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The corporate media is downplaying the most significant turn of events to take place since President Trump took office.

Here it is:

An agency of the United States government targeted a top level Executive Branch appointee to discredit him and force his resignation . . . and they succeeded.

In case you missed it, retired Army three-star general, Michael Flynn, was serving as Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Before taking his position within the Trump administration, Flynn spoke with a Russian Ambassador regarding Obama-imposed sanctions.

Regardless of whether or not the conversation was inappropriate, Flynn misled Vice President Pence about the conversation.

Not a cool thing to do and Flynn resigned after details about the conversation were leaked to the press.

In the four paragraphs above, the key phrase is “leaked to the press.”

Someone within America’s intelligence apparatus not only spied on a U.S. citizen, buy they leaked details of the wire-tapped conversation to the press in order to damage the Office of the Presidency.

What . . . the . . . –ck?

On Tuesday morning following his resignation the night before, Flynn took to the cable networks to explain that the wiretapping and leaks were illegal.

While the leaks were clear violations of security, unfortunately the wiretapping was PERFECTLY legal.

We brought this upon ourselves.

Back in 2007, George Bush pushed for an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Falling in line of the Orwellian naming conventions of the government, the amendment was called the “Protect America Act of 2007.”

The Act eased restrictions on our wiretapping and cyber-spying activities by changing the law to require only one party of a conversation to be located overseas.

And get this; if a conversation between two Americans takes place within U.S. borders, but goes through a foreign router or switchboard, then . . . boom . . . the government can totally spy on that conversation.

So Flynn’s conversation with a Russian Ambassador was perfectly in line with the regulations of FISA.

Many Americans think, “I’m not a terrorist so I’m not worried about it.”

What happened to Mike Flynn should change that thinking forever.

If rogue intelligence agents can spy on a top-level administration official . . . more importantly, the National Security Advisor . . . what do you think they could do to you?

If you live in the D.C. area, you should live in fear.

Cut off an employee of the NSA on 395 and they can get to work, grab their coffee, look up your plate numbers, route your emails through a router in Norway, and you’re privacy is shot.

Big user of Social Media and use a hashtag like #lifefreeordie? You can be grouped into a pool of “domestic terrorists” and have your communications monitored (similar scenarios have happened).

Make no mistake; the lack of privacy at the hands of the government turns them from servants of society to overseers of the unwashed masses.

It’s time to repeal with Protect America Act of 2007 and give privacy back to Americans.

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Los Angeles, USA - February 29, 2016: The Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles. The iconic sign was originally created in 1923.

Billy Bush could be in a lot more trouble than Donald Trump over the now infamous video that was released by the Washington Post and here is why.

When the Washington Post released a video that depicted Billy Bush and Donald Trump having a lewd conversation about women, everyone in the media thought that Trump’s campaign was over.

Donald Trump stood on the debate stage Sunday night and stopped the bleeding and due to his performance, he might even get a nice bump in the polls after all is said and done.

Billy Bush, not so lucky.

The cousin to the 43rd president, and nephew to the 41st president did what Jeb could never do, and that is wound Donald Trump.

It was only a wound though, and it will heal. Billy on the other hand is now suspended from his job working on the “Today” show.

It is unclear if Billy will be asked to rejoin the show. NBC has officially “suspended him indefinitely pending further review”.

Billy has been with Access Hollywood show since 2001, and even worked the Olympics and events like the Academy Awards and Grammys.

Bush’s career is taking a really big hit right now. Not only did his audio end up on the front page of the news, but also he recorded a guest off camera and it got leaked.

Billy’s trust is now shattered in his industry, but Trump on the other hand, has moved on.

The Washington Post article will hurt from time to time, but it is just a wound that will heal and it won’t stop Trump from moving forward.

Now we just wait for Hillary’s October surprise before the next debate and see if she can survive as well as Trump or if her career ends up more like Billy Bush’s.

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