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The corporate media and the DNC have been pushing a narrative that Trump is hiring white supremacists, but now they’ve gone too far.

When Steve Bannon was given a position in Trump’s administration as the chief strategist, the media and the left said that he was a white supremacist. They pushed the narrative and have continued to push the narrative.

The left is trying to say that Trump is part of this ambiguous and un-organized “alt-right”. Both Bannon and Trump have denied and denounced any involvement or connection to the “alt-right”.

CNN anchors and Huffington Post writers just assume that Bannon being a white supremacist is common knowledge.

It isn’t. Bannon isn’t a white supremacist and that should be it right? Wrong.

The media decided to attend a white supremacist meeting in Washington over the weekend. The media showed up in force with about 80 reporters compared to the 200 or so attendees.

A group called the NPI held the conference and they have it every year. The only reason that the press is at the conference this year is to try and associate the group to Trump.

Look at how CNN frames the issue.

The media is building up an insignificant hate group and putting them on the national’s stage and they are mad at Trump for not doing the same thing.

The only evidence that the media has that Bannon is a white supremacist is that he oversaw Breitbart, which has published some racially charged headlines.

Isn’t the corporate media doing the same thing now? Could they be more hypocritical? Probably.

With so many problems in our county, the media is clearly failing America in how it is delivering news. Instead of giving America the truth and focusing on real important issues, the corporate media is giving the people what they want to see.

People are buying it hook, line and sinker. Just ask any liberal or progressive friend on Facebook if they think Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. See what they say.

When you ask one of your friends, come back and tell us what happened in the comments below.

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Wednesday morning, politicos were abuzz with the news of the latest Trump shakeup. Paul Manafort, who reportedly has been “phoning it in” for weeks was out of power and the duo of Steve Bannon and pollster Kellyanne Conway were in.

The duo comes from the world of New York Billionaire, Bob Mercer.

Steve Bannon’s claim to fame is taking over the Breitbart Web site following the death of Andrew Breitbart.

Kellyanne Conway, who owns a polling company and most recently ran the Pro-Cruz Super PAC, Keep the Promise I that was largely funded by Bob Mercer.

Conservative insiders were surprised Conway was running the Cruz PAC at the time given her inexperience with campaigns . . . the pollster’s previous highest profile campaign position was as an advisor to Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential run.

Now, Conway as well as the inexperienced Bannon are in charge of the Trump campaign.

How did this happen?

According to reports, Donald Trump was cornered by none other than Rebekah Mercer over the weekend. Rebekah is the daughter and “gate keeper” to Bob Mercer.

During the talk at a Hampton’s fundraiser, Trump was visibly upset as Mercer unloaded rumors to his ear. She then reportedly talked up Bannon and Conway to lead the faltering campaign.

Aside from being the heiress to the Mercer fortune (which has landed her many board positions), Rebekah Mercer’s paid experience includes a short stint as a trader and the owner of a cookie company.

Where do Bannon, Mercer and Conway all come together? Oddly, they all literally coalesce at 8383 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills . . . suite 1000 to be exact.

The companies Glittering Steel, Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart News Network, Bannon Strategic Advisors, Bannon Film Industries, etc., all share the Beverly Hills address.

When Kellyanny Conway ran the Pro-Cruz Super PAC, she paid over half a million dollars to a new data company, Cambridge Analytica; half a million to Glittering Steel and $600k for “Polling” which presumably went to her own company.

That was chump change compared to what the failed Cruz campaign was pressured to pay Cambridge Analytica . . . a whopping $5.6 million.

Despite the high price tag for CA’s services, Cruz’s campaign insiders did not put much faith in the company’s deliverables and chose to use different data sets and models.

As it turns out, CA was “heavily funded” by none other than Bob Mercer.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Bob Mercer was also a funder of Breitbart News and has worked on several other projects with the new Trump CEO, Stephen Bannon.

It was known with the right circles that the Cruz campaign was heavily influenced by Mercer’s Mercenaries.

Now those same people, who were fervid supporters of Ted Cruz and would not hesitate to speak of Trump’s coming “implosion”, are literally running Trump’s campaign.

What do they have to gain?

We shall see, but if FEC reports begin to show large outflows of cash to certain companies including Cambridge Analytica, Glittering Steel or a one-man show Rigel Strategies out of Texas (that received $5.2 million in payments from Cruz PACs), we can start to guess.

Politics is a dirty business filled with self-interested people. Trump should be more cautious with choosing this campaign leadership and stick with people who have proven their loyalty instead of purchasing it from self-professed experts.

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Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large, Ben Shapiro, has filed a report, accusing transgender reporter Zoey Tur of battery–after Tur threatened to “curb stomp” Shapiro, and “send [him] home in an ambulance.”

The incident arose on Friday, when Tur and Shapiro both appeared on the HLN show, “Dr. Drew,” as part of a panel discussion.

Tur is a reporter with Inside Edition, but is most famous for–as a man named Bob Tur–being the first helicopter reporter to cover O.J. Simpson’s famous slow-speed Ford Bronco car chase in 1994.

When the panel discussion turned to Caitlyn Jenner’s receipt of ESPN’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award, things quickly got contentious.

Shapiro argued that, by referring to transgender people by their preferred gender instead of their actual biological sense (which remains unchanged, no matter how much surgery they may have), is “mainstreaming delusion.”

“How [Jenner] feels on the inside is irrelevant to the question of his biological self,” Shapiro said.

Tur quickly attacked Shapiro over his lack of knowledge about genetics, while Shapiro countered that Tur was still genetically male.

The conversation got progressively heated–but when Shapiro called Tur “sir,” Tur finally snapped:

“You cut that out now,” she yelled at Shapiro, “or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

Things continued to remain tense, even after the show ended. Shapiro claimed that Tur continued to threaten him.

“I’ll see you in the parking lot,” Tur said, according to Shapiro. The threat was so serious that CNN security even had Shapiro escorted to his car–after first ensuring Tur had left the studio.

Tur continued to attack Shapiro on Twitter, claiming that she would like to “curb stomp” the conservative journalist.

Shapiro filed the police report on Sunday with the Los Angeles County Police Department.

When asked in an interview on Tuesday, Tur was asked whether she had intended to threaten Shapiro.

“No. Well, maybe I was. Yeah, probably,” Tur replied. “I had had enough… He’s a wimp.” She proceeded to make a string of anti-Semitic insults at Shapiro.

Shapiro, for his part, plans to pursue any charges regarding Tur’s criminal threats.

“Just because the left has designated someone a member of the victim class does not mean that that person gets to infringe the rights of others,” Shapiro said. “Until the left learns that, their aggression will not stop.”


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