated. The only thing we do know is that we don’t know as much as we need to combat Zika.

Zika has hit Brazil hard and some countries are even questioning if they should send their athletes. It is a legitimate question, especially for small countries that invest in their athletes for the attention of the world stage.

Just this week, golfer Vijay Singh announced that he would not participate in the summer Olympics, being the first major star to pull out due to Zika.

“I would like to play the Olympics, but the Zika virus, you know? I feel bad. I wanted to play and finally decided against it. It’s in the middle of the Tour over here and I’m trying to figure out my game.”

What is the response of Brazil to Zika? They made a smartphone application that will help tell you what the symptoms are and where the nearest hospital is located. Not a great way to stop the virus, since it just tells you where to go when you get it.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are reports coming out that Brazil has cases of Swine Flu. That definitely doesn’t help the situation.

The major problem, if you can look past the government corruption and the rapidly spreading virus, you see that tickets are not selling. Nobody knows why, but the sales are not anywhere near projections.

Things are not looking good for Rio De Janeiro and Brazil this summer, but with so much money invested in the summer games, can they cancel?

What do you think will happen this summer?


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