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Border Patrol Budget

While U.S. Border Patrol brass enjoys a “leadership meeting” in the Caribbean this week, frontline agents remain strapped with a dangerous shortage of manpower, funding and lack of crucial weapons and equipment training that makes it impossible to adequately secure the Mexican border. Judicial Watch spent time on the Arizona-Mexican border recently and interviewed agents on the ground who are fuming that the Trump administration has done nothing to provide them with the necessary tools to secure the dangerously porous southern border. The agents say management claims there’s no budget to send them to essential trainings, yet there’s money to dispatch sector chiefs on a beach getaway.

Furthermore, the administration’s newly appointed Border Patrol chief, Ronald Vitiello, was a deputy chief at the agency under Barack Obama and was the original implementer of the outrageous “catch and release” policy. Thousands of illegal immigrants—some violent criminals—have been released under the initiative, which is the single biggest factor driving illegal immigration, according to congressional testimony delivered by National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd last year.

“If you are an unaccompanied minor, we will not only release you, but will escort you to your final destination,” Judd testified. “If you are a family unit, we will release you. If you claim credible fear, we will release you. If you are a single male and we do not physically see you cross the border and you claim that you have been in this country since 2014, we will release you.”

Incredibly, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly chose the mastermind behind the disastrous catch and release policy to head the Border Patrol. While outmanned frontline agents tell Judicial Watch they are overwhelmed with drug cartels, arms smugglers, terrorists and illegal immigrants, their boss will be thousands of miles away enjoying sun and fun in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Officially, it’s called the U.S. Border Patrol Chiefs Quarterly Leadership Meeting and in past years it’s been held closer to the action in locations near the southern border such as Tucson, Arizona and San Diego, California.

A minimum of all 20 chief patrol agents and at least six managers from headquarters are participating in the powwow, which will address a “path forward” and offer a “wall update” as well as a “Caribbean update.” The two-day event kicks off today with an introduction from Border Patrol Chief Vitiello. “Instead of BP management meeting in El Paso, Douglas, Nogales or even Tucson where drugs, guns, illegals, cartels and terrorists pose a real threat, they jet off to Puerto Rico for days on the beach,” one agent said during Judicial Watch’s recent border tour.

Another front-line federal official told Judicial Watch that Border Patrol officers in the region’s most dangerous stretches are unable to utilize equipment such as quad-runners due lack of training, supposedly because there aren’t enough funds to conduct the courses. Additionally, travel budget shortages are keeping firearms instructors from staying current on their certification because they can’t be deployed to the locations where the courses are held.

Besides the training obstacles for existing agents, there’s a huge shortage of manpower along the Mexican border, the frontline officers stress. “They might not find many useful strategies from the rank-and-file on the border but they’re sure to get a great tan on the beach,” said one frustrated official. Another called it “shameful” and one demoralized law enforcement veteran used lyrics from the famous rock n’ roll band, the Who, to take a jab at the Trump administration: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

The National Border Patrol Council, which represents 16,500 agents nationwide, endorsed Donald Trump for president and Trump has promised to hire thousands of new agents. However, promoting a top Obama administration official to head the agency, has created concern among agents that the new commander-in-chief isn’t doing enough to “drain the swamp.”

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Porky Politicians get a taste of the Trump Diet

In March of last year, the Heritage Foundation released their recommendation for a 2017 federal budget in a document titled, “Blueprint for Balance.”

According to numerous reports, President-Elect Trump plans to use the blueprint for his incoming administration and push Congress to pass the plans that include a $1.3 trillion tax break.

The Left is up in arms about the plan as it cuts programs preferential to minorities, women and the arts.

But the plan doesn’t just target the pet projects of Democrats, it cuts spending for non-combat research within the Department of Defense as well as subsidies to military commissaries.

The word “eliminate” occurs 230 times in the 180 page document.

As a reference, “reduce” occurs only 107 times.

The plan is an ambitious attempt to curb government spending and reduce its size and as such, is likely to face significant resistance in Congress.

A similar plan was proposed in 2015 and lost the House vote by a significant margin.

President Elect Trump will have to brow-beat pork-barrel politicians to give up their special projects and ear marks if he wants to abide by the spirit of the blueprint and make progress towards creating a smaller government.

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Like most Trump stories these days, this one starts with a tweet made on Tuesday morning after the president elect realized how much the new Air Force One plane would cost.

“Cancel order” must have scared some people, because the stock took an immediate nosedive when it the market opened. The stock dropped two points, but of course liberals everywhere found a way to attack Trump.

The funny thing is, the plane does cost $4 billion or more once it is delivered. George Takai is the one spreading the “fake news” here.

Watch as YouTube sensation, Mark Dice explains the situation in more detail.

The facts are Boeing’s stock ended the day up .08. The new Air Force One will cost over $4 billion when finished. The corporate media got it wrong again.

Trump explains his comments here.

Do you think the corporate media is too quick to attack Donald Trump? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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IRS Budget

According to Internal Revenue Service Commissioners John Koskinen, $10.9 billion is not enough to enforce the U.S. tax code adding that to cut costs, taxpayers can forget about calling the IRS for help filing their tax returns.

That’s because the IRS will be shutting down phone lines to free up IRS employees for tax processing and enforcement duties – especially when it comes to complying with the ObamaCare mandate.

Koskinen said a “cut” of $346 million in the IRS budget request for 2015 is to blame.

Hard hit by this news will be seniors and the handicapped who rely on IRS help lines to for the answers needed to complete their returns. The IRS says only half of the 100 million people expected to call this year will be able to reach a live person and, even then, call waits could exceed 30 minutes or more for even simple questions.

That’s not all.

The lack of funding might mean the IRS will delay income tax refunds for millions of Americans – many of whom will be looking for their refunds to pay family bills.

Many may recall Koskinen from his testimony about the IRS targeting of conservative groups seeking charitable determination letters before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

Koskinen’s testimony over the retention of e-mail records between IRS officials – records that might have shed light on the targeting scandal – was unresponsive, combative and ultimately contradicted by attorneys for Lois Lerner, the former IRS official believed to be behind the targeting scandal.

“It couldn’t be worse timing,” Koskinen said of the budget cuts.

Writing for, John Hayward said the timing couldn’t be better when it comes to complying with the ObamaCare mandate.

Hayward writes:

“This is excellent timing to remind Americans of what a disaster Barack Obama dropped in their laps, how utterly callous and incompetent his administration has become, and what a sick tyrannical joke the American tax system has become.

It’s also a good idea to remind them (taxpayers) that for all the velvet-glove rhetoric surrounded by Obamacare, it’s more of a mailed fist – it’s about control and punishment, not improving the efficiency or fiscal situation of the healthcare system.”

Hayward added that if Koskinen is going to point to a modest budget cut to throw up his hands and say, “I give up! Taxpayers, you’re on your own,” he has already submitted his resignation.

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U.S. House Floor

A procedural vote governing the rules for debate on the $1.1 trillion spending bill negotiated between House Republican Leaders and Senate Democrats survived by a single vote of 214-212 Thursday morning – only after some arm-twisting among rank-and-file republicans.

The narrow victory calls into question House Speaker John Boehner’s ability to win final passage of the bill from votes within his own caucus before midnight tonight’s deadline to avoid a government shutdown.

The razor thin victory on the spending bill, negotiated in secret with Senate Democrats following Election Day, has already riled conservatives who wonder why Boehner is so determined to cut a deal now rather than wait until after the swearing in of the new Congress on January 2.

By then, republicans will pad their House majority by an additional 12 seats while taking over the Senate by 54-46 seats – more than enough votes to stop President Barack Obama’s “pen and phone” adventures in executive overreach on such issues as illegal immigrant amnesty, changes to the ObamaCare law and other partisan issues.

Some believe that is exactly what Boehner is trying to avoid.

If he can barely muster the one vote he needed to keep the $1.1 trillion spending bill alive in the current House, how difficult will it be in the new House when 12 additional republican members – conservatives carried to victory by Tea Party activists and independent voters – take the oath of office just weeks from today?

The challenge to passage doesn’t end there.

Besides recalcitrant republicans, congressional democrats have some headaches of their own – starting with pressure from the White House to back the bill. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi took to the House floor to attack those parts of the bill that would relax government regulations on business.

Calling the bill “a ransom” and “blackmail”, Pelosi was not content with the measures $1.1 trillion price tag that fully funds ObamaCare, executive amnesty and raising of the debt limit.

While saying she was resigned to “whatever members choose to do” on the bill, she urged her fellow Democrats to vote against the legislation because it would weaken rules on business that many say are driving up bottom line costs resulting in downward pressure on job growth.


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