Thursday, June 29, 2017


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Republican Convention

In the home of the Rock’N’Roll Hall of Fame, Republicans have descended on Cleveland to nominate their own reality star for president and the process is unlike any convention in history.

To start the day off, there was an unusual commotion that took the Internet by storm last night. Stephen Colbert, the guy that took over for David Letterman and is tanking in the ratings, decided to take over the mic at the convention.

Stephen Colbert, dressed as a character from the Hunger Games movies, stormed the stage and started the “Hunger for power games”. He was then quickly escorted off the stage.

Here is a video that captured the moment.

When the convention really kicked off, celebrities like Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Happy Days start Scott Baio got the crowd excited about supporting Donald.

Most of the speakers spoke directly to the theme of the night; “Make America Safe Again”. People like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, and veterans activist Jason Beardsley gave moving and passionate speeches.

One of the more powerful speeches came from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy was adamant about the compassion of Donald Trump and revealed that Donald gave to many in the city that were in need anonymously. He said he is tired of the defamation of character coming from the left. The Donald Trump that Rudy knows is “a good man”.

The night ended with Melania Trump speaking and winning over the crowd and pundits on cable news. Then this morning, we find out that large parts of her speech were stolen almost directly from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008.

Despite how well Melania did last night, she is taking a beating today on cable news and especially from the every hateful trolls on social media.

See the similarities for yourself below.

The speech’s similarities are striking and somebody is going to have to answer to this, but it will pass soon.

Outside of the convention the protests were largely local white college students and there were only two arrests. Traditionally, the protests are worse on the final night, but nothing real noteworthy from the protestors.

The stage is shiny; the show had star appeal and a little bit of drama. It was what we expected.

Day two we will see Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Dr. Ben Carson, Kimberlin Brown and for the first time, Donald Trump Jr. will take the stage at the end of the night. The theme for the second day is , “Make America Work Again”.

If you are looking for a quick recap of the speeches, here is a good montage put together by the LA Times.

What were your favorite parts of the first day? Let us know in the comments below.

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Republican Convention

The Republican Convention kicks off today in Cleveland Ohio and the police and Secret Service are ready for any and all protests, even the naked ones.

Just before the convention opened up to celebrate the Republican Party and to officially nominate Donald Trump, 100 women got naked to stand against the GOP.

Women from as far away as Belgium came to participate in world-renowned artist, Spencer Tunick’s protest art exhibit.

Out of 1,700 women who responded to the ad for participants, 200 were eventually selected and invited last Friday. They showed up early Sunday morning, 100 of them got naked and held up large round mirrors as Spencer Tunick snapped away with his camera.

He would shout things like, “we love you all” and “this is beautiful” while he pictured the diverse group of women standing in their birthday suits holding mirrors over their faces.

Spencer calls the art instillation, “Everything She Says Means Everything”.

The “protest” art installment is aimed at the GOP and their “war on women”. Ironically, Donald Trump has given more women a chance to speak at convention than any republican in history.

Protests have become a way of life recently and after what happened during the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas and even the violent Trump protests over the primary season, this protest is a refreshing change.

Spencer Tunick’s and these 100 brave women are protesting beautifully, and this comes in the middle of Cleveland trying to decide if it should suspend “open carry” because of a call to arms by the New Black Panther Party planning to protest.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with the art exhibit or not, this is the kind of freedom of speech that our constitution protects. Spencer captured the beauty of protesting, and that is something America has somehow forgotten. Hopefully this will remind us how beautiful we all really are.

Except ISIS, there is nothing beautiful about ISIS.

Do you find the protest art beautiful or stupid? Let us know in the comments below.


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