Monday, July 24, 2017


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Priest Crucified

Over the weekend, the death toll from the Brussels massacre reached to the United States as four Americans were found to be among the dead.

Husband and wife, Justin and Stephanie Shults were confirmed to have been killed at the Brussel’ airport. The couple from Tennessee were initially considered missing.

The State Department has confirmed the murder of another two Americans but has declined to identify them. They are believed to be spouses of American servicemen.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, Catholic Priest Father Thomas Uzhunnalil, who had been abducted from a retirement home on March 4th, has been reported to have been crucified by ISIS.

The Islamic terrorist group is said to have followed the crucifixion ritual inflicted upon Jesus, spending days torturing the 58 year old Christian before nailing him to a wooden cross on Good Friday.

The crucified man, known as Father Tom, was threatened repeatedly by Muslim radicals but refused to abandon his care of Christian seniors in the home.

On March 4th, four gunman entered the retirement home run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, abducted Father Tom, murdered four nuns, two staff members and eight senior citizens.

While Pope Francis has condemned the acts as “senseless and diabolical violence.”

Barack Obama, who was vacationing in Cuba during the Brussels attack, has carried on with his schedule and has remained silent on the abduction and crucifixion of Father Tom and the murder of the 14 others in his care.

President Obama’s failure to address this violence for what it is, a holy war, places Americans at risk along with Christians around the world.

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Several weeks ago, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump brought up his recent visit to Brussels, “Twenty years ago, it was so beautiful. It’s like living in a hell hold now. You go to these different places, there’s something going on.”

That “something going on” is clearly the 25% Muslim population of Brussels.

Throughout the European Union, Muslim immigrants have been flooding cities since the 1960 thanks to liberal and politically correct policies.

The flood that has been going on for decades has been labeled as “enrichment” and any opposition to the religious takeover of population centers have been countered with screams of “Islamophopia.”

For those cities such as Brussels, the infrastructure and economy has been unable to support the flood of immigrants leading to 50% unemployment among Muslim men and 75% among Muslim women.

Within the United States, the Muslim population as of 2015, was only 1%, although in certain areas, the population is significant.

In Dearborn, Michigan, Arab Americans represent 29% of the population, although most are Christians. Muslim immigrants have recently joined them, which has led to conflict within the community.

In 2012, Barack Obama campaigned in Dearborn and two months later, a rally of Christians at a “Muslim Arab Festival” were violently attacked with stones and debris by the Muslim crowd.

Local police refused to take action citing a lack of manpower. Instead, they asked the Christians to leave as they were “endangering the public.”

Here is the scene that was caught on camera:

Certain areas of the United States have become the equivalent to Brussels with high unemployment and an agitated community of youth who quickly jump to violence in the presence of Christians.

Under the leadership of President Obama, the United States has welcomed tens of thousands of Muslim Immigrants since 2009. Since then, a million green cards have been issued for immigrants from Muslim-majority nations.

Early in his campaign, Donald Trump called on a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, “until we figure out what’s going on.”

The proposal was met with ridicule by the GOP establishment and Democrats alike.

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Obama on Brussels

Don’t let the headline fool you, in taking a 51 second break from his Cuba visit, President Obama told the world, “We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally Belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible.”

The president then pushed for unity, “This is another reminded that the world must unite, we must be together, regardless of nationality, or race, or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”

The President delivered his remarks after ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, boasted about the success of the attack hours after the bombing and provided details of the suicide vests and attacks by their “fighters.”

Obama, against refusing to utter the words, “Islamic Terrorism” looks to do nothing aside from continuing to allow a flood of Muslim immigrants to establish roots within the United States.

When President Obama says, “We’ll do whatever is necessary,” that includes assimilation of a Christian nation to the understanding and belief of occupiers of a different faith and ethos.

Watch the President’s full speech here:


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